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Moon in Fourth House

Moon in Fourth House

Results of Moon in fourth house

The fourth house stands for mother, domestic life, family, possessions, property, vehicle and mental peace. Moon in 4th house indicates that the native would be strongly attached to his mother. His or her ties with the native place would be quite strong. Family is important to these people, and so are traditions and heritage. Any imbalance in domestic happiness causes distress and depression to the native because of the strong influence and affection.

Such a person is emotionally stable but the sense of security is very important to you. You also have a lot for antiques. You tend to become a collector, as collectibles serve as a reminder of the memories you share with close ones. You like to hold on to past. The most fulfilling job for you is that allows you to work from home. Or you like to give a homey feel to your workplace by keeping photo frames and personalized items.  The sense of homely comfort is very important to you.

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