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Moon in Twelfth House

Moon in Twelfth House

This position of Moon is commonly found in the horoscope of nuns, monks, surgeons, or nurse as it makes the person sympathetic and humane. Such a person has a life full of restrictions of some kind or the other. Such a native is also driven towards the occult sciences and study of mystery. There would be some burden or unpleasant situation that you may have to put up with, despite your reluctance. This could be a secret that you may have to keep for your own safety.

You may have secret enemies who could manipulate and take advantage of you. For you, serving people is the best way to reach liberation. You are supposed to pass it on to others what these constant sufferings have taught you. This position is perfect for behind-the-scenes jobs such a creative playwright who isn’t on stage but is an essential part of the play. You find comfort in jobs that allow little contact with people on the frontline. You like to get involved with welfare of the downtrodden of society.

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