Sun in eighth house

Sun in eighth house will amplify your hidden knowledge, research abilities, secretive dealings, & other qualities of the house. You shall be widely known in your community & be recognized by everyone.

Sun in eighth house


Usual Effects of Sun in 8th House

Sun in 8th house has the natural power of taking something and making it popular, like a CEO who comes into the company which is not doing well and lifts things up from the bottom and take it to the top.

It makes you do very well in the financial sector, joint assets, as surgeons, in government jobs, fuel related business like CNG and Petroleum. It can make you commit mistakes as well. You might open an affiliated education institute. It will make you achieve stability in your profession after the age of 30. You will feel happy by practicing religious beliefs and spirituality. You might turn into a spiritual teacher.

8th house represents hidden knowledge, research, secretive dealings, confidential information, sudden changes in life, and joint assets with your spouse. Sun in 8th house amplifies the qualities of 8th house as it is comfortable in this house.

You don’t need to express your ego and showcase your respect to others. You will be known in your community and will be recognised by all. You have a magnetic personality and people will be drawn towards you. Sun will make you the news of the town, everyone will talk about you. You will be inclined towards occult sciences. You will see the secrets of 8th house and will maintain the secrecy by not revealing it.

You will believe in astrology, healing, and other occult sciences but your ego would not allow you to agree to the fact about your belief in front of others. It is secretly that you will research studies and work on various occult sciences to make your life better. You should not enter politics, Sun will create sudden change of reputation or your image will majorly fluctuate in public life. You will be the favourite for public for a few months and then suddenly face criticism.

Positive Sun

A positive Sun in 8th house will make you receive wealth from property or marriage through inheritance from in-laws. Your spouse will be clever and learned and a strong believer of occult sciences like astrology, Vastu, etc. Your spouse will be a practical person and less emotional in nature. You will have a spiritual bent and will open a wellness or fitness centre by including yoga and meditation along with other spiritual activities.

You will never face financial crisis; however, you will start earning after the age of 28. You will have a strong bonding with your father. You will qualify for the competitions and interviews in government and semi-government services. You will support politicians and high-profile bureaucrats, through which you will also benefit.

Negative Sun

A negative Sun in the 8th house means love and romance will not be exciting – it can bring sadness and pain. You will be cheated and discouraged in relationships. You will face criticism related to professional and domestic issues from your partner.

You might get involved in underworld, illegal activities like smuggling, bribery and get physically assaulted, face injuries and imprisonment. The scorching rays of the Sun will give you a burning sensation in private parts of the body and cause blood circulatory issues. You will have issues with your in-laws and will face emotional distress.

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Some notable sign placements for Sun in 8th house

  • Sun Leo: You will achieve success and fame in your professional front. You will be a torchbearer and will always guide others. Your leadership quality will make you a renowned teacher and people will believe in your teachings with full faith. You are a born leader who is confident and comfortable being the centre of attention, ambitious and loyal.
  • Sun Aries: You will have the spark of instigating new creativity and ideas in your professional field. The drive to pioneer or lead may feature strongly in you. You will achieve success in your own business by implementing many new marketing strategies. You will specialize in starting something new.
  • Sun Libra: You will concentrate on social interactions and whether what is being communicated is objective, balanced and fair. You will be socially active, but you will struggle to see yourselves clearly. You become dependent on others’ decisions.


Common Yoga positions possible with Sun in 8th House

  • Budh Aditya Yoga: This yoga in 8th house indicates that you shall inherit your parents’ or grandparents’ property. It will also help in obtaining good results in occult sciences and paranormal studies.
  • Vaasi Yoga: Moon in twelfth house from Sun creates Vaasi Yoga. If a benefic planet is conjunct with Moon, it can make you wise and learned. If Moon is conjunct with a malefic planet, you will have powerless memory and the absence of benevolence.
  • Veshi Yoga: When a planet excluding the Moon, Ketu and Rahu capture the second house from Sun, Vesi Yoga is formed. It allows you to leave your mark on the world. You will be blessed by the treasure of knowledge.

Famous people with Sun in 8th House

  • Sharon Stone: An American actor known for primarily playing Femme Fatales and women of mystery on film and television, she became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1990s. Recipient of various accolades, she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1995 and was named Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters in France in 2005 (commander in 2021).
  • Prince Harry: Prince Harry is a member of the British Royal Family. He is the younger son of King Charles and underwent officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He was made Duke of Sussex prior to his wedding to American actor Meghan Markle.
  • Nelson Mandela: A South African anti-apartheid activist, he is the first President of South Africa and the country’s first Black head of State, as well as the first elected in a fully representative democratic election. He played a crucial role on dismantling apartheid in the region.
  • Rafael Nadal: Spanish professional tennis player, he has been ranked World No. 1 five times. He has won a record 22 Grand Slam men’s singles titles and is one of only two men to complete the career Golden Slam in singles.

Other Notable people with Sun in 8th house

  • Adolf Hitler (German Dictator)
  • Amitabh Bachchan (Indian Actor, Producer & Television Host)


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