Moon in Sixth House

Moon in sixth house will make you help others without any selfish intentions. Your organized approach shall be much appreciated and others will respect you for it.

Moon in Sixth House


Usual Effects of Moon in 6th House

Moon in Virgo represents someone who is into healing and medical services, even dealing with animals like veterinarian. You are extremely sympathetic towards animals and nurture them with loving kindness.

Excellent position for lawyers, police and military as subconscious mind is constantly dealing with litigation, fight, disputes, and Criminals. You have an overstock of enemies, and you know how to deal with them. You can go away into isolation and practice spiritualism as a remedy to get over the conflicts. You can work in foreign land. You lead a healthy lifestyle, follow a healthy fitness regime.

6th house is simply conflicts and obstacles, which stops you from not achieving your goals, 6th house signifies your enemies who doesn’t want you to accomplish your goal. If Moon which is your mind is posited in 6th house, your mind is constantly in the source of conflict.

Your mother might work in medical and service industry, and you both will have difference of opinion with each other. Your mind is forced to deal with litigation, social issues, and dealing with diseases on day-to-day life.

You always keep on exploring new diets and exercises to keep you fit. You will always explore new openings to improve professionally. You are always concern about the people you are surrounded with, especially family members and workplace. You are very attentive and take good care for your subordinates. You have all the qualities to become a successful businessman.

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Positive Moon

Moon in 6th house will give you servitude attitude and will help others without having any selfish motive. You work in an organized way, which will give high regards in your workplace. You lead a healthy lifestyle, and very careful about your wellbeing. You will be a workaholic and will feel contented by engaging yourself actively in your workplace.

You don’t like to waste time, would love to do productive work, and keep your busy. You are brilliant, intuitive, and creative, would always prefer to serve others unconditionally. You will always help others affectionately to solve their problems in a practical way.

Negative Moon

You are very sensitive and intuitive to know very minute problems in your body, and this will cause hypochondriac symptoms. You will use your health issue as an excuse to escape responsibilities. You will have weak immunity and health disturbances. You will face psychological issues like anxiety, stress, insecurity towards your profession which may take a toll on your wellbeing.

Moon, if negatively placed in 6th house, will create a delusion, you will feel insecurity towards your family, work, finance about health. Your toxic mind will shake up all areas of your life. With such a position your decision-making ability gets clouded. Your mother might abuse you verbally or physically which will create lot of disturbances and friction in your mind.

Some notable sign placements for Moon in 6th House

  • Moon Cancer: You would be bold and courageous and would like to go for the truth than lies. You will have erratic mood swings and will not be able to control your emotions in a balanced way. You are intelligent and will have religious and spiritual inclination.
  • Moon Taurus: You will make firm decision but before concluding, you will be restless and impatient. You will not compromise on anything, may it be food, clothing, profession or in relationship. You will have impressive personality.
  • Moon Scorpio: You will be too much attached towards your family, can do anything for your loved ones. You are caring and nurturing. But if you don’t get anything in return can really get upset and irritated. You are a foodie, sharp minded, humble and possessive in nature.

Combust Moon in 6th House

Combust Moon in 6th house will affect your psychological wellbeing. It will create lot of insecurity and loneliness; you will not be able to lead a peaceful life. In marital life you will not trust your spouse, will always have a microscopic view in your relationship which will create disharmony. This trust issue will take you towards lone lines and depression. You will be sharp minded but will not be able to make financial gains out of it.

Common Yoga positions possible with Moon in 6th House

  • Shakata Yoga: This yoga is formed when Moon is posited in 6th, 8th, or 12th house from Jupiter. This yoga indicates a difficult life and fluctuating fortune.
  • Amala Yoga: This yoga is formed when a benefic is placed in 10th house from the ascendant/Moon. Represents compassionate and benevolent nature of the person.
  • Pathira Yoga: This yoga is formed when Mercury is in its own/exaltated sign, placed quadrant to the ascendant/Moon. It will make your educational achievements uncountable, and you will get a high authoritative position in life.

Famous people with Moon in 6th House

  • Lawrence Walsh: Lawyer, district judge and United States Deputy Attorney General, he was appointed as Independent Counsel in 1986 to investigate the Iran-Contra affair. The hero of Jacob Appel’s novel, The Biology of Luck, has been inpsired by him.
  • Aamir Khan: An Indian Actor, film director and producer, he is one of the most popular and influential actors of Indian cinema.
  • Rahul Bajaj: An Indian Billionaire Businessman, he successfully led the Bajaj Group for over five decades.

Other notable people with Moon in 6th House

  • Shahrukh Khan (Indian Actor & Producer)
  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (Indian Actor)


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Moon in Sixth House

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