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Sun in fifth house

Sun in fifth house

Results of Sun in 5th house

Fifth house represents children and creative instincts of the person. If the native were a male offspring, he is likely to be overbearing in nature. Natives having Sun in 5th house usually do well in speculation and investment matters too. It is a wonderful placement of Sun as it gives artistic inclination. Native can do wonders in performing arts especially acting. Such people have a strong desire to express themselves in creativity and it can be through any mean be it sports, romance, writing, and of course drama.

Since firth house relates to children, the native is also likely to have a strong desire to have children quite early in life. Their life will be directed towards helping and guiding the younger ones in some or the other way. However, this placement could also interfere with progeny possibilities. Such people know how to enjoy life and make the most of it. Moreover, their presence is healing to others but they themselves struggle to be happy inwardly. Their life is more like a lone lion wandering in the forests.

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