Sun in fourth house

Sun in fourth house will make you attached to your family & egoistic when it comes to your home. You will have poor directional strength, but achieve significant success after mid-30s.

Sun in fourth house


Usual Effects of Sun in Fourth House

Sun in 4th house makes you attached to your house and family members. You are always inclined to show your ego in connection with your house. You will stay in a big house and will enjoy all the comforts. You might be inclined towards vintage or royal décor for your house. You relish decorating your house in a lavish way and love to showcase it to satisfy your ego.

Your mother will take the role of your father in your family. Sun in 4th house would indicate night birth time and absence of sunlight, which implies lack of father’s nourishment in your life. Your parents will be strict and disciplined.

This placement will give you a tough life in the early stage, which will deviate you from your goal. Sun being the source of vitality and lifeforce is lacking in you as Sun in the 4th house indicates poor directional strength. So, you will achieve success from the mid-30s.

Sun will rise and illuminate your life from your middle age and bestow you with self-efforts and courage to achieve success in life. You will be a successful entrepreneur, politician, enemies will not be able to attack you after you achieve your goal, which is after the age of 30. Your mother will be the mentor in your life. 4th house is your motherland and Sun being the ‘leadership’, you will feel the urge to serve your homeland. You will have distant relationship with your father as he might have a travelling job, or other reasons, to be far away from you.

Positive Sun

A positive Sun in the 4th house makes you very sensitive and a gentle soul. You prefer to handle things in a gentle and peaceful way. When it comes to opposition, you prefer solving challenges and conflicts passively in a non-confrontational way. You will be a righteous and humble.

You are blessed with good leaders whose guidance will shed great light on your path. If Sun is well placed, then you will obtain great status and an authoritative position in life. You will get support from the public and may shine in the spotlight. But being shy and gentle, you would avoid the limelight.

You will become a good leader and the sense of pride will be increased. You will be blessed with great comfort and luxurious conveyances. This effect becomes more strong if the 4th House Lord also happens to be in the quadrant or trine house while being in a favourable sign.

Your mother might be from a royal family or will have connections with royal family members. Sun has full aspect in the 10th house and it will brighten your profession, blessing you with high status, steadiness, prosperity, and abundance. This placement would be especially helpful to those who seek careers associated with law or politics.

Negative Sun

A negative Sun in the 4th house makes the Sun lose its motivational power and directional strength. It indicates less natural power of Sun which translates to lower levels of asserting power and other traits related to it. It may also make you, because of being over-sensitive, take everything personally, resulting in disappointments and increased emotional pains.

This position also indicates that your kindness or gentleness can be caused by selfish reasons at times.

Lack of directional strength may trigger insecurities, low self-esteem or confidence issues which can cause the feeling of needing to be in control of situations which can devoid you of happiness, comfort, conveyances, and parent’s nourishment. Sun’s placement in the 4th house will affect your health, like heart, stomach, & cause eye troubles. This placement will not provide you peace of mind, may make you lose your property, have trouble with boss and senior authorities.

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Some notable sign placements for Sun in 4th House

  • Sun Leo: You will be empowered by your intellectual pride. You will have high confidence and authoritative personality. You will rule the masses and get support from them. You are independent, charming and mesmerizingly fun to be around. You always see the bright side of any situation.
  • Sun Aries: You are a born warrior and come out of all obstacles in life. You have the immunity to fight with all kinds of situation and to become successful. You are fuelled by an inner drive and want to achieve great things. You might take unnecessary risks, or forge ahead without a plan and learn the hard way, by leaping before looking.
  • Sub Libra: You are a fabulous person who always wants peace and harmony in all areas of life. You have your own artistic way of presenting things in an impressive way. You will not be able to stand up for Self and take a proper decision. You idealise others and never have self-respect. People will take undue advantage of you and this will lead to stress, anxiety and mental anguish.

Common Yoga positions possible with Sun in 4th House

  • Budh Aditya Yoga: It enables you to enjoy your marital life with wealth, luxurious houses and vehicles, and facilitates travel to foreign countries.

Famous people with Sun in 4th House

  • Elizabeth Taylor: She was a British American actress who began her career as a child actress in the early 1940s and was one of the most popular stars of Classical Hollywood Cinema in the 1950s. She became the world’s highest paid movie star in the 1960s. She was one of the first celebrities to participate in HIV/AIDS activism.
  • Henry Cavill: A British actor, he is known for his portrayal of Charles Brandon in Showtime’s The Tudors, DC Comics character Superman, Netflix fantasy series ‘The Witcher and Enola Holmes’ based on Sherlock Homes.
  • MK Stalin: Often referred to by his initials MKS, he is an Indian politician serving as the 8th and current Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. He is the son of former Chief Minister, Karunanidhi and has been the president of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) since 2018.
  • Charanjit Singh Channi: An Indian politician, he served as the 16th Chief Minister of Punjab and happens to be the first Dalit to be Chief Minister of Punjab. He is a member of the Indian National Congress and served as the Minister of Technical Education and Training in the second Amarinder Singh ministry.

Other notable people with Sun in 4th House

  • Draupadi Murmu (President of India)
  • Mohan Singh Oberoi (Founder of Oberoi Hotels & Resorts)


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