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Transit of Mercury for Taurus moon sign

Mercury and Taurus moon sign have a common connection of being earthy and fixed in nature. Thus, Mercury’s transit makes the Taurus native more rigid in viewpoints and actions. It is not easy to budge these natives from any commitments and decisions, once they have made up their mind. Taurus is ruled by Venus and Mercury shares a friendly relationship with Venus, thus this placement is considered fruitful for the Taurus native.

The retrogression of Mercury, which happens quite a few times, in this transit, is a period of caution and reassessment. It will delay or hold the positive results, momentarily. But consider this as a time to mend things and actions or at least give them a second thought to move ahead with greater clarity and optimism.

Mercury will undergo retrogression on the following dates:

  • 31st October to 21st November 2019 (21 days)
  • 17th February to 10th March 2020 (23 days)
  • 18th June 18 to 12th July 2020 (25 days)
  • 14th October 14 to 3rd November 2020 (21 days)


Overall, Mercury takes nearly 30 days to travel through each sign and about a year to complete one entire zodiac cycle.

Mercury will transit in Leo, moving into your 4th house

When? 26th August to 11th September 2019

Your hard work and logical attitude will help you progress in the right direction in your career. Domestic and professional environment will be distinguished and a sense of contentment will prevail in both. You will operate more on the basis of your understanding than on emotions or guidance. Your speech will be refined and expressive of your true feelings. You will quite authoritative and your sense of self-importance will be enhanced in this period. A happy family life will give you an optimistic outlook, to do well professionally.

Mercury will transit in Virgo, moving into your 5th house

When? 11th September to 29th September 2019

A Taurus native will prosper in an orderly and organized work environment when Mercury will transit in its 5th house in Virgo sign. You will be able to make good financial and career related decisions, for better gains. Safe investments will give good returns, but make sure you thoroughly check the pros and cons of the deal. You will have a balanced speech that could be molded well basis the situation and occasion. If Mercury is placed in the 10th house of your natal chart, this transit will augment your business acumen and provide you favorable environment to achieve your entrepreneurial desires.

Mercury will transit in Libra, moving into your 6th house

When? 29th September to 23rd October 2019 & 7th November to 5th December 2019

Mercury’s transit in Libra in your 6th house will make you career-oriented. Your energies will be focused on how to make it big in your field of work and for that you need to put in extra efforts for desired results. Efforts will also be required to create a healthy balance between your personal and professional life. Your diplomacy and tact will help you achieve greater heights in career. However, too much discretion on personal front can make you seem like a detached and unresponsive person, and this may hamper your relations with friends and family, so be a little careful about it.

Mercury will transit in Scorpio, moving into your 7th house

When? 23rd October to 7th November 2019 & 5th December to 25th December 2019

Adaptability will be your biggest strength as Mercury will transit in your 7th house. Any partnership projects, business liaisons will work wonderfully for you, in this period. Even personal partnerships, i.e. with your spouse will also strengthen. You will be quick, instinctive and inspiring in your thought process. You will be able to project your ideas to the world in a logical and practical approach. Your determination to succeed combined with your ability to find your feet in any given situation will prove beneficial in the times to come.

Mercury will transit in Sagittarius, moving into your 8th house

When? 25th December 2019 to 13th January 2020

You will be hyperactive when Mercury moves into your 8th house in Sagittarius sign. Your life will be full of lot actions and reactions to various life situations. However, these actions will not reap any results. Focusing on details would be something that you will dread doping in this period, no matter how crucial it will be. This may result in eruption of some unexpected hurdled in your way. These could deter both your personal and professional life. Finances will also be stringent, in this period.

Mercury will transit in Capricorn, moving into your 9th house

When? 13th January to 31st January 2020

Your efforts will be supported by luck to give you favorable run in career, with Mercury transiting in your 9th house. Any initiatives that you will take in this period will be fruitful, both on personal and professional front. Communication skills will be improved to benefit career progression. Short and long distance travels are indicated and these would mostly be career-related. Do not avoid these journeys as they will prove beneficial in the long term.

Mercury will transit in Aquarius, moving into your 10th house

When? 31st January to 7th April 2020

Your communication skills will be refined but you will be a lot more talkative, in this placement of Mercury. A freelancing opportunity may surface which could turn out to be a hood additional income source. You will be career-oriented, in this period but make sure that your domestic life is not ignored, in the process. A new love relationship can be induced, however, there is no guarantee of its stability and success. Maintaining a gentle and calculative approach will help you further your career and will also help sustain your personal relations.

Mercury will transit in Pisces, moving into your 11th house

When? 7th April to 25th April 2020

While Mercury will be debilitated in this placement, it will still give you prosperous results in personal and professional life. You will have strong sense of ‘self’ and will be highly practical and logical in attitude. Emotional attachment to anything will be less and you will think through all things for their tangible benefits. There could be some sudden opportunity for gains in business or profession, so, keep your senses open to see this prospect and to utilize it. Social gatherings and outings with near and dear ones and with spouse will be the highlight of this period.

Mercury will transit in Aries, moving into your 12th house

When? 25th April to 9th May 2020

You will be a little indifferent towards your family, when Mercury will transit into your 12th house in Aries. Your cold attitude towards personal relations might come across as being ignorant, however, this will not be the case. Career will obviously have greater importance for you here, but you will also value your family life and personal relations. Logical and reasoning abilities will be enhanced and you will be able to leverage these to your advantage. Business acumen will be strong. Your health will also remain good and thus, you will be able to concentrate better on self, family and professional commitments.

Mercury will transit in Taurus, moving into your 1st house

When? 9th May to 25th May 2020

You will be quite methodical and calculative in your approach, as Mercury makes its way into your ascendant house. Family and finance will be your key focus areas in here. You will be affectionate and attentive towards your family members and their needs. You will also have the same level of obligation towards your financial endeavors. Harshness in speech may cause some trouble, during this period and thus you need to be cautious of it, if you want to maintain cordial work and personal relations.

Mercury will transit in Gemini, moving into your 2nd house

When? 25th May to 2nd August 2020

Moving into its own sign, Mercury will you favorable results in both personal and professional segments. Your hard work will benefit you on all grounds and your determination will take you places, in this period. You will be bestowed with effective communication skills, and the onus is on you to leverage it to your advantage and for the benefit of your career. Some unexpected hurdles may cross your path, in this transit phase, but you will be able to sort them out with sanity and wisdom.

Mercury will transit in Cancer, moving into your 3rd house

When? 2nd August to 17th August 2020

This will be a little challenging period compared to the previous one and will demand a great level of hard work from you. If you will be able to maintain the consistency of efforts along with staying focused on career goals, you will be able to achieve growth on professional front. Similarly, your personal life will also call for added efforts to maintain healthy and cordial relations. You will have an indifferent approach towards life, in general, but your diligence can very well substitute for this attitude, to still give you desired outcomes.