Moon in Fourth House

Moon in fourth house will give you all the luxuries in life and you will enjoy them to the fullest. You will be charitable, happy, always remain positive and have an excellent relationship with your family and loved ones.

Moon in Fourth House


Usual Effects of Moon in 4th House

You would be a great real estate agent, you could give a best deal for your customer as you genuinely want to sell a good property to your customer. You are not bound by religious beliefs; in fact, your perspective of life is to serve everyone as a soul.

You are too protected towards your house and family, which will make you very careful about who all are entering your house. This will have a sudden up and down in your network circle. You won’t like to mingle with people who don’t match your subconscious beliefs.

4th house represents your mother’s nourishment and love, your childhood and its memories, conveniences and homeland. Here Moon is comfortable, you are very much attached towards your mother. Your biological DNA is influenced by your mother and maternal side, majorly physical appearance, habits and belief system.

Your mother mostly would be a housewife with a lot of discipline and beliefs, who will influence your life a lot. You will always be ready to nourish others, like a nurse who is ready to serve unconditionally. You can become a real estate agent, child psychologist, somebody who works with kids and animals.

Moon directly aspects 10th house, so you will look for a spouse who is professional, can take care of you and give you the security and protection. Your career will be inclined towards service for others. Even in a corporate department you will be placed in a HR department who takes care of the needs of employees.

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Positive Moon

Your perspective in life will be to serve others, you don’t do things to please someone. Family is your priority, and you can do anything for your loved ones. Specially your mother will lead your life. Your physical appearance can resemble your mother, habitual pattern like eating manners, behavioural pattern can mimic like your mother. You will have all luxury in life and enjoy life at its fullest.

You will have good relationship and support from your family and loved ones. You know about your strength and never compete with others. You are devoid from jealousy and enviousness. You are charitable, happy, and always remain positive.

Negative Moon

If Moon is not well placed, you will be deprived from mother’s love. You will go away from your mother land, and it separate you from your mother. You will not follow any religious or superstitious belief. Because of your mother’s intervention, your relationship with your spouse will face lot of disharmonies.

You will be emotionally disturbed and would not be able to enjoy the materialistic things in life. You will not be satisfied and able to express your happiness and achievements.

Some notable sign placements for Moon in 4th House

  • Moon Cancer: The most protective sign for their family and loved ones, will feel satisfied and spend happy moments with everyone. You love to nurture and provide emotional security to everyone. You spread love and know how to guide others when needed.
  • Moon Taurus: You will have clarity of thought and would take correct decisions. You will have complete satisfaction and a sense of comfort in life. You will lead a luxurious life with all conveniences at its best. You will have a rich taste bud, may it be your house, cars, or clothes.
  • Moon Scorpio: You are sensitive and loyal in relationships. Have intense emotional needs, which relates to the psychological dimensions in your life. You have lack of trust and will always give the impression of powerful to others.

Combust Moon in 4th House

Combust Moon in 4th house will make you deprive from mother’s love and nurture. You will not get anything easily, always must struggle for every accomplishment in your life. Success is not meant for you. You will not get ancestral properties and benefits from your maternal side.

Common Yoga positions possible with Moon in 4th House

  • Kendrum Yoga: This yoga is formed when no planets other than the Sun are in the 2nd/12th from the Moon. This yoga induces sudden loss, anxiety and stress in the life. Poverty, struggle, mental tension, melancholy nature, constant failures and inconsistent in activities are represented by this yoga.
  • Amavasya Yoga: This yoga is formed when Moon and Sun conjunct in the same sign. Due to the supreme power of the Sun, Moon loses its virility while its characteristics will drastically nullify. Mind and the mother are severely affected. The house the Moon owns in the chart is also affected badly. Usually, the native may have deep interests in literature and reading and have excellent writings skills.
  • Grahan Yoga: This yoga is formed when Moon combines with Rahu/Ketu. This yoga creates hurdles and suffering to the native, the parents and relatives will also suffer. It indicates inconsistent occupation besides greedy and jealous nature of the native.

Famous People with Moon in 4th House

  • Donald Trump: He is an American politician, media personality, and businessperson, who served as the 45th President of the United States from 2017 to 2021. His father was into real estate business, which Trump took over and renamed to The Trump Organization. He developed the company’s operations to building and renovating skyscrapers, hotels, casinos, and golf courses.
  • Siddharth Roy Kapur: He is an Indian film producer and President of the Producers Guild of India. As Founder and Managing Director of Roy Kapur Films, and formerly as CEO of UTV Motion Pictures and Managing Director of The Walt Disney Company India, Roy Kapur has produced numerous films in Indian cinema.
  • Tim Cook: Timothy Donald Cook, is an American Business executive and engineer, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc. He had been previously serving as the company’s Chief Operating Officer under its co-founder Steve Jobs. He has received many awards such as the “World’s Greatest Leader”. He is a philanthropist and has planned to donate his entire fortune to charity.

Other notable people with Moon in 4th House

  • Amjad Ali Khan (Indian Classical Sarod Player)
  • Ustad Gulam Mustafa (Indian Classical Musician)


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Moon in Fourth House

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