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Sun in Ninth house

Sun in 9th house shall give you an ego that will take you to complete new heights. You will be significantly influenced by your father & proud of what your teachers have taught you in life.


Usual Effects of Sun in 9th House

When Sun is in the 9th house, its ego takes a whole new height. You will be influenced by your father. You will be proud of what your teachers have taught you in your life. You will also be constrained by what you have learned in life and will strictly follow it. So, lawyers, judges, religious gurus, who are staunch followers of laws and regulations usually have their Sun in the 9th house. It can also make you a university professor as you would like to teach others how to follow rules and regulations.

9th house is the house of religion, law, teachers, long journey, pilgrimage, luck, and fortune. Religion is not spirituality, it’s a set of texts in which you must follow laws and regulations. Your belief system is important for you and you can oppose your father to prove your point of view. You would not like to listen to others’ opinion against your belief system.

Sun in 9th house will make you follow religious beliefs and this will make you feel as if you are closer to God and will satisfy you. You will be a charitable person and would always be in giving mode to others. You will travel overseas and might get settled there.

Positive Sun

A positive Sun in the 9th house will make you involved in your family matters and will fulfil your responsibility with unconditional love. Your intellectual quality will pave the path of success for you. You will have mass followers and people will respect you for your wisdom.

You will be spiritually inclined and will be a torchbearer for others. You will get a good position in your professional and spiritual field. You will earn respect, name and fame in politics, social work and in government service.

Sun will give you resources and opportunities through overseas and success will depend upon your capacity to utilise the opportunities for growth and success. If Sun is well placed in 9th house, then you will get a greater share from ancestral property.

Negative Sun

A negative Sun in 9th house will affect your father’s health, can cause serious harm in the form of losses to father – both financially and worldly possessions. You may face obstacles in enjoying comforts earned by ancestors and be deprived of paternal property. You will interfere in the work of your colleagues and will create problems for others.

This position of Sun is not suitable for partnership business and can make you indulge in criminal activities and face severe losses. You will bear agony and anger to prove yourself right, which will create destruction in your personal and professional life. You will not be benevolent when it comes to donations and charity.

Some notable sign placements for Sun in 9th House

  • Sun Leo: You are dedicated to your friends and relatives, you are renowned for your stability, liability and consistency. Until and unless you feel threatened by their success, you would love to help others. You will have divine expressions of physical, mental and emotional fortitude.
  • Sun Aries: You will easily let go of your past and easily connect with your present. It will make your present comfortable and will give you a gush of energy to achieve your goals. You easily break new patterns and old habits to discover new worlds.
  • Sun Libra: You will be peaceful and cooperative in nature. You would always be conscious of your personality and would put in efforts towards developing it. There will be an increased urge towards materialism. You would always want to be the centre of attraction and feel insecure.

Common Yoga positions possible with Sun in 9th House

  • Budh Aditya Yoga: This yoga will make you the head of a religious organisation and a spiritual person.
  • Bhaskar Yoga: This yoga is formed when Mercury is in the second house from Sun and Moon in the eleventh house from Mercury, and Jupiter is in the fifth or ninth house from Moon. This yoga will make you prosperous and you will be loved by everyone.

Famous people with Sun in 9th House

  • Mother Teresa: Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious congregation, whose work over the years led to the Ramon Magsaysay Peace Prize and the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize for Mother Teresa.
  • Matt Damon: An American actor, film producer and screenwriter, he has been ranked among Forbes ‘most bankable stars’. He has been one of the highest-grossing actors of all time and is the recipient of an Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards, amongst others.
  • Mamata Banerjee: An Indian politician, she is serving as the current Chief Minister of West Bengal, the first woman to hold the office. She has served several times as a Union Cabinet Minister, founded the All-India Trinamool Congress (AITC or TMC) in 1998 after separating from the Indian National Congress.
  • Sanjay Dutt: He is an Indian actor who is the recipient of several awards, including two Filmfare Awards and three Screen Awards. He was arrested under TADA and the Arms Act in April 1993 and was convicted later for the violation of Arms Act for possession of illegal weapons.

Other notable people with Sun in 9th House

  • Manmohan Singh (Former Prime Minister of India)
  • J. Jayalalithaa (Indian Politician & Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu)

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