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Moon in Eighth House

Moon in Eighth House

8th house represents gains, inheritance, accidents, longevity, health, illnesses, death-like experiences, disgrace, disappointments and partner’s finance. Moon’s placement in 8th house indicates that the person is likely to meet their death due to functional issues. Moon represents wealth and here it reflects that the native may accumulate wealth through legacy. Some unexpected gains are also possible. The person may also enjoy financial gains through marriage or partner. Moreover, their partner is often supportive.

Possessions are important to you to have a sense of fulfillment and security. You may be too inclined towards sensuality, which may affect your marriage. You often indulge in an occupation where you have to depend upon others’ resources to fulfill your job. Psychology, occult, transformation, detective, and research are a few suitable fields of career for people having Moon in 8th house.

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