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Moon in Second House

Moon in Second House

Results of Moon in second house

The second house relates to accumulated wealth, family, speech and food. Moon’s position here suggests that material security is important for the emotional satisfaction to the native. Having possessions and money gives you a sense of emotional security. Moon in 2nd house brings fluctuations in one’s financial position. There would be lots of ups and downs in one’s income and expenditure, which largely depends upon the aspecting planets. In case of affliction, the person may be extravagant and reckless with money management, which could disbalance finance.

And if planets are in favor, you tend to be good with handling money. You tend to touch extremes, from being frugal to spendthrift. You have a tendency to care for others. And you have the ability to earn through public work. You like to remain in the public eye, but that does not mean that you would deal with the public directly. It is just that you like to be seen when you work. Your idea of whether you are doing well often correlates with whether you are ‘feeling’ well.

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