New Moon in Cancer for the 12 Zodiac Signs

New Moon in Cancer for the 12 Zodiac Signs


The first citing of the waxing crescent moon is known as Amavasya in Vedic Astrology. It is the new moon phase, and cannot be seen with the naked eye. It comes about every lunar year, and has its own significant meaning in the world of Astrology.

New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon will enter the Cancer moon sign soon, and to mark it in our calendar, it would be on August 1, 2019. Cancer is known for its ability to love, nurture, and care, thus having a motherly nature. Cancerians are extra emotional, sensitive, and polite; and the Moon gives it the sense of intuition, which lets them care and think more about what others are going through.

In every sign, the Moon stays for around two and a half days. The New Moon will be in the territory of the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer, which is a watery sign, and ruled by the Moon. Being in its own sign, it will only add to the bounties of the transit.

The New Moon in the Cancer sign will give distinct results, for all the 12 signs of the zodiac, through its numerous mystic activities.

Now that we know about the New Moon, let us understand how this lunar phase can bring about a change in our lives, and influence each zodiac sign differently. Let us know how the New Moon being in Aries will impact the 12 zodiac signs, by reading below as discussed!

  • For Aries: Your entire day will be pleasant and full of positive vibes. You might get some good news, which you might have been anticipating since a very long time, and it will give you the much-required zest in life. The New Moon in Aries might even give you the idea of buying a new vehicle. In addition, it might also help in matters of land and property. Your relations with your family members and relatives will improve, and you will rejoice in the bounties that come with the feeling of bonding and togetherness.
  • For Taurus: A new contact or relation might be build, or be encountered by you, which might prove to be beneficial for you in the future, for your professional life. For a Taurus native, the New Moon in Cancer will present you with new opportunities that might bring along travel and relocation prospects that might be fruitful in the end and give positive results. Your communication skills will be good, and your relations with your siblings will get better. Overall, this phase promises to look bright for you in the professional field, and therefore, try your level best to utilize it in the best way possible.
  • For Gemini: New opportunities might be available for you, which might help you with financial gains, and support you with the required monetary assistance, which you had been waiting for long. When the New Moon transits into Cancer, the natives of Gemini will be good for wealth building. You might get parental money, and chances of accumulated wealth and savings is possible. There are chances of getting the opportunity of a long and distant travel with your family and loved ones, which will give you a needed break from your busy, monotonous life. Overall, this New Moon day is a win-win situation for you.
  • For Cancer: Being in the house of Cancer, the Cancerians will be in a dreamy world, and many ideas might come to their mind at the same time. The Cancerians might encounter someone new in his/her life, and the attraction you have for the person, might convert into a relationship. For those who were looking for reconciliation, you may rekindle the romance. For those who are married or committed, you can hope for living a romantic time filled with love with your better half. Your financial status will improve, as you will get professional hiatus in your life. You might as well get unexpected gains through any source, and that might even take you to greater heights. You might be benefitted from your mother.
  • For Leo: For a Leo native, your expenses might increase now, and so take care to not make hasty decisions and spend unnecessarily. You will be presented you with new opportunities that might bring along travel opportunities to other countries. However, it might not turn out to be fruitful for you. You might face high expenses, and it might be related to your mother. You might face a little mental disturbance and be tensed, as things might not work in your favor, but it will pass with time
  • For Virgo: Your love life will be extremely pleasant, as you will enjoy the bliss of companionship. For those who are single, you might even decide on taking the next big step for your love relationship to be given a name. For the Virgos, this phase of the New Moon in Cancer seems to be profitable as you might have a hike in income. Your income sources will increase and you will be happy throughout. You might get goods news related to your financial prospects in your professional life.
  • Libra Moon Sign: When the New Moon is in Cancer, the chances of promotion in the work field might increase, as you will opportunities to show your skills and caliber at work. You Librans will see that relations with your senior colleagues and your organization head might get better and thereby you might be successful in making your mark at work, as people will now identify you. You will be at the best of your health, feel fit, and in order to continue with it, try to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Scorpio Moon Sign: For the Scorpions, this New Moon phase seems to be a significant period when in Cancer, as you might have financial gains from foreign connections. Foreign travel as well as travel within the country is there on the cards, and it might be for work or business purposes, which will give fruitful results to you. You might even be inclined towards spirituality. Your relationships with your family and friends will be very cordial and you will spend a harmonious time with them during tis transit.
  • Sagittarius Moon Sign: Being stable, steady, and reliable, is all what a Sagittarian needs to do in this phase. Avoid travelling as much as possible, especially long journeys, even if its prospects might be high. Do it only if it cannot be postponed or cancelled. Try to control your expenses as much as possible, to maintain financial stability, and avoid losses. You might face a few health problems, like having an infection in any part of the body, which will be cured if the right precaution and treatment is taken.
  • Capricorn Moon Sign: Being a Capricorn native, when the New Moon is in Cancer, your relations with your spouse and loved ones will improve, and you will rejoice in the bounties that come with the feeling of bonding and togetherness. Any attraction you have for the opposite sex, might convert into a relationship. You might have the needed chance to rekindle the romance, with your ex-partner. You might encounter someone new in life, after long awaiting for something like this to happen.
  • Aquarius Moon Sign: For the Aquarians, this phase seems to be all about being steady and sincere, and also for the job change you have been thinking of. You might even face many expenses, but make sure to spend only when extremely necessary and required. You might even have wealth gains, which would be through the loan acceptance of Loan. During this phase, try to be healthy, and take care to keep away from things that might hamper with your health. Try to avoid junk food of all sorts, and choose to eat healthy and nutritious food at all times.
  • Pisces Moon Sign: For a Piscean, it is possible that they would get news of financial betterment, or might benefit financially through anyone. They might even be lucky to receive unexpected gains or financial help from share market and stock market. Short-term investments will be beneficial. You might even build a new relationship. You will enjoy a happy, contended, and peaceful love life with your partner, and if you have just proposed, you might get ‘yes’ as an answer.