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Moon in Ascendant, Moon in First House

Moon in Ascendant, Moon in First House

Results of Moon in Ascendant

Since first house represents your personality and temperament, Moon’s position here makes you emotional and moody. Such natives tend to be overly sensitive, unpredictable and submissive which leads to indecisiveness. They are too self-conscious at times, and of what others think about them. Their personality is under the strong influence of their mother. Such people have a strong desire to be recognized.

Moon in 1st house also increases prospects of travel so such natives tend to have a lot of variety in experiences. However, they need to be self-assured and confident. Their need to be admired and nourished makes them too susceptible to become people pleaser. There is a strong need to be assertive and less sensitive to the environment. These natives should try to pursue their career in a profession that enables self-expression, something that they can put their heart into. Forming an emotional connection with people and things is very important to these people.

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