Transit of Mars for Aquarius moon sign

Transit of Mars for Aquarius gives moderate results on the lives of Aquarius natives, in general. This transit will make the Aquarius natives intellectually more focused, calculative and more rational in their approach.

Transit of Mars for Aquarius moon sign


Transit of Mars for Aquarius gives moderate results on the lives of Aquarius natives, in general. This transit will make the Aquarius natives intellectually more focused, calculative and more rational in their approach.

During this time, you will get lot of opportunities to experiment, innovate and put your creative best forward. This penchant will not just be restricted to your professional life but will also reflect on your personal life, particularly in your love and marital relations.

Your broadmindedness, compassion and giving nature will help you earn good name for yourself in the society, at this time. Philanthropic deeds will be the other highlight of this transit period.

Mars rules the 3rd and 10th house of Aquarius natives, and thus you will find the aspects being governed by these houses manifest more profoundly on your overall character, during this time.

Still, the 40 day period of Mars stay in each of your houses will be a unique experience, as transitory Mars will give out varied results during its transit through the 12 houses of Aquarius horoscope. Read on to know more…

Upcoming Mars Transit Dates for the Year 2020

  Sign   Date
  Mars in Sagittarius   8/02/2020
  Mars in Capricorn   22/03/2020
  Mars in Aquarius   04/05/2020
  Mars in Pisces   18/06/2020
  Mars in Aries   16/08/2020
  Mars Retrograde   10/09/2020
  Mars Progressive   14/11/2020


  1. Transit of Mars in Sagittarius for Aquarius moon sign

Currently, Mars is transiting in Sagittarius for Aquarius moon sign, in the 11th house. This transit which has begun from 8th February will conclude on 22nd March 2020. In this entire period, you will experience a ray of optimism from various facades of life.

You will earn well through various sources, during this time, giving your financial status an effective push. Sources of income, at this time, will open up from even unexpected channels. Some caution over verifying the righteousness of these sources is advised to be carried out, for better and sustainable results.

You will spend good amount of time with your friends and they will be quite supportive of your dreams and desires, during the time of this transit. You will be blessed with a good health and your status and respect will grow in the society, at large.

If married, you will have a harmonious period and your relationship with your spouse with grow stronger, during this time. Your children will bring in happiness and honor to the family and will be source of extreme happiness and pride to you.

  1. Transit of Mars in Capricorn for Aquarius moon sign

Transit of Mars in Capricorn for Aquarius moon sign will take place in the 12th house of Aquarius horoscope, from 22nd March to 4th May 2020. During this time, focus over health and related issues will derail the efforts on other aspects of life.

By the principles of Vedic astrology, Mars in Capricorn isn’t considered a very positive period for the natives. Still, since Mars is exalted in Capricorn, it tends to neutralize the negative effects to some extent.

So, in this time period, while you will have the opportunities to travel to international locations, largely for business purpose, the outcomes of this trip won’t be much great.

Setbacks and health will hold-up the necessary progress in the work field. It would be better to defer initiating new projects and plans of business to a better time than this.

Stress caused by work overload may disturb your sleep patterns, further snowballing your anxiety and irritability levels. Moreover, a break from electronic gadgets and social media is advisable to maintain good health, during this time.

Restricting indulgences and curbing expenditures on extravagance will be require to maintain decent financial status, during this time. In your disposition you will be required to add more politeness and serenity for better results in personal life.

  1. Transit of Mars in Aquarius for Aquarius moon sign

Mars will transit in Aquarius for Aquarius moon sign on 4th May 2020 and it will remain in this position till 18th June 2020. During this time Mars will transit through the first or ascendant/lagna house of Aquarius horoscope.

A period of slowdown will continue, during this transit period, as well. You will face some unexpected expense and this could put an extra pressure on your savings there by dwindling your income status.

Health will give you trouble, fevers and some blood related ailments of minor intensity will demand attention and even medication, during this time.

Professional life will also not be devoid fluctuations. It is better to stay where you are, at this time and consider job change or implementation of any new plans, in the forthcoming months, when planetary positions will be much better and favorable.

You need to focus on maintaining harmony in your personal life. While a bad health and professional period will keep your spirits low, you must try to put in some extra efforts for having affection, respect and cordiality in your marital and love relationships.

Further, your bond with your mother may also witness some challenges. Keep the faith and trust alive, as this is just a momentary phase and shall pass soon.

  1. Transit of Mars in Pisces for Aquarius moon sign

Transit of Mars in Pisces for Aquarius moon sign will take place in the 2nd house from 18th June to 16th August 2020 and again from 4th October to 24th December 2020.

During this time, you will face some temperamental issues, your aggression needs to be kept in check and so does your speech.

You will be a bit harsh in your disposition and it more patently reflect on the way speak to others, at this time. You may cause extreme hurt and annoyance to others through your rude speech and thus it will be advised to stay calm and composed and think thoroughly before talking to anybody, during this time.

Health will remain on the down side, and you will face some minor but frequent ailments, at this time. Stay alert and protective of your valuable as chances of theft are indicated, in this period.

Avoid trusting just anyone blindly, and wear your thinking hat to take your own decisions, but with wisdom and calmness.

Like health, financial breakdown will also continue to bother you, in this transit period, and thus a control over wasteful expenditure is advised to maintain the financial decorum.

  1. Transit of Mars in Aries for Aquarius moon sign

Transit of Mars in Aries for Aquarius moon sign will take place in the 3rd house of Aquarius horoscope from 16th August to 4th October and also from 24th December 2020 to 22nd February 2021.

At this time, you will finally start to witness the rewards of all your hard work that you have been putting in for so long. This period will offer you numerous opportunities to grow and expand.

Increase in professional gains, wealth accumulation will offer a boost to your sinking financial status, at this time. Material comforts, luxurious of life will be made available at your disposal, and you will be able to clear off all your debts (if any), during this time.

Your confidence will grow and so will your energies to take on the new thing lives while standing up to challenges in order to reach your goals.

Health and overall being will support you to focus on the professional attainments and personal commitments to bring back harmony and happiness, in life.

Rivals would disappear and a strong support system, consisting of friends, family and spouse will stand beside you to let you get closer to your objectives.

  1. A word on the retrogression phase of Mars

A period of self-evaluation will set in when Mars will get retrograde from 10th September to 14th November, 2020, after which it will again be progressive.

For Aquarius, Mars will retrograde in the 2nd and 3rd house. Thus, unplanned short distance travels could surface which will not give out any major outcome but will drain you of some wealth and energy.

Relations with siblings will require attention, you may experience distance and confusions creeping in your relationship with your brothers and sister and thus care is advised.

Similarly, your camaraderie with your neighbors will take a hit and misunderstandings will shadow your relations with them, which may cause a rift, at this time.

Any major decisions related to investments must be postponed for a better time period. Avoid argumenta and harsh conversations with family members, during this time.

A note on the period of Mars exaltation

The exaltation of Mars will offer a period of opportunities and accomplishments. Mars will get exalted in Capricorn which will be in the 12th house for Aquarius moon sign natives.

This event will happen on 22nd March until 4th May 2020. During this time, you will have numerous chances to expand your trade in foreign land and to even look out for opportunities on foreign soil.

Career, in particular, will flourish and you will be able to earn respect, status and income from professional gains, during this time. Still, you must refrain from indulging in any illegitimate activities during this time and follow the virtuous path, to derive maximum benefits from this period.