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Moon in Ninth House

Moon in Ninth House

Moon in 9th house gives a fondness to travel, especially long distance trips or going abroad. Since the native is likely to get acclaim abroad, he or she may also settle there permanently or on temporary basis. Moon’s influence also makes the person travel by water often. And when it comes to religion and spirituality, the person is likely to follow the ideals practiced by their family. You find security in the religious or philosophical ideals that you follow. Such a person has a greater-than-average power of comprehension for psychic realms.

You are imaginative, and ponder about the incomprehensible aspects of life. You are always in search of fresh ideas and fields to pursue, and this never-ending search also makes you travel a lot. As for the professional field, these natives outperform in areas related to application of higher mind. They do well in fields involving philosophy, religion, spirituality, metaphysics, law, traditions, civilization etc. Your work location plays a huge role in your success, so consider opportunities to work abroad.

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