Moon in Tenth House

Moon in tenth house will give you a charismatic appearance and you will always be eager to help others. You shall be kind, generous and choose non-violent methods to sort complicated situations.

Moon in Tenth House


Usual Effects of Moon in 10th House

Moon in 10th house helps you gain authority by empowering the unprivileged. You like to nurture others and, thus, gain respect and power. Like Mahatma Gandhi, who had Moon in 10th house. He dedicated his life to nurturing others and thereby gained name, fame and respect.

Moon is a very soft and nurturing planet; so, when Moon is placed in 10th house, you would like to fight for your right in a diplomatic and smooth way. Your approach towards solving any problem will be through nonviolence and righteous way. 

You can become a successful government leader, you can opt for a career related to maternal and female products, you can be a chef, home decorator, nurse - who takes care of the underprivileged or senior citizens, you can also be a doctor or a dentist.

Your mother will be a career-oriented women, she is always ready to fight for your nurturing. Your mother takes authoritative decisions in your house, and you are emotionally attached to your father. You are emotionally obsessed about authority and power.

Your mother will be a disciplinarian and your attachment with your mother will be professional. She will put you in check and nourish you with discipline, rather than pampering. You will have a dramatic relationship, hence, you will gravitate towards your father.

You will have a leadership role at home and will be a guiding light to your family members. You are emotionally attached to your home as 10th house Moon aspects 4th house. Moon shows your internal mindset, and you will be career oriented but at the same time your mind will be relaxed only if you are emotionally attached towards your family and loved ones.

Home, nourishment, and peace of mind is very important for you. You want nourishment from your spouse.

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Positive Moon

A positive Moon will give you a charismatic appearance and you will always be ready to nurture and help others. You follow non-violence and righteous path, specially in crisis, you come up with bright solutions and maintain peace and harmony among people.

You become kind and generous person among others. Your nurturing will come up to its best when you show your leadership qualities and lead a structured life.

You are open minded and very clear on your thoughts and achievements which makes you one of your kind. Your desire is to spread peace; you can pay any price to maintain peace. You have a strong instinct vis-a-vis what others want.

Negative Moon

It will make you obsessed with your success, name and fame. At times your personal relationships may take a back seat and create disharmony among others.

You will be anxious and always in a competitive mode. You will never be in a relaxed and calm environment. You will never be satisfied with your achievement and will always have low self-esteem.

Your goal will keep on changing as you are always envious about other’s achievement. You may move towards things which may make you lose your leadership and moral values.

Some notable sign placements for Moon in 10th House

  • Moon Cancer: You will encourage others for their work and will give your full support for their endeavour. You are emotionally attached with your profession and will feel content with your achievements and goals. You feel emotionally satisfied when you are at home.
  • Moon Taurus: You are determined towards your goal and will always seek for improvement. You will feel secured by achieving materialistic goal. You are not inclined towards professional competition and spoil your growth. You know your self-worth and you believe in yourself.
  • Moon Scorpio: You are over obsessed with your work and family. You become anxious if something goes wrong on either personal or professional front. You become possessive about your work and relationships. This attitude will create an emotional turmoil.

Combust Moon in 10th House

Combust moon in 10th house will create obstacles in your professional growth. You will be a job hopper and will never be satisfied with your achievements. You will face low self – esteem and will always have psychological issues like loneliness, fear of competition and enviousness. You will not fulfil your responsibility properly; your family members will not rely upon you. You will not follow social norms.

Common Yoga positions possible with Moon in 10th House

  • Sunafa Yoga: This yoga is formed when any planet other than Sun is in 2nd house from the Moon. It can make you a sportsperosn or a self-made, rich, healthy, learned, as well as selfish person.
  • Anafa Yoga: This yoga is formed when any planet other than the Sun is in 12th house from the Moon. It gives you a charming personality, prosperity and impressive morality.
  • Durdhara yoga: This yoga is formed when any planet other than Sun is in 2nd and 12th houses from the Moon. With this yoga, you will be intelligent, wealthy, may have a transport business, ead a harmonious family life, and will be an influential personality.

Famous People with Moon in 10th House

  • Alan Sugar: A British business magnate and political advisor, amongst many other hats that he has worn, he started the consumer electronics company, Amstrad. He is also known for hosting the BBC reality competition series, ‘The Apprentice’.
  • Lakshmi Mittal: An Indian steel magnate based in the United Kingdom, he is the Executive Chairman of ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steelmaking company.
  • Hillary Clinton: An American politician, diplomat and lawyer, she has served as the 67th United States Secretary of State, Senator representing New York and as first lady of US. She is the first US woman to win a presidential nomination by a major US political party.
  • Jeff Bezos: An American entrepreneur and commercial astronaut, he is the founder of Amazon.

Other notable people with Moon in 10th House

  • Mahatma Gandhi (Father of the Nation, India)
  • Bill Gates (American Business Magnate, Investor & Philanthropist)


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Moon in Tenth House

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