Sun in Tenth House

Presidents, politicians & CEOs often have Sun in the 10th house. No matter how much opposition you face, Sun will give you the power to overshadow the negativity. You will have immense willpower and determination to become successful.

Sun in Tenth House


Usual Effects of Sun in 10th House

Presidents, politicians and CEOs often have Sun in the 10th house. No matter how much opposition you face, Sun will give you the power to bring you up and overshadow the negativity. You will have immense willpower and determination to become successful. Your ego will be balanced, you will work harmoniously with your subordinates and make you successful leader.

Your father will support you to achieve professional goals. You can have a bright career in any field and particularly business, bureaucracy, government jobs, television, creativity and entertainment field, computers, medical field, management, and politics.

Sun in the 10th house represents authority, government and executive work, legal attorney, and powerful politicians. Sun represents the way you present yourself to the external world by controlling others authoritatively.

Sun in the 10th house represents noon when Sun is hottest and brightest. Your world revolves around drama at the workplace. Your ego will be satisfied by being in the position of authority, either in government or in a high executive position.

You cannot stand managerial position where you are deprived from authority because Sun will make you feel better when there are no people to nag you. Sun will make you comfortable even if you make a mistake and no one is there to point out your mistake.

10th house is a natural significator of Saturn which is the inimical planet of Sun, so even though Sun wants to show its ego and pride through natural leaderships, you will face lot of opposition to pull your energy down. However, this is a house of an athlete and a soldier which will give you the inner strength to cope with all hurdles and pave the path to achieve your goals.

Positive Sun

A positive Sun in the 10th house gives you leadership and managerial qualities. It will give you ample opportunities for professional growth. Your father will achieve success because of this position in your birth chart and he will be in a high government profile or might be a renowned politician. You will serve your father in his old age. Your father will impose disciplinary rules which will help in shaping up your future growth.

This position will give you a good source of income and you would be employed in a semi-government or government department or civic body or public sector undertaking. You would do activities related to religious work such as looking into the finances, management, construction and maintenance of the religious place, preparation and distribution of prasad, and other activities.

Negative Sun

A negative Sun in the 10th house means you cannot take orders from others – a quality that would hinder your professional growth. Your prime need is to be in the authoritative position and delegate orders, may it be in professional or personal life.

Sun in 10th house is at its brightest hot position which will give you enormous anger, aggression, ego and pride vis-à-vis leadership and authority. Your impulsive nature would ruin all your creativity and leadership quality.

You will have the ability to achieve growth, but impatience would spoil your hard work. You can’t work under anyone as you can’t take orders from anyone. Your egoistic nature would not allow you to take others’ point of view. This attitude would reflect in your personal life also and create disharmony.

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Some notable sign placements for Sun in 10th House

  • Sun Leo: Your determination and ambitious nature would help you to lead a wealthy and successful life. You can become a booming politician and can achieve success in high profile government jobs which will give you power and authority like a king. You will have the leadership quality to rule the masses.
  • Sun Aries: You will have a gush of energy to fulfil your ambitions. You will be impulsive and would take actions without thinking. You will always work on creating new things and implement new ideas in your organization. You get bored with monotonous work. You are extremely intelligent and have immense potential for multiple work.
  • Sun Libra: You will be full of fear and low self-esteem to perform any work. Your creativity will not be displayed to others as your enemies will overshadow you. Depression will take over you as people will take credit for your work and your name will not be revealed to your seniors.

Common Yoga positions possible with Sun in 10th House

  • Budh Aditya Yoga: This yoga gives excellent results in professional spheres, blessing you with name and fame, making you innovative with discoveries and inventions.
  • Bhaskar Yoga: This yoga is formed when Mercury is in the second house from Sun, Moon in the eleventh house from Mercury and Jupiter is in the fifth or ninth house from Moon. This yoga will make you prosperous and you will be loved by everyone.

Famous people with Sun in 10th House

  • Dawood Ibrahim: Designated as a global terrorist in 2003 by India and the United States, his crime syndicate (D-Company) spreads across Asia, Europe and Africa with over 40% of its earnings coming from India.
  • Albert Einstein: A German born theoretical Physicist, he is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest and most influential physicists of all time. He developed the Theory of Relativity and made important contributions to the development of the theory of Quantum Mechanics. He received the Noble Prize in Physics in 1921.
  • Jyoti Basu: He was an Indian Politician and one of the most prominent leaders of the Communist Movement in India. He served as the 6th and longest serving Chief Minister of West Bengal and was one of the founding members of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).
  • Arun Jaitley: He was an Indian politician, attorney and member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He held various cabinet portfolios in the Vajpayee Government and Narendra Modi Government. He oversaw the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which brought the country under one GST regime, demonetization policy, merger of Railway budget, and introduction of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.

Other notable people with Sun 10th House

  • Akhilesh Yadav (Indian Politician)
  • Subhash Knot (Indian-American Mathematician & Theoretical Computer Scientist)


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