Ardra Nakshatra

(Moon Sign Based)

A drop of rain falling over the ocean making a pearl has not such potency as a tear that transforms you into a gem. Arda is another word for ‘Rudra’ & is symbolized by the tears of Shiva. Tears which resemble compassion, emotion, chaos within & without with love as its base. 

Ardra Nakshatra


Ardras are gem of a person. We say this because no other constellation goes through as much transformation and self-sacrifice as much as Ardras do. This constellation spans from 6.40 –20 degrees in Gemini. They go through so much that the chaos within them tells us of their emotional upheavals. The fact that growth and transformation isn’t a path easy even for a God like Shiva, brings us to normalize the fact that no matter how messy, growth is beautiful ultimately and absolutely.

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2024 Horoscope for ARDRA NAKSHATRA

Ardra nakshatra is the sixth nakshtra of the zodiac. It falls under Gemini sign ranging from 6.41 degree-20 degrees, ruled by planet Rahu and is represented by the symbol of 'Tear Drop'.

Ardra here means the power to achieve success with hard work while Ardra nakshtra signifies change to achieve your unfulfilled goals and ambitions.

Career in 2024

There will be ample opportunities for your career advancement during the year 2024. The placement of Rahu in Pisces will guide you to gain progress and good reputation at work; you will even get new opportunities from overseas.

Your career will demand vigilance during May-August 2024, any hasty decision will have an adverse impact on your business/job. Try and maintain your professional composure and look into the pros and cons of your professional demand before taking any important decision in this phase to avoid any problem.

In order to gain professional progress, you should think twice before making any commitment in the latter half of the year, especially post June 2024, as there may be strong opposition and delays in the submission of your commitments.

By November 2024, most of your professional problems will be resolved.

Relationships in 2024

Satisfying relationship with partner/spouse; strong intimacy and bonding with family and partner/spouse.

If single, you may connect with someone from another religion; there will be opposition from others but this relationship may be satisfying for your future.
You could get married to the person of your choice and this event may take place abroad.

Your relationships will need a quick asseessment of conflicts in June-November 2024.

Any long vacation with your partner/spouse/family may bless you to spend quality time with each other, especially in August-September2024.

The end of the year will see a clearing of all obstacles and strengthen your bond with your loved ones.

Finance in 2024

Favourable year for your finances. You will have the innate intelligence to find successful solutions to your financial issues.

You will have good opportunities to increase your income and earnings with your hard work, especially till April 2024. But be prepared for setbacks post June 2024 as retrograde Saturn may delay the realization of profits.

The last quarter of the year will bring gradual progress in your financial stability again.

Health in 2024

Good priod for health, especially till April 2024. You will experience good vitality and physical health.

Take care of your health post May 2024 with good dietary habits and an exercise regime.

Suggestion to make your 2024 great:
Set clear goals, embrace change, balance work and rest, maintain open communication with others over matters of concern.


Key Ardra Traits

Ardra is another word for Rudra. When Shiva’s stubborn but loving wife Sati committed suicide over just hearing the public defamation of her husband, she preferred death. Her anger as well as her remorse over the way her husband had been mocked publicly filled her with so much spite, that she couldn’t take it; as well as the fact that, firstly, she didn’t listen to her husband and second, that he deserved to be treated anything but the way he was in that crowd.

The only respite in such a situation being death for self. When Shiva got to know about her decision over the consequences which led to this, he cried, went insane and was so angered that he created chaos and destruction on one hand, and could not help but cry his emotions out and tears came off all over the land. He destroyed any and everything on his way and all of this because of love & abandonment. Ardra, therefore, came to be symbolized as ‘Tears of Shiva’ wept over his beloved, which became the symbol of pain born out of love, chaos which led after that to transformation.

People born under the birth star of Ardra, therefore, have similar traits of being pure-hearted but easily angered, (also read: easily pleased). They are innocent at heart, love truly, but also feel pain more deeply than anyone else which helps them transform their mind and their heart to Rubicon.

In another version, it also symbolizes the process of growth and transformation of a butterfly which goes through chaos, struggle to come out independent and free of all bonds and suffering to see the light of the day.

  • These people were born with a level of pain and grief in their heart. They might not know why they feel that way but often this is the reason which starts a loop of constant transformation in life. Transformations that are massive, life-changing is a part and parcel of their journey on Earth. There is no way they can escape it; therefore, they accept it.
  • They are ruled by Rahu which symbolizes looking for something in a distant horizon as well as illusions. They almost feel like they belong to a different time and the ultimate journey transcends this lifetime and this life needs to be lived off as a part of it.
  • Their agony or pessimism might not be something which is necessarily due to a huge issue, but since they procrastinate and overthink, it tends to gnaw at them.
  • They are extremely feeling and sensitive beings and have often never been correctly loved by anyone.
  • They are extremely intelligent and amass a great deal of knowledge in life. This might show up as them taking up positions of responsibility at work as well as home. Anything that you see on them has been earned through massive hard work and no one can ever have two ways about it.
  • They are generally seen to become engineers or social activists who do not fight for self, but others and they do it with a genuine motive without looking for any publicity.
  • They are known to have made sacrifices for their family and take up big responsibilities from a young age.
  • Anything that they do has hard work as its foundation and they generally travel far off places from their homeland to create a life they want for their loved ones, in fact, their motto could in life could be -“You cannot discover new horizons unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”. This also means that they are not dreamers, but doers.
  • Their aura of transformation is no less than Midas touch which will turn your personality into gold.

Career & Profession

  • Ardra Nakshatra has the skills required to work in the innovative field, and have a career related to the electrical background, like electric engineers, electronic industry, SCI-FI, animated work in modern day.
  • Since they are known as natural healers, thus they would do excellent in the medical field, and become good doctors, physicians, physiotherapists, counsellors, etc.
  • They can also go for professions related to mental-disorder therapy, healing therapy, or become good hackers or have an expertise in magical work.
  • They have an innate interest in the fields of research and studies, and therefore, would do good if they research in animal welfare, or zoology, or even take up a career in forestry or work in a job that caters to the same.


Marriage & Finance

Marriage for an Ardra Moon is generally late, and turns out actually better when they get married in the late 20s or early 30s.

  • The men have a peaceful marriage with slight tiffs now and then but nothing major and they cherish their partners and are quite open and expressive about their love for them.
  • The women may not find the same levels of satisfaction, however they try their best to feel the harmony and their transformations may lead to changes in the relationship as well, depending upon which side they choose -positive or negative. Ardras are suggested to marry only people who they are naturally compatible with as marital joy is generally missing from their lives due to incompatible partners leading to possible separation.
  • Financially, they reach their peak in their mid-30s with a good level of stability.


Important years for Ardra

  • An Ardra should get married at his late 20s-29 or in his early 30s and not before that.
  • Financially, he is stable but gets great ascension in carer from ages 32 till his 55th year.

Ruling Planet of Ardra Nakshatra (Graha Devta): Rahu

For the Ardra Nakshatra, the ruling planet is ‘Rahu’, and this is why the people of this Nakshatra are always in the lookout for procuring knowledge and might tend to be destructive at times. The ‘Graha Devta’ gives us the ability to understand the nature of the ruling planet of a particular Nakshatra, and this helps us to work keeping in mind the ruling planet’s position in our chart.

The Ruling planet Rahu for Ardra Nakshatra, gives the people the ability to distract others and draw their attention, thus possessing the skills of crowd-pulling, is utilized well. Rahu also gives the cleverness required to win arguments and be a good debater. The chances of becoming a good wildlife photographer seem to be on the cards too. If a person wants to enter the political scenario, being born under the Ardra Nakshatra would surely help as Rahu gives a good career in this field. But with Rahu being afflicted, there is a huge chance in the person getting utterly distracted from his duties and work, getting involved in bad company, and accumulating a lot of enemies in their lives.

The Energy Source of Ardra Nakshatra (Adhi Devta): ‘Rudra’

The ‘Adhi Devta’ gives the people of a Nakshatra a clear perspective about the ruling planet and how to come closer to the energy source that it beholds. The God of Storm, ‘Rudra’, is the Adhi-Devta of the Ardra Nakshatra natives, and He is the Supreme controller of the Storm, thunder, and can transform His energy for creation. This gives the Ardra Nakshatra people the skills to excel well in the innovative fields, and excel in professions related to the electrical field.

Gender for Ardra: Female

The gender of the Nakshatras is generally not used in Vedic Astrology, except when the native’s matchmaking process takes place for marriage purposes. Only after deep analysis of this aspect, we would come to know its depth. It would be fascinating to know that the gender of a Nakshatra signifies our mental inclination towards materialistic things in life, and how we would be manipulating challenges for better survival. A person of Ardra would be caring by nature, and this would be innate in an individual, insignificant of their gender.

Ayurvedic and Medicinal Traits: Vata

The Dosha represents the type of disease that will affect the person of a particular Nakshatra. The Dosha ‘Vata’ is related to the air around us, and this would give diseases related to breathing, heart-related issues, muscle pain, stomach pain, etc. Therefore, people of Ardra need to take care of such areas and illnesses, and not delay any treatment when it comes to these.

Natural Instincts of Ardra

Ardra belongs to Shwan yoni or the instincts of a female dog. They are close to their family and loyal to their organization, or kin and kith. Their sexual and personal behavior represent qualities of the animal -dog.

Broad Instinct of Ardra: Tamasic

In Vedic culture, there are three Gunas -Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas, which are known as the three processes that make life successful. The Ardra Nakshatra has the Tamasic Guna, which makes the person short-tempered. They are further unable to have faith on anybody easily, and would have an inferiority complex will might trouble them to no end.

Broad Nature of Ardra

There are three Gana or basic nature type that a person belongs to which frame out outlook, reactions and attitude towards life. These are Dev Gana, Manushya Gana and Rakshasa Gana. Rohini belongs to the Manushya Gana. Manushya Gana constitutes of people with the mixed proportions of neither too sattvic and righteous nor too demonic and distraught. They are of the very humanly disposition with normal traits of neither too much of intuition nor diplomacy of any kind.

Element: Water

The Ardra Nakshatra ‘s element is ‘Water’ and water signifies that the person would possess great memory retention abilities, as water has the same power which has been proved scientifically. People born under the Ardra as their moon’s Nakshatra would have a very quick grasping power as well, thus making them able to learn things easily.

First letter for naming an Ardra Nakshatra born: Ku, Gha, Nga, Jha

Just like the Ragas in classical music, the first letter of the name also produces a vibration, which connects it to the native. If a person is named with these letters, which signify the Nakshatra, it creates a harmonious balance for the universe to bestow its blessings upon the individual. They would thus get interim success and growth, as it is promised in their birth chart. It is akin to being in close proximity to what assures good results.

Ardra Constellation Compatibility with Other Constellations

Depending upon characteristics of each constellation (nakshatra), find out the best match for Ardra and their compatibility with each constellation.

Ashwini-Ardra Nakshatras

The only plane at which Ardra and Ashvini both can get along is sex. Sexually, they are a very good match. But on every other platforms in life, they will be disappointed. Ardra is what seems to ‘look like’ a perfect match and a karmic union, but it is not the journey of 7 lifetimes, it is one which is a karmic tie and makes you struggle with unsteady emotions, feeling on cloud 9 one day and getting caught up in arguments and clashes the next. Try to not be deeply involved or take it forward unless they’re okay with getting badly hurt.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 17/36 which is 47%.

Bharani-Ardra Nakshatras

An emotional depth is seen between Bharani and Ardra. This is an emotionally sustainable relationship which gets stronger as they go through life’s deep, dark phases supporting each other. Bharani understands Ardra’s fears and can face them fearlessly. Adra, on the other hand, loves Bharani for their support and the sensuality they bring. However, sexual fidelity is something Ardra needs to provide which can be stressful for Bharani making them insecure.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 26/36, which is 72%.

Krittika-Ardra Nakshatras

There is a potential for an unconventional relationship which can make it beautiful considering it doesn’t go by a rule book. However, Krittika’s need for conventionalism and mistrust that can occur can make the relationship sour.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 19/36, which is 52%.

Rohini-Ardra Nakshatras

Ardra is opposite to Rohini in many ways when it comes to love and romance. This can work positively as well as negatively. Ardra attaches a sense of pain to love and Rohini always looks at the brighter, charming side of love which is full of ecstasy. Ardra might not respond as keenly to Rohini’s romantic advances as they wish Ardra would. Rohini needs to teach Ardra that emotional love doesn’t have to always involve pain and why it is important to look at the sweeter side of love. They can teach them how to trust and express love in sweeter and touching ways which will widen Ardra’s outlook on love. Try to not get possessive of each other.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 27/36, which is 75%.

Mrigashira-Ardra Nakshatras

Ardra is the best person to talk about relationships with. They actually love the fact that Mrigashira analyzes relationships accurately beforehand. In romantic partnerships, it works well. They are both bright in mind and can contribute to each other’s growth intellectually and match on many levels. It’s a fulfilling relationship no matter from which angle you look at it. This is also the birth star of Sati and Rudra or Parvati and Shiva.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 30/36, which is 83%.

Ardra-Ardra Nakshatras

Ardra is the ‘Tear of Shiva’. The intensity of emotions of an Ardra can only be understood by another Ardra. Same Moon signs have an emotional depth within their relationship almost impossible to destroy, bringing them both together in love against all odds.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 28/36, which is 77%.

Punarvasu-Ardra Nakshatras

Ardra can love a Punarvasu for all the wrong reasons. Punarvasu goes around advising and mothering everyone. This ‘nurturing’ attitude apparently doesn’t sit well with Ardra who don’t wish for solutions but just to be heard. This creates problems for the relationship.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 18/36, which is 51%.

Pushya-Ardra Nakshatras

Ardra is very eccentric and slightly on the crazier side of life. They like to do things in extreme. Extremity is often a part of their normal life while Pushya doesn’t understand why every mole needs to become a mountain. Ardra experiences intense passions, intense love, intense jealousies and intense stress, while Pushya handles the same things differently. If Pushya keeps taking things lightly and not behave with the same intensity in showing passion, Ardra might go elsewhere. Pushya can either work hard or they can choose someone who matches their maturity and emotional wavelength. Pushya, however, supports Ardra in a way no one else can and doesn’t get unnerved in situations as easily as Ardra does.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 17/36, which is 47%.

Ashlesha-Ardra Nakshatras

Ardra and Ashlesha fight like cats and dogs -given their yoni signs. Ardra is too faithful and upfront about their love, but they also appear boring to Ashlesha which can be a turn-off. Besides, there is hardly a time when you’re both not fighting which makes a situation not peaceful for either at all.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 10/36, which is 33%.

Magha-Ardra Nakshatras

A karmic relationship with huge ups and huge downs. This is not the one with an unfinished business, but one that has already been experienced which is why there can be similar issues creating disturbance from the past, and similar love tying both together as one experienced before.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 21/36, which is 58%.

Purva Phalguni-Ardra Nakshatras

This is a great relationship. Both of you will fill your relationship with romance and flirting. There is a huge sexual compatibility and though you both are sexually promiscuous; you might be faithful after getting together.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 28/36, which is 75%.

Uttara Phalguni-Ardra Nakshatras

Uttara Phalguni doesn’t trust Ardra but finds them irresistible. Yes, we have a huge smile on our faces because we know why so. Uttara Phalguni thinks they are unromantic only to find out no one else can love them more than an Ardra, in fact, they can love them too much! Uttara Phalguni will stop and stare at Ardra when they realize the deep emotional nature they hide within.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 21/36, which is 61%.

Hasta-Ardra Nakshatras

Ardra and Hasta may not trust each other enough, but Ardra has a way of understanding people and intentions very well which makes them very empathetic of Hasta. Think about it, one has been through pain and understood life, the other is scared of going through pain. The first will obviously provide unwavering support to the other. Ardra loves Hasta deeply and is unquestionably devoted to them.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 24/36, which is 67%.

Chitra-Ardra Nakshatras

The love of Ardra is unconditional and full of emotions for Chitra. They give in very easily which can feel boring to Chitra. However, their steadiness, abundance of warmth, good humor and immense understanding can make them both an ideal couple even though they’re both quite different. Convention is boring anyway, so think outside the box and we have what Ardra and Chitra represent in a beautiful manner. They can be an example of what unconventional people can come together to create without making any mess.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 23/36, which is 65%.

Swati-Ardra Nakshatras

Ardra and Swati are similar in nature, both representing a drop of water. Ardra is represented by the ‘tear of Shiva’ while Swati is represented by the ‘drop which makes a pearl’. The process which Swati goes through to become a gem is as significant as Ardra’s to get above its turmoil. Both share the same vision of going above and beyond for their emotional fulfilment and connect instantly with each other. Swati soothes Ardra’s emotions and Ardra is Swati’s biggest cheerleader.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 27/36, which is 72%.

Vishakha-Ardra Nakshatras

Blame game is a part of this relationship. Ardra and Vishakha are dissatisfied together but will blame everyone else except themselves. Try to get past this habit and understand each other.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 16/36, which is 45%.

Anuradha-Ardra Nakshatras

This relationship is less of a relationship based on mutual understanding, love, companionship or trust and more of the ‘adrenaline rush in the moment’ which comes with trying something that feels dangerous and the excitement of going against norms, only to find out that Ardra is not someone Anuradha can transform with their love and kindness. Ardra does not know how to mix soft words and sex, making Anuradha feel completely unloved in the process.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 18/36, which is 50%.

Jyeshtha-Ardra Nakshatras

Ardra and Jyestha can react against each other due to their emotional wavelengths being different. They have different viewpoints and Jyestha often thinks on the brighter side of life while Ardra thinks of ‘what works’. Often what works for an Ardra, doesn’t work for a Jyestha who isn’t willing to compromise on their views. In a love or romantic relationship, this is self-destructive.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 3/36, which is 8%.

Mula-Ardra Nakshatras

A relationship of Rahu and Ketu, this is a perfect relationship that you should definitely take forward. Keep communication open and trust each other blindly, you will never be disappointed.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 29/36, which is 77%.

Purva Ashada-Ardra Nakshatras

Ardra are highly imaginative and creative which blend well with Purva Ashada’s talent, colorful imagination and sense of beauty. Together they create something beautiful, powerful and super strong. Their relationship can be loving with the potential of stability and strength as time passes by. They inspire each other to think better, do better and be better. Excellent relationship!

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 29/36, which is 77%.

Uttara Ashada-Ardra Nakshatras

The relationship between Ardra and Uttara Ashada works like one between day and night. One’s significance and existence cannot be without the other. Their relationship gets deeper organically. They have a high compatibility despite Uttara Ashada being ruled by the Sun and Ardra by Rahu.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 23/36, which is 65%.

Shravana-Ardra Nakshatras

Shravana is an emotional constellation and sometimes we don’t understand why, when they know it, do they deliberately get involved in relationships where their emotions can be dismissed, which by the way, is their biggest need for fulfilment in relationships. Ardra can love Shravana a lot, but they can also be dismissive of their emotions which instantly disturbs their inner peace and can bring turmoil. If love, for Shravana, is defined by a good, healthy dose of emotional happiness then they should not get involved in something which is spiritually not fulfilling and unnecessarily complex.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 21/36, which is 66%.

Dhanishtha-Ardra Nakshatras

Immense lack of trust lies in the relationship of Dhanishta and Ardra. Both do not trust each-other; besides, Dhanishta sees Ardra as strong, analytical and unnecessarily dissatisfied with life, and doesn’t view their emotions in the process. This leads to a very tiring and disturbing relationship.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 18/36, which is 50%.

Shatabhisha-Ardra Nakshatras

An emotionally barren relationship exists between Ardra and Shatabhisha. Ardra is emotionally complex and Shatabhisha doesn’t have any interest in understanding or delving deep into their own emotional nature; more so, they find it a waste of time sometimes. Shatabhisha has the habit of escapism for understanding their own self through materialistic pursuits. Both are uncomfortable to ever sit with their emotions. If your goals match, it may work out, but the relationship will always be devoid of any emotions at all.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 11/36, which is 33%.

Purva Bhadrapada-Ardra Nakshatras

Purva Bhadrapada finds Ardra intellectually stimulating, but Ardra can hide their truth from them seamlessly. This makes Purva Bhadrapada feel like Ardra can do no wrong, however, once they find out Ardra’s truth, Purva Bhadrapada finds it hard to forgive them and will behave like nothing is wrong and everything is jolly, which itself is a façade. Watch out for the brewing negativity.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 17/36, which is 48%.

Uttara Bhadrapada-Ardra Nakshatras

Ardra behaves in a dissatisfied manner in life and are spiritually complex. Uttara Bhadrapada’s calmness can help them come to terms with their restlessness and deal with it the right way. The love is healthy and strong, and Uttara Bhadrapada conveys to Ardra that sexual fidelity is important to them and Ardra honors that wish.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 26/36, which is 72%.

Revati-Ardra Nakshatras

Revati might seem interesting due to their views on life, but it might be best for Ardra not to pursue this relationship. Ardra is analytical and Revati is very spiritual, plus they have different life perspectives.

Total compatibility (guna) between you both is 11/36, which is 33%.


Some Interesting Facts About Ardra Nakshatra

  Translation   "The Moist One", "Fresh", "Green"
  Symbol   Teardrop Diamond
  Animal Symbol   Female Dog
  Presiding Deity   Rudra, the God of Storms and Destruction
  Controlling/Ruling Planet   Rahu
  Ruling Deity of Venus   Durga
  The 4 Quarters of Bharani Nakshatra  
  1st quarter   Ruled by Jupiter
  2nd quarter   Ruled by Saturn
  3rd quarter   Ruled by Saturn
  4th quarter   Ruled by Jupiter
  Nature   Manushya (Human)
  Mode   Balanced
  Number   6
  Gender   Female
  Dosha   Vata
  Guna   Tamasic
  Element   Water
  Disposition   Sharp and Forceful (Tikshna)
  Bird   Andril
  Common Name of the Tree   Long Pepper
  Botanical Name of the Tree   Piper longum
  Seed Sounds   Ku, Gha, Nga, Jha


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