Moon in Twelfth House

Moon in twelfth house will make you an empath, who is emotional and can resonate with others’ emotions. You will be a home loving person and will always prioritize your family and loved ones.

Moon in Twelfth House


Usual Effects of Moon in 12th House

Moon in 12th house activates fantasies at subconscious level and makes you very creative. It can also make you imagine the unrealistic things.

You can become wealthy by earning in foreign land. You can opt for a profession in adventure sports, water sports, as a security agent, travel guide, travel blogger, etc. 12th house represents foreign land, expenses, isolated places, ashrams, all kinds of loses, house of imagination, subconscious mind, and bed pleasures.

Moon in 12th house suggests that your mind is constantly in the other realm and your subconscious mind is busy fantasizing. It represents an introvert, isolated personality.

You feel balanced and calm when you are one with mother nature. You always try to run away from reality. However, this position also indicates that nourishment from mother will be from a distance and you might feel deprived of mother’s love. But you will still be emotionally connected with your mother. Your mother is a very private person.

You will always relate to the mystical part of science. You are connected to the psychic world and will have high intuitive power.

You will connect with other dimensions easily. You will have keen interest in esoteric sciences. You can become an influential writer. You can be in a career field away from the public, as you are a private person. You love being in your own isolated box and spending time with your own research.

This position will also make you constantly looking for bed pleasures, depending upon the planetary combinations in your birth chart. At times, raising kids might become a burden for you as you gravitate towards detachment and isolation.

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Positive Moon

A positive Moon in 12th house will make you emotional and probably an empath, who can resonate with other’s emotions. You will believe in studies like tarot, astrology, psychic healings, and other occult sciences.

You are a home loving person and will always like to be with your family and loved ones. You will be flexible and do not have issues with restrictions and limitations.

You have the special power of sensing energies intuitively, which can make you a successful healer. You are helpful to others and a solution finder.

Negative Moon

A negative Moon in 12th House will expose you to different psychic powers and, at times, you might have to face difficulties while handling these high energies, which can lead to loneliness and phobias.

You will always be available for those in need and this at times can create disharmony in your personal life. Your loved ones might feel neglected.

Due to lack of satisfaction in married life, you might indulge in extra marital affairs. You might face an absence of sexual drive and intimacy in your marital life.

Progeny will also be a problematic area in your life. Loss of finances might cause mental tensions leading to stress. Partial insanity and epilepsy might pervade.

Some notable sign placements for Moon in 12th House

  • Moon Cancer: You will be possessive about your loved ones and family members. Your fear and insecurity will be at its highest peak. You will connect with others easily and will have helping tendency towards everyone. You are a loving and kind person.
  • Moon Taurus: You will not be in a flexible mode to accept life as it flows, will be reluctant towards financial opportunities. You will have charming personality and will attract opposite sex. You will have emotional instability as you will not be able to achieve materialistic fulfilment.
  • Moon Scorpio: You will be highly intuitive and can perceive energies. You will have many ups and downs in financial upfront. In relationship you might face trust issues and emotional stability which will create insecurity and unknown fear.

Combust Moon in 12th House

Combust Moon in 12th house will create emotional distress, you will not be able to perceive things that are happening in your life. You might face humility, which may lead to aggression. Your health and mental wellbeing will get disturbed because of stress.

You will not be in a state of mind to take a decision, as your mind will always be clouded with toxic thoughts. Financially you will face loses and distrust in your professional area. You will fantasize about things and will never be able to face reality.

Common Yoga positions possible with Moon in 12th House

  • Vish Yoga: This yoga is formed when Moon conjuncts Saturn in a house. It destroys your auspicious karma; it can make you mentally and emotionally weak, but strict and disciplined in nature. You can be a good administrator.
  • Punaraphoo Yoga: This yoga is formed when Moon and Saturn connect in your birth chart and causes delay in marriage.
  • Chandra Mangal Yoga: If Mars conjoins Moon, this yoga is formed making you earn through unscrupulous means. You will treat your mother harshly and misbehave with your relatives.

Famous people with Moon 12th House

  • Harry Styles: An English singer and actor, he was part of the boy band, One Direction, which went on to become one of the best-selling boy bands of all time, before going on an indefinite hiatus in 2016.
  • Christopher Kennedy: American businessman and politician, he has been the Chair of Joseph P. Kennedy Enterprises, Inc.
  • Abhishek Bachchan: An Indian actor, he is the son of superstar Amitabh Bachchan and the critically acclaimed actor, Jaya Bachchan. He is married to Aishwarya Rai, formr Miss World and a successful Indian actor.
  • Vijay Mallya: Indian Businessman and former Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), he is the subject of an extradition effort by the Indian Government to return him from the UK to face charges of financial crimes in India. He is the ex-chairman of United Spirits, the largest spirits company in India, and was the founder of defunt Kingfisher Airlines.

Other notable people with Moon in 12th House

  • Chris Evans (American Actor)


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Moon in Twelfth House

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