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Sun in ninth house

Sun in ninth house

Results of Sun in Ninth House

The placement of Sun in 9th house indicates a strong possibility of foreign or long distance travel. If the native is a female, she may meet a person of foreign residence during a trip abroad and later get hitched to him. Sun in 9th house also gives success, acclaim, and respect in a foreign place. There is a strong love for learning foreign language and cultures. Native may also become a religious leader due to inclination towards spirituality and virtuous deeds.

Such a person enjoys a cordial relationship with relatives of partner in marriage or business. Moreover, he or she may even get help from them in times of need. Individuals having this position of Sun are usually eager to find and adopt a particular philosophy in life but they also need proof of its authenticity before putting faith into it. There is a quest to find the truth about life, existence and a fondness to travel, and not physically all the time. Such a person is quite respectful towards religious leaders and sages and believes in the concept of God. Native may have to lose father but shares a wonderful bonding with relatives and children.

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