Moon in Ninth House

Moon in ninth house will make your life comfortable and full of satisfaction. You shall feel content and fulfilled and lead a successful life, thanks to your remarkable intelligence.

Moon in Ninth House


Usual Effects of Moon in 9th House

Your intellectual qualities are exceptionally good and will lead a successful life. You are highly creative, imaginative and bring smile on other’s face. You will explore your destiny on foreign land and accumulate wealth, name, fame and recognition. Your subconscious mind will be full of imaginative thoughts and psychic ability.

Moon in 9th house is like an icing on the cake, you are imaginative, creative, knowledgeable, have good fortune to achieve your goals and desires successfully. You will be content in life with success at all levels.

9th house is your belief system, rituals, cultural deeds, philosophical thinking, scientific thinking, mathematical thinking, pilgrimage, long distance travels, teaching of your gurus and father. Moon in 9th house represents the higher belief system and want to learn higher philosophical thinking. It is inclined towards performing cultural deeds of your culture.

Your mother will be your primary source of teachings and learning things. Whether it’s a normal academic learning or philosophy learning of life, your mother will guide you. Your mother will lead you towards your father’s teachings. Your mother will teach you life’s lessons and become the source of knowledge. Your mother will be a religious person who will be totally involved in temples and others devotional activities. She will be very dedicated towards higher learning.

You will achieve trust of your extended family, by proving your leadership qualities to everyone. You will win your family member’s heart by fulfilling the responsibilities with concerns. Your beliefs are so strong that these points of view will lead your life.

You will have inquisitiveness to know more about different cultures, this will develop a flair for knowing other cultures and other people. Moon in 9th house increases the chance of foreign travels and to get settled in foreign countries. You will achieve your goal and fulfil your desire.

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Positive Moon

Since Moon is placed in the house of fortune, it could make your life comfortable and filled with satisfaction. You will internally feel content and fulfilled.

You will be involved in higher studies and will be divinely connected with your mentors and gurus, who will be responsible for your growth and evolution process.

Chances of foreign travels and settlement will increase. You will get support from elders and will maintain harmonious relationship with others. This placement of Moon will help you with out-of-box thinking.

Negative Moon

If moon is afflicted, then you will go against the religious belief of your family and create disharmony with loved ones. You will not fulfil the cultural beliefs and deeds that must be done. Your home environment will be disturbed. You will lose your peace of mind.

You might take vows of celibacy, as you will not have peaceful family life. You will have blindfolded attitude towards your guru and spend enormously without thinking, which might end up financial crisis. Your belief and your sibling’s belief can create a tug of war.

Some notable sign placements for Moon in 9th House

  • Moon Cancer: You will take emotional decisions and will follow and believe in many different religious and spiritual beliefs. This will give you psychic power to connect and heal others. You are a born empath and nurture others with love and care.
  • Moon Taurus: You have stable thoughts and ideas; you don’t get confused and change your decisions. You will go for pilgrimage tour at an early age. You will always look young and youthful. You live as per your family’s moral values and belief system; it is very important for you.
  • Moon Scorpio: You will get wealth and have immense creativity to have a successful professional growth. You will be kind and liberal, will always make emotional decision. You will have a short temper and be fickle-minded.

Combust Moon in 9th House

Combust Moon in 9th house will make you follow fake gurus and religious leaders, who will take undue advantage of your superstitious and weak mind.

You will not have clarity in studies and for higher growth. You will spoil your relationships with elders and will get involved in problematic things which will affect your growth.

Your mind will not have the stability to involve yourself in a highly positive way.

Common Yoga positions possible with Moon in 9th House

  • Vish Yoga: This yoga is caused when Moon conjuncts Saturn in a house. This yoga destroys native's auspicious karma; it can make you mentally and emotionally weak. You will be easily distracted and get confused.
  • Punaraphoo Yoga: Any type of relation between Moon and Saturn establishes Punaraphoo Yoga, which causes delay in marriage.
  • Chandra Mangal yoga: If Mars conjoins Moon, this yoga is formed. It makes you earn through unscrupulous means, you will treat your mother harshly and misbehave with relatives. Restlessness and fickle tendencies are effected by this yoga.

Famous people with Moon 9th House

  • Amit Shah: An Indian politician, he is currently serving as the Minister of Home Affairs and the first Minister of Co-operation of India. He is a close associate of Prime Minister Narender Modi and has served as the President of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP).
  • Asha Bhosle: A renowned Indian playback singer, she has received several accolades in her lifetime, including two National Film Awards, four BFJA Awards, and eighteen Maharashtra State Film Awards.
  • Amitabh Bachchan: A huge star, this Indina actor is regarded as one of the most influential actors in the history of Indian cinema. He is the first living Asian to be modelled in wax at Madame Tussauds.

Other notable people with Moon 9th House

  • Shashi Kiran Shetty (Indian Businessperson)


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Moon in Ninth House

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