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Rahu in Fifth House

People with this placement of Rahu seek recognition and privilege in roles that allow them to be at the center stage. Such people are passionate about celebrity culture, politics, literature, performing arts and games & gambling. This position of Rahu however disturbs one’s relationship with father or children. Nevertheless, it supports adoption. This is a good placement of Rahu for literary persons, theatre artists, and politicians. The drama is also prevalent in their creative expression. They tend to take on as many roles in life as needed to edge their way towards success.

Parenting for them is not really about their children, but themselves. Their children are likely to be eccentric and extraordinary, potentially adopted or illegitimate. This placement of Rahu makes one’s married life a roller-coaster ride, dramatic as in, possibility of loss through marriage and more than one marriage exist. These natives are usually involved in professions related to oils, gas, fuel, petroleum, chemicals and explosives.

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