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Moon in Seventh House

Moon in Seventh House

Results of Moon in Seventh House

The seventh house of the horoscope relates to life partner, business partnerships, travel, foreign residency, domestic bliss and progeny. Moon in 7th house indicates that the native is likely to get a pious partner, who is well-versed in handling family and domestic chores. Partner would be quite compassionate and nurturing. You tend to attract a partner who is supportive and has motherly instincts. You are likely to have a lot of relationships, possibly as the mission to find that perfect partner who can provide you emotional security. However, if Moon is under affliction here, struggle in marital life is possible.

In order to have successful partnerships, you need to control your need and urge to depend upon others. Moodiness is something that both you and your partner, whether in marriage or business, need to control. Also, you need to curb your desire for constant changes in the relationship and seek stability. As for your career, you have a strong need for partnerships. You prefer to work in a team than alone and rely upon others to fulfill your work responsibilities.

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