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Rahu in Third House

When Rahu is in 3rd house, the native wants their message to be heard, whether in the written, cinematized, or broadcasted form.  These natives want to be privileged in certain fields involving communication such as publishing, literature, journalism, travel records, interviews, translation, media, advertisement, mediation and so on. Native can become a taboo-breaker or revolutionary in these fields. Such a person uses his occult understanding to abuse the legal loopholes. They are also capable of fabricating fake stories to manipulate.

They know how to use their intuition and psychic abilities in order to possess the thought pattern of other beings. Rahu in 3rd house often makes the person cross the customary boundaries of communication with siblings. Such a person has a disruptive approach towards information management. They get attracted towards opposite people, of foreign descent, outcastes or those having different lifestyle. Rahu in 3rd house also causes a lot of short exotic trips.

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