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Sun in Eleventh House

Results of Sun in Eleventh House: Vedic AstrologyResults of Sun in Eleventh House

Sun’s position in 11th house suggests that the native forms powerful connection with influential people in authority. Moreover, these friendships often render full support to the native in realizing ambitions and dreams that were otherwise impossible to fulfill. At times, they may also offer financial assistance too. Sun in 11th house gives strong inclination towards positions of group leadership and being a representative. Natives with this placement also have strong humanitarian tendencies. However, the key is to strike a chord between social and business interests.

They tend to think about the group, than individual needs but they can also become self-indulgent at times and may place their own desires above anything else. Unlike other placements of Sun, this position gives the hunger for popularity than power. Such people are affable and can make lots of friends. Their organization ability is exceptional, especially in arranging group activities and gatherings. It is said in Phaldeepika that Sun in eleventh house also affords the person with a lot of wealth and a long life.

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