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Sun in tenth house

Sun in tenth house

Results of Sun in Tenth House

Should Sun be in the tenth house of a horoscope, the person is likely to have entrepreneurial abilities. Native may have the ability to start things from ground up and turn it into something big. He or she is likely to enjoy a good reputation and position in a highly regarded organization, probably founded by themselves. Sun in tenth house also gives exceptional leadership and management skills. Moreover, it gives a strong and resolute character too. And these positive attributes help them capitalize on key opportunities. However, such a person should act in time to make the most of the available prospects.

Sun in 10th house gives the native an urge to shine and get recognition for their efforts. Such people have a strong desire to excel at something like mastering an art. Moreover, these people can also become an inspiration for others. They are likely to get support or opposition from people in authority depending upon the influence of other planets on Sun’s energies. Often they have a tendency to self applaud which should be avoided. Natives of this placement are blessed with sons after marriage and enjoy the comfort of having own transport.

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