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Sun in fourth house

Sun in fourth house

Results of Sun in fourth house

Fourth house is related to all things domestic - family life, possessions, property and so on.  Sun in 4th house means, the person takes a lot of interest in matters concerning the domestic side of his or her life. Such a person will take good care of his property and family’s welfare and social status. Being deeply rooted in home and bound to family ties, the native will have a higher sense of domestic security. You are proud of your heritage and traditions you identify with and do everything necessary to preserve them. Sun in fourth house also gives the native increased vitality and strength in the latter half of life.

While you tend to dedicate your life to building strong foundations and associations, there are times in your life when you want to just get away from it all. Such people are under the strong influence of their parents, which can be both good or bad. Home is where you shine out, that is where you can be yourself. And that is where you employ your domineering self, in an attempt to be the king of the palace but remember that nobody prefers a tyrant.

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