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Sun in Ascendant, Sun in First House

Sun in Ascendant, Sun in First House

Result of Sun in first house

Sun is posited in the first house in a horoscope, it endows the native with vitality and positive energy. Such a native is cheerful & joyous and possesses a radiant charisma. With a sound health and a stout physical constitution, such a person lead a trouble-free childhood. The classical scripture, Phaldeepika written by Mantreshwara says that people having Sun in 1st house have scanty hair. They are reckless and of hot disposition, but a little lazy at the same time, quite like a lion. Sun also represents social image and status Sun in the 1st house makes the person earn respect from others and have a high esteem and position in the society.

Sun in first house people are born fighters, always up for a challenge in life. If you have Sun in Ascendant, you spend a lot of your energy on yourself because you are a favorite of your own. Such natives have a tendency to shine out and be at the center of all the action. There is a thin line between leadership and dictatorship and they tend to cross it at times. Such people should try hard to avoid self-love and pride and be as humane and down-to-earth as possible.

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