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Rahu in Second House

People with Rahu in 2nd house are always hungry for accumulation of treasures, and these treasures could be historic possessions, wealth and even storage of knowledge. There is a strong desire to collect, food, knowledge, money and valuables. Such people want to be associated with a noble lineage and history. These natives use their descent to give their life an edge, but soon move away from their family values. Whatever ancestry they are born with, these natives try to make themselves appear from a privileged social prestige than what their financial position actually shows.

The person also acquires mastery over languages, often to be associated with high-ranking bloodlines and historic values. Native may also uplift his or her status from second marriage. Such people get attracted to knowledgeable and socially privileged people. When afflicted, Rahu in 2nd house causes stammering, speech disorders, separation from family, poverty, discords with relatives, dissatisfaction and mixed lineage.

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