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Moon in Sixth House

Moon in Sixth House

Moon in Sixth House

The sixth house relates to service, litigation, enemies, finance, debts, conflicts, losses, health and difficulties. Such a person is helpful to coworkers and employees. The virtue of servitude is evident in the native. Such people have a strong need to serve others to flourish themselves. It gives them emotional fulfillment. However, they can be quite moody at times and that affects their routine and behavior. If Moon is positively placed in 6th house, the person is emotionally stable, compassionate, and has the ability to heal. An affliction over Moon here gives the native fluctuations in health and weak immunity.

Concerning your vocational preferences, you tend to absorb yourself in your work. These workaholic tendencies and feeling of insecurity often takes toll on your health. Moon in 6th house can also give digestive troubles due to anxiety and stress. Whenever you are upset, do not resort to over-indulgence as it could affect your digestion.

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