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Moon in Tenth House

Moon in Tenth House

10th house relates to profession, character, reputation, position, status, karma, ambition, etc. Having Moon in 10th house means it is important for you what the society thinks of you. Others’ opinion matters to you and so does your status and reputation. You seek to achieve something in life, and this idea often influences what you do and how you feel. There is a chance that you may hold an important position that involves dealing with women, public, fame, or change.

You have a charismatic personality, and have the power to persuade and influence others. Throughout your life, you may switch career options quite often. You feel like contributing to society in some way. At work, you like to have a managerial position. It becomes difficult for you to express your individuality and use talents to the fullest if you are working under someone.  You don’t like to be dominated or told what to do.

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