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Sun House

Sun represents the “I”. There are twelve houses in astrology, and the house where Sun is posited in a horoscope defines the areas of life that you should focus and that you relate to the most. Sun house is where your spirit and energy dwells, where you can feel special, where you stand out from the rest. Sun’s position in a house illuminates that particular area of life. Sun also represents “I want to” meaning your inclinations and drive. Thus, where it is placed in a horoscope also shows where your drive and interests will be directed.

The house where Sun’s vital energies focus on defines our direction in life, the path we need to follow in an attempt to find happiness. If we recognize and identify with what that house represents, we can take resolute action to excel in that particular area in some way.

However, over-identifying with these areas could be detrimental as it can make one overly proud, self-centered, and have a bruised ego in that area. We need not define our worth in terms of the house but identify with it and make changes in order to find true happiness and add to our sense of self-esteem. Analyzing position of Sun in 12 houses is thus highly crucial in astrology.

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