Transit of Venus for Cancer moon sign.

Transit of Venus for Cancer moon sign.


Transit of Venus for Cancer moon sign will play a significant role in deciding what this period holds for Cancer moon sign natives. Venus rules over Taurus and Libra zodiac sign. Venus is friendly with Mercury and Saturn, but maintains enmity with the luminary planets, the Sun and the Moon but Moon believes in maintaining friendly relations with all the planets.

For Cancer, Venus rules its 4th and 11th house and during this transit, the effects of these two houses will be deeply manifested.

Venus signifies career related financial gains, domestic happiness and land/property dealings. Venus promotes personal as well as professional relations.

Cancer is a sign of loyalty, sympathy and sensitivity. The transit of Venus will make Cancer moons well versed in many fields. They will be experts in whatever they take up. Their understanding of a task or situation is fantastic and meticulous.

  1. Transit of Venus in Aries zodiac for Cancer moon sign

From: 29th February 2020 to 28th March 2020

The transit of Venus in Aries for Cancer moon sign is usually considered as inauspicious as it is most likely going to create irksome situations according to the principles of Vedic Astrology.

When Venus transits in Aries zodiac for Cancer moon sign, your spouse or lover may nag you into doing something which will be against your will. This can create turbulence into your marital or love life. You will have to maintain your calm and patience and think well before taking a major decision related to your personal life. Your lover might have great expectation from you. So try not to let him/her down.

You should try to have a control over your speech and aggression. Those who are going through a lean patch on the romantic front must open their lines of communication and understanding if they wish to bring their personal life back on a smooth track.

When Venus makes a transit in Aries zodiac, you need to be careful and cautious because dispute with someone at work is probable. Stay away from arguments as these can give mental stress and worries, which may even affect your health at some stage.

This is not the right time for taking loans and financial assistance. Chances are high that you might fall under heavy debts.

This is a good time to approach your boss to discuss about promotion and appraisal. Positive feedback is expected! Financial front appears to be bright during this period. You will be able to generate decent profits from new business ventures.

  1. Transit of Venus in Taurus for Cancer moon sign

From: 28th March 2020 till 1st August 2020

During the transit of Venus in Taurus for Cancer moon sign, you will develop interest in religious activities and will get positive results in the research process. You will build an unimaginable fascination for spiritualism and may also plan to take a pilgrimage during this time period. Health wise, you will have to take some precautions. You may need to change your routine and diet pattern in order to stay fit and fine

When Venus transits in Taurus zodiac, it can bring a disappointing phase in the life of Cancer natives in the sense that there can be serious issues in their personal or professional relations. You may have to take some major decisions regarding your business and this could have an adverse impact on your financial stability.

Venus transit for Taurus moon sign will bring about a transformation in your ideologies. It will give you a sharp intelligence to execute your plans. There will be an active participation in social drives and you will feel like doing something for the welfare of under privileged ones.

When Venus transits in the Eleventh house of Cancer moon sign, your heartiest desires may get fulfilled by the blessings of the Lord of Love and Wealth. Your employees and workers will be extremely supportive and faithful.

This time is good for business entrepreneurs as well. You may gain humongous profits from your past as well as current projects and schemes. However, you will need to complete all the pending work before it becomes unmanageable.

Students belonging to Cancer moon sign may have a sigh of relief and feel upbeat about their performance. Good learning opportunities are foreseen for those who are preparing for competitions or exams.

The transit of Venus in the eleventh house of Cancer will prove to be extremely beneficial on personal, professional, academic as well as financial level. Your wish of living a luxurious life may get fulfilled in this transit period.

  1. Transit of Venus in Gemini for Cancer moon sign

From: 1st August 2020 till 1st September 2020

During transit of Venus in Gemini for Cancer moon sign, you will be very much concerned about their looks and dressing sense. Your will power and confidence is likely to be enhanced during this period of time. However, there are odds of clashes foreseen in your married life which can create some irksome situations for you.

When Venus transits in Gemini, Cancer moons will experience a change in their personality and behavior, which may not be very entertaining. You need to under the importance of following a daily routine as having no routine structure is so much more draining mentally, physically and emotionally. By following a set pattern, you will not only get more accomplished but also feel 100 times better than before!

Venus transit in Gemini for Cancer moon sign will enhance your capabilities and decision making powers. You will become well versed in your area of expertise and will witness an intense passion for your work. You will feel more confident than before and will be able to take quick and accurate decisions.

Venus transit in the twelfth house of Cancer will give you all the materialistic pleasures during this period. You will enjoy your life to the hilt and flow of money will continue throughout.

You will be given ample of opportunities to climb the ladder of professional success, provided you inculcate great self belief and positivity. You will consider enhancing your skills during this time and might undergo a training program. Your ideas will be appreciated at work place and you will be able to make the right career moves.

There will be no major worries in your life and you will get a lot many chances to achieve desired goals and objectives.

You will be quite active and vibrant in your sexual orientation. Love and romance will have an aura of physical pleasure laden with passion. You will develop a better understanding and comfort level. This will lay a foundation for happy and prosperous married life.

  1. Transit of Venus in Cancer for Cancer moon sign

From: 1st September 2020 till 28th September 2020

Transit of Venus in Cancer zodiac will bring about a development on social front appears to be positive. There will be an improvement in your personal relations and you are likely to spend quality time with them. Some of you can plan a perfect getaway; try to plan things in your budget.

When Venus transits for Cancer moon sign, it can create issues in your married life as your spouse may not be in a mood to stay cordial with you. This will hamper your relationship and could also have a negative impact on your mental capabilities, thereby giving you a lot of stress. This period is likely to bring an improvement in your health conditions. There could be an expenditure on medical treatment but it will be beneficial for you.

Transiting in Cancer zodiac, Venus will pass on some valuable knowledge to the Cancer natives. It will give you an ability to figure out new and innovative ways to boost your growth and income. Your spouse is going to be your perfect mentor during this Nakshatra period. He/she will bring a positive change in your life.

The transit of Venus in the first house of Cancer will make you beautiful, intelligent and full of life. Your love life will abuzz with excitement and action.

You will be able to enhance your love, domestic life and professional life with your refined decision making capabilities. You will love to spend time with your family and attend to their needs.

The Venus transit period will be favorable for love, romance and family bonding. The sense of mutual understanding between you and your lover will be very much visible during this time.

There will an improvement in health condition and becoming conscious of good health will further keep you fit and fine.

  1. Transit of Venus in Leo for Cancer moon sign

From: 28th September 2020 till 23rd October 2020

Transit of Venus in Leo for Cancer moon sign, will strengthen your relationship with seniors, colleagues and mentors. You will get involved with them on personal level and will reap benefits of this bond in the near future. Your mother’s health could be a matter of concern, so take good care of her.

When Venus transits in Leo zodiac, it can give a hard time in relationship. There are very high chances that your partner will expect a lot from you in this period and you might not be able to fulfill all of their demands. This factor can create issues between both of you.

However, your good actions and deeds will bestow you with wonderful opportunities to reap great benefits. Being aware will help you to make the best use of the given chances.

Transiting in Leo zodiac for Cancer moon sign, Venus advises you to stay clear of arguments. You need to diffuse all the tensions in order to make the home front a happy place. Avoid over confidence as it may lead you towards personal and financial losses. During this particular period, you might start envying your friends and co-workers. You need to under that resenting other people’s success is bad for your health, relationships and career.

When Venus transits in the second house, it will influence your oration powers and help you rise as an influential speaker. Also, public speaking can enrich your personal and professional life. It can also be a great self-esteem booster for the Cancer natives.

Venus transit will give you a chance to enjoy delicious and varied cuisines during this time. You will also get a chance to amass great wealth by your logical thinking and reasoning. Cancer, stars look extremely bright and you may move ahead with your plans. Greater focus will be on finance and related matters.

You will have various opportunities of fun and pleasure in romantic encounters. This will be the best period to bring back harmony in your love and married life. Therefore a lot of understanding and patience is required in order to lay foundation for a happy and prosperous love or marital life.

Those of you who are planning to start their career as a creative writer or poet will get brilliant opportunities to earn good name and fame.

  1. Transit of Venus in Virgo for Cancer moon sign

From: 23rd October 2020 till 17th November 2020

When Venus transits in Virgo zodiac for Cancer moon sign, you may have you incur an expenditure on home front which you might not have expected during this particular period. There can be lots of events happening in the family at this point of time. You may also unfold new plans and techniques for the purpose of business expansion.

During transit of Venus for Cancer moon sign, your marital relations will take a new turn and become much smoother. Any foregoing issues will be resolved by this time and your relationship will get back on track. You’re likely to receive immense love and unimaginable surprises from your spouse during this Nakshatra period.

While transiting in the Virgo zodiac, Venus can give ego clashes with seniors. You need to maintain a control over your speech and aggression, otherwise things could go considerably wrong. This can impact your professional life and you may miss out some handsome opportunities.

The transit of Venus in the third house is likely to bring uplifts as well as low points in the lives of Cancer moon sign. These highs and lows can have a negative impact on your finances and flow of wealth may break during this transit period. You need to work hard in this period in order to maintain your position and status.

Your competitors may try to pull you down in some way or the other. You need to stay extra cautious and alert otherwise this can have a negative impact on your reputation. Do not share your personal information with colleagues; it’s better to maintain a strategic distance in order to avoid any further mess.

Luck may not favor at all times so hard work will be the only key to open the locks of success and accomplishment.

Your fair play and loyalty will be much appreciated by your spouse. You will find ways to be with your spouse and spend quality time together. Your life partner will be very supportive and there are chances that she could get promoted to a reputed position, this will make you very happy.

  1. Transit of Venus in Libra for Cancer moon sign

From: 17th November 2020 till 11th December 2020

When Venus transits in Libra, it is likely to bring an improvement in your health conditions. It will give you clarity of thoughts and will enable you to come out of the perplexed state of mind. Relationship area would require attention and you may have to put a lot of efforts to maintain peace and harmony in personal life.

During Venus transit for Cancer moon sign, your colleagues will be very helpful and cooperative. You are likely to receive healthy support from them. In this way you will be able to climb ladder of success and accomplishment.

When Venus transits in Libra for Cancer moon sign, there can be uplifting news in regards to your spouse’s professional achievement. This transit will uplift your career by enhancing your creative abilities. This will prove to be an excellent period if you spend your time constructively. Problems are foreseen for those planning to travel long distance by road. It would be reasonable to avoid unnecessary trips during this Nakshatra period.

When Venus transits in the forth house, an excellent period is foreseen for the natives belonging to Cancer moon sign. This transit is going to make Cancer natives happy-go-lucky, rich, intelligent, just and moderate in speech.

Venus transit will bless you all the comforts of life and you will be able to live life on your terms. You will be happy and satisfied during this time and will be able to reap humongous gains in life.

This period will carry you closer to your friends and relatives. You’re likely to spend an amazing time with all of them.

The transit of Venus in the forth house will make Cancer natives bright and beautiful. You may plan to buy new vehicles or other expensive objects during this time.

Luck will favor you in all possible ways and you may buy a new house or property in this time period. You will also be actively involved in redecoration and enhancement of workplace. You will be able to attain a good social status at work place through recognition and praises.

  1. Transit of Venus in Scorpio for Cancer moon sign 11th December 2020

When Venus transits in Scorpio zodiac, it will bring advancement in the research work. You’re likely to develop interest in mysterious science and other deep areas of knowledge. Your social connections will get enhanced during this time period. An enjoyable period with friends or relatives is foreseen for Cancer moons.

When Venus transits in Scorpio for Cancer moon sign, you will have to work harder in order to achieve your goals and objectives. Do not allow negative people to steal your time and energy. Stay true and committed to your values and seek out positive people to keep you balanced and brighten your spirits.

When Venus transits for Cancer moon sign, it generally opens all the doors for luck and fortune to enter into your life and make it much better with each passing day. It makes the Cancer natives well versed in art, fond of pleasure and devoted towards family and friends.

You will be able to enjoy the happiness derived from your personal and professional endeavors. You will have a sense of affection and attachment for family, friends, spouse and particularly your children.

Professional life will also be great and full of enjoyment. There will be proper coordination with everyone at work place and you are likely to be appreciated for your efforts and hard work. You will be given an authorized position in the origination and will rule over like a renowned King.

The transit of Venus in the fifth house will make you more oriented towards physical pleasures and you will look forward to enjoy warm sensual moments with your beloved.

Those Cancer natives who are planning a family will most probably receive uplifting news in this transit period. This is the perfect time to plan your Babymoon!