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Moon House

Moon House

Moon represents the “inner self”. Out of the twelve houses in a horoscope, the house where Moon is posited is the area where you seek emotional satisfaction. A careful astrological analysis of the strength of the house can help determine the reason of the emotional unrest and dissatisfaction one feels at times. The area of the life that Moon affects experiences lots of ups and downs due to Moon’s fast motion. We need to learn to identify with what that house represents and attach ourselves emotionally to it, as it is likely to provide us inner fulfillment and a sense of belongingness.
Moon house at the time of birth is also the area of life where you feel at home. You are naturally attracted to the activities that this house represents. Due to the influence of motherly Moon, these activities are bound to give you inner contentment so naturally you get engaged in such activities. Indulging in the activities associated with the respective house gives you a sense of security and stability like the one you feel in the lap of your mother.

Despite the pressure of the world and other planets, one should not deny fulfillment of these activities. This is the need of Moon, and if you sabotage it, it will affect your peace of mind and happiness. However, one rarely denies these activities, as we are built to satisfy our inner self so if the house energy gives you satisfaction, you are likely to pursue it.

Along with Moon’s conjunction, sign placement and relationship with other planets, we also need to analyze the house where it is placed in order to make an accurate prediction.

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