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Sun in seventh house

Sun in seventh house

Results of Sun in Seventh House

With Sun positioned in 7th house of partnerships, the native is likely to gain from a marriage or business association. You have a tendency to seek a partner who stands higher on the social ladder. Such a person however should only associate with people of similar background, where they can feel equal. Major differences could cause rifts. In case such an association takes place, the workability of the relationship entirely depends upon the conjunct or aspecting planets.

Natives having Sun in 7th house have an exceptional ability to rise to a higher status in life than that they are born with. However, such natives should make sure to respect and accept their partner as they are and not impose their own expectations and desires upon them. Partnerships of all kinds play a prominent role in your life and you let you partner take the center stage. Having a partner who is in a position of authority gives you a sense of security and more confidence.

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