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Transit of Venus: How will it affect the love life of Cancer?

Venus takes around 28 days to transit a moon sign. Its impact is short-term but leave a deep impression for the stature it hold in Vedic astrology among other planets. For Cancer moon sign, in particular, it will be a period full of love and romantic alliances, but you need guard for your temperamental and secretive tendencies.

Venus will favor you when transiting in your 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th house, when in others it could pose some challenges in your domestic and love life.

Venus transit in Cancer from 23rd July to 17th August 2019 will make you bold and aggressive

Transiting into your 1st house, Venus will give you a daring and bold attitude. You will be able to enjoy a vibrant social life. Your love life will be abuzz with excitement and action. You will be able to your family life and professional life in the right direction with your refined decision making capabilities. Success in matters of heart and marriage prospects will be high. However, you need to exercise control over your aggression, else it might reflect badly on your children and professional life.

Venus transit in Leo from 17th August to 10th September 2019 will make you family-focused

Your sense of connectivity with your family and children will get a boost, in this period. You will love to spend time with them and attend to their needs. You will also bond well with your younger siblings. Possibility of a verbal combat with your partner/spouse cannot be overruled here, as Venus will influence your oration powers. Greater focus will be on finance and related matters. Accumulation of wealth through family inheritance is indicated, in this period.

Venus transit in Virgo from 10th September to 4th October 2019 will exude negative energy

It will be an unfavorable period for love, romance and family bonding. You will find it difficult to effectively communicate with your partner. The sense of mutual understanding will be absent here. There will be conversations but none of them would yield desired results, as there will be lack of understanding between you are your spouse or love partner. Any negative verbal expression may prove detrimental to the family bonding. You need to work hard in this period to maintain the auspicious flow of energy in your family and love relationships.

Venus transit in Libra from 4th October to 28th October 2019 will reinforce some ties

You will share a great bond with your mother, in this period. There will be mutual respect, love and affection in this relationship. You will also be considerate and kind towards your spouse, children and their needs. The atmosphere at home will be peaceful and you will try to maintain the sanity of your domestic life with utmost sincerity. Your wealth prospects will augment in this period. If you are looking to buy a new house, you might just be able to do it in this transit phase. Just keep a check on your verbal communication as it might hinder tranquility at home.

Venus transits in Scorpio from 28th October to 25th November 2019 will bring domestic harmony

Your relationship with your spouse and children will flourish in this period, as Venus transits in your 5th house. You will have numerous opportunities for fun and pleasure in romantic encounters. Love and romance will have a hint of imagination to further ascend your desires. If you are married and contemplating to expand your family, this period will favor you. Overall, there will be peace and harmony at home. However, you need to avoid speculations in personal and professional life, to maintain the goodwill in both spheres.

Venus transit in Sagittarius from 25th November to 16th December 2019 will shift focus to career

Your focus here will shift from domestic life to work life. You will be actively involved in redecoration and enhancement of workplace. The idea of love and romance will revolve around the workplace for you, in this period. There will be lot of happenings in your social circuit, but that too would mostly be with office staff and colleagues. You will be able to attain a good social status at workplace through frequent recognitions and praises. However, this would largely be attributed to your networking skills and not to your worthiness. The influence of Venus on your 6th house will tend to create insecurities related to your health, during this period.

Venus transit in Capricorn from 16th December 2019 to 9th January 2020 will lead to emotional extremities

Under the influence of Venus, you will imbibe extreme emotions. If there will be moments of love and affection, there will also be corresponding instances of despair. Nothing will work in between – you will either be really happy or really sad, in this period. The connection with spouse will be there on a superfluous level but differences in opinion will be quite evident. You will be more oriented towards professional endeavors and will be able to devote less time at home. It will be a challenging period to harmonize love and family life and strike a balance between work and home.

Venus transits in Aquarius from 9th January to 3rd February 2020 will create discord in domestic life

You will not be able to do away with the adversities caused by the influence of Venus in previous months, as yet. The challenges will in fact intensify and lead to a state of discord among family members. Relationship with spouse will suffer and there could frequent conflicts with respect to matters related to children. In this period, some old and forgotten relationships may revive. However, it will not be an easy path to follow, as there will be huge challenges that will prevent these relationships from taking shape and prosper in the long term.

Venus transits in Pisces from 3rd February to 28th February 2020 will bring affinity in family

This will be the best period to bring back harmony in family life. Feeling of fondness and affection towards family members will augment in this period. Long travel in relation with personal and professional life is indicated. You might get to find your true love in the far away land as there are strong chances of a romantic alliance with a foreigner in this period. You will crave ‘own time’ and freedom in this period. Therefore, lot of understanding and patience is required on the part of your partner to accommodate around your need to have space in your relationship.

Venus transit in Aries from 28th February to 29th March 2020 will be a cordial period

In general, there will be a sense of affability among family members. You and your spouse will share a cordial relation and it will be the same with your children also. But, your children will face a tough time and they will not happy and content with themselves and their surroundings. You will hold your own viewpoints which would be pretty rigid and thus there will be difference of opinion with your partner on family and children related matters. You also need to work hard towards maintaining proper coordination at work and workplace.

Venus transits in Taurus from 29th March to 1st August 2020 will build a sense of connectivity

You will come out of the dull phase in your love and family life to embrace a sense of affection and attachment towards family, spouse or love partner. If you are single, you will be inclined to pursue long term, committed relationships, in this period. If you are already in a relationship you will be able to strengthen it further. You will make new friends and your social circle will expand, in a similar manner. Professional life will also be great and full of excitement. Income gains will be immense and wealth accumulation prospects are also bright.

Venus will retrograde in this period from 13th May to 25th June. This will ruin all the good things that you would have experienced in this period. There will be disagreements, arguments in love and family relations. Your workload will bother you and your income prospects will dwindle. Any new relationships that you would have made would prove to be a burden and may take a toll on your emotional well-being. When Venus will come back at its position on 25th June, things will be back to normal and you will be able to enjoy the happiness in your personal and professional life.

Venus transiting in Gemini from 1st August to 3rd September 2020 will infuse passion in physical relations

You will be quite active and vibrant in your sexual orientation. Love and romance will have an aura of physical pleasure laden with passion. Bed pleasures will preside over emotional connect. You might develop a secretive liking for somebody you will meet during this time. However, you will not be able to express your true feelings to them. Avoid getting lured into any sort of hush-hush relationships, more so if you are married as it could prove devastating in the long term. There will be an air of confusion and mystery in all your relationships, be it family or love