Purva Ashada Nakshatra

(Moon Sign Based)

Purva Ashada belongs to the Sagittarius zodiac sign & is ruled by Venus. They have a natural artistic bend of mind as well as quite attractive personas. They are good debaters & it’s hard to win an argument against their logic & reasoning. They are well-educated & leave a legacy in whichever field they choose.

Purva Ashada Constellation- Personality & Traits


Purva Ashada is a constellation which resembles a person with a great personality. It spans across 13:20 – 26:40 degrees in Sagittarius. This feature stands out above all. These people speak with conviction and persuasion and are extremely good debaters who will beat you with logic and reasoning. To double that up, they have attractive physical features that get attention. They are tall, slim, have bright eyes, a charming smile and long hands which they use to express themselves while speaking. All this together makes them one who can keep your attention hooked. They can influence a huge audience in real-time.

They are empathetic, soft-spoken, kind and detest show-off and hypocrisy. Purva Ashada are artistically and academically inclined and this is a constellation which pursues higher education. They are good in their choice of profession and attain popularity between the ages 32-50. They are truthful and God-fearing and will never take someone else’s credit or stop else’s success. They have high regards for hard work and dedication, in general.

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Career in 2024

Career will be progressive and you will see expected growth. You will find new platforms and be able to explore new horizons to perform better and draw expected increment.

But there will be sudden changes in your plans and workload in the last four months of the year under the influence of retrograde Saturn and Jupiter, which will force you to come out of your comfort zone.

There can be challenges due to backlogs and lack of emotional support, as indicated by the transit of Mars and Rahu during April to June and in the last quarter of 2024. Miscommunication and fraud can create challenges and hurdles in executing the work plan on time.

Meanwhile, there will be support from elders and seniors, especially in the last quarter of 2024, but you will need to adopt a down to earth approach.
Relationships in 2024

There are good chances of finding the exact match if you are planning to get married or get into a relationship this year.

You can expect positive times with your partner/spouse, although in marital life, family and work responsibility in April and the last quarter of 2024 may act as hurdles in committing to your partner/spouse, which can cause challenges.

Communication gap during the months of April, May and September under the influence of Mercury, Ketu and Venus can impact your love/marital relationship.

You might feel restricted or face challenges in expressing your love during the retrograde period of Saturn, i.e., during July to September. This needs to be handled with caution and a down-to-earth approach.

Finance in 2024

Financially this year is going to be fruitful. Expected results will come your way in terms of money and savings, as indicated by the progressive movement of Jupiter. You will be inclined towards investment and savings. There will be a positive result in terms of wealth accumulation or property related matters during February to the third week of April.

There will also be some unplanned expenditure during June-September and August-September, under the influence of Venus, Ketu and Saturn – which will impact your wealth, asset and luck in terms of financial gain.

Health in 2024

Pay attention to health in 2024. There can be challenges due to ignorance or sudden health issues can appear due to aggression and workload.

Suggestions to make your 2024 great:

Pay attention to health and asset related matters; avoid major changes in your plan to keep challenges as bay.


Key Purva Ashada Traits

This nakshatra is also known as ‘Early Invincible One’ which means who cannot be defeated right from the beginning until the end.

Elephant tusk as a symbol of Purva Ashada Nakshatra signifies strength and financial gains. It also symbolizes removal of obstacles and people born in this Nakshatra enjoy a good amount of wealth and luxury in their life. A handheld fan symbolizes fanning a fire, which indicates keeping passions alive or to keeping things going. It is also a symbol of luxury as it is used as a decorative item in some cultures. A winnowing basket signifies shedding or removing the unnecessary and people born in this Nakshatra have the ability to discern and prioritize things in life.

  • Those with Purva Ashada as their Ascendent look nice, to put it simply. They are tall, slim, have long arms, white teeth and bright eyes. Their attractiveness multiplies by not just how they look but also what comes out of their mouths. They speak with great persuasion which increases their attractiveness quotient.
  • Purva Ashada are intelligent, good at debates, can defeat you with their logic and oratory skills, and have strong personas which make heads turn in a crowd of millions.
  • They have an adventurous and exploratory spirit which expands their mind by exploring various subjects, societies and places.
  • They are not easily affected by adverse life situations and deal with it themselves with poise. A second person might not know if they’re in the middle of a personal havoc or process of breakthrough.
  • They are fearless and disruptive about their goals, mostly materialistic, which they go after at a lightning-fast speed.

Career & Professional Affinity

  • Sales, Marketing, Public Relations are the fields which suit them best given their expertise in speech and convincing powers along with great looks.
  • The first choice for Purva Ashada is to become a Doctor. But they are also suitable for other professions since they are naturally academically inclined and generally well-educated.
  • The ladies of this nakshatra possess good education and are seen to pursue a profession in teaching or banking.

Family & Finance

  • Purva Ashada are blessed with a happy married life, especially the females of this nakshatra who pursue and choose healthy relationships for themselves and have great emotional compatibility with their partner. Their love grows with time. However, children might create some issues vis-a-vis adjustments.
  • Men in this nakshatra have a good conjugal life as well and they are more inclined towards their in-laws than their own parents. The man might have some on and off tiffs with his wife, but it gets easily resolved.
  • Financially sound, this nakshatra doesn’t have many issues with wealth as they are generally great in their field, with a stable and sound income. Both men and women of this nakshatra are financially well-off. The men do not get many benefits from family or inheritances, he gets his stability from his own efforts.

Important Years for Purva Ashada

The most important years for Purva Ashada are 32 to 50 years of age, before which their finances and career are slightly unstable; but during this time they experience maximum growth and reap the benefits of their hard work. These years also shape their career extra-ordinarily well.

The Ruling Planet of Purva Ashada Nakshatra (Graha Devta): Venus

The Ruling Planet for Purva Ashada Nakshatra is Venus which makes people of this Nakshatra polite, wealthy, easy-going and joyful. They are highly philosophical and inclined towards charity. If Venus is prominently placed in the birth chart, the person of this Nakshatra shall be highly fond of luxury and the finer things of life.

Energy Source of Purva Ashada Nakshatra (Adhi Devta): Apah

The Adhi Devta of Purva Ashada Nakshatra is Apah. Apah is the wife of Varuna, the Sea God. People born in this Nakshatra are beautiful, mysterious and freedom loving. They possess eloquent speech, good oratory skills and have an enduring nature. They have good skills in classical music and are usually successful in careers related to music and singing.

Gender for Purva Ashada: Female

The gender of Purva Ashada Nakshatra is female, and people of this Nakshatra are very pure hearted and truthful and like to take care of others. They are compassionate, patient and faithful in relationships. They are highly imaginative and gain success due to their creativity.

Ayurveda or Medicinal Traits of Purva Ashada: Pitta

Dosha represents which type of disease will affect the people born in a Nakshatra. Purva Ashada Nakshatra is dominated by Pitta. Pitta represents the metabolism in the body and is responsible for transformation of food and water into energy through digestion. The people of this Nakshatra might be obstinate, argumentative and not very open to advice.

Natural Instinct of Purva Ashada

Purva Ashada belongs to Vanar Yoni or the female monkey. They are different from all others. Frolicking around and sometimes too curious. Their partner needs to appease them to get involved sexually. Gifts, romantic gestures, flattery – they want it all, else they don’t get involved easily. Sex is pleasurable for not just them but their partner as well, and it is short-spanned but generally has a ‘happy ending’. In generic terms, people belonging to this yoni are mischievous, but their philosophical side comes out in latter stages of life.

Broad Instinct of Purva Ashada

In Indian philosophy, there are three Gunas, known as - Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. These are known as the three processes that build a successful life. The Guna of Purva Ashada Nakshatra is Rajas which makes them inclined towards art, beauty and fashion. However, at times, they might be proud, overindulgent and pompous.

Broad Nature of Purva Ashada

There are three Gana or basic instinct type that a person belongs to which frame out outlook, reactions and attitude towards life. These are Dev Gana, Manushya Gana and Rakshasa Gana.

Purva Ashada belongs to the Manushya Gana. They are characterized by neither being diplomatic as Dev Gana, nor being perceptive as Rakshasa Gana. They are of moderate behavior such as driven by impulses, energetic, work-oriented and with normal human biases and tendencies. They take things on face-value.

Purva Ashada Element: Air

Purva Ashada Nakshatra is governed by the Air element. This Nakshatra is intellectual and idealistic and loves to express ideas. People born in Purva Ashada have a wandering side to them and love to be connected with Nature.

First Letter For Naming Purva Ashada Nakshatra Born Baby - Bu, Da, Bha, Dha.

The first letter of the name produces a vibration, which is connected with the individual, as per the Vedas. It is advisable to choose a name with the letter that creates harmony between the human and the Universe, so that the they get every happiness and success, promised in the birth chart. This is akin to us coming in the network coverage area of the Nakshatra we are born under, and thus getting a proper signal from it, which helps us rejuvenate and connect better with the world.

Purva Ashada Constellation Compatibility with Other Constellations

Depending upon characteristics of each constellation (nakshatra), find out the best match for Purva Ashada and their compatibility with each constellation.

Ashwini-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Talk about healthy levels of self-confidence, and you know it’s a Purva Ashada individual. Purva Ashada is pleasant, love the concept of love and understand it too and have an eye for beauty. They see beauty in the most hopeless of things. They don’t care if someone likes them or not, if they like something in a person, they will charmingly let them know of their positives. This makes them a clean in mind. Purva Ashada chooses Ashwini. And they will love you. Purva Ashada is passionate and romantic, and it works well for Ashwini who deal with a fear of rejection.

Total matching points (guna) between you both is 27/36 which is 75%.

Bharani-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Purva Ashada is a sign which needs spirituality more than sensuousness. Their mentalities differ and therefore, Purva Ashada may feel let down. Purva Ashada may try to fulfill you sensually but that’s not all that they want. Spiritual ascension stands first on the priority list.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 21/36, which is 51%.

Krittika-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

An extremely insecure relationship where Purva Ashada loves fun and thrill in the bedroom in experimental ways which do not go well with Krittika, considering they’re shy and Purva Ashada are always excited about sexual exploration. Krittika never feels comfortable enough to open up to them and might walk away before Purva Ashada does just because of their premonitions that perhaps Purva Ashada will, so to avoid that situation, Krittika initiates it first.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 9/36, which is 25%.

Rohini-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

‘Purva Ashada’ and ‘emotions’ don’t go very well together, at least not with a Rohini. Rohini is an over-emotional crybaby who cries even at movies. Such level of emotions is unrelatable and hard to handle for Purva Ashada. If Rohini starts expecting their romance and emotional depth to be fulfilled by Purva Ashada, they’ll find reasons to leave. Check your overall compatibility along with Moon sign compatibility for a better understanding.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 18/36, which is 48%.

Mrigashirsha-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Do you realize the baggage that comes from sexual escapades and unhealthy passions? That’s what Purva Ashada and Mrigashira share. They are connected by sex and passion, not thought or emotions. This relationship will start with sex and end quickly leaving both aching for ‘happy times’ which apart from the sex, never existed.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 20/36, which is 55%.

Ardra-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Ardra are highly imaginative and creative which blends well with Purva Ashada’s talent, colorful imagination and sense of beauty. Together they create something beautiful, powerful and super strong. Their relationship can be loving with the potential of stability and strength as time passes by. They inspire each other to think better, do better and be better. Excellent relationship!

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 29/36, which is a 77%.

Punarvasu-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Purva Ashada and Punarvasu have shared interests and common goals. They both love adventure and can create a healthy relationship together. Punarvasu is attached to Purva Ashada emotionally; however, they know when to not let too many emotions bog the relationship down. This creates a healthy space. However, Punarvasu’s habit of giving advice all the time can get irritating for Purva Ashada as they want a lover, more than a guide.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 11/36, which is a 58%.

Pushya-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

You don’t understand each other. Ideally Pushya being expansive in thoughts should be able to accommodate Purva Ashada, But unfortunately, they don’t. Purva Ashada is like the monkey which jumps from one branch to another and goes all over the place. It works for them, but that doesn’t work for Pushya. Pushya’s style of live is expanding in all horizons uniformly which is atypical to Purva Ashada’s. their field of thoughts are different and mismatched.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 11/36, which is a 58%.

Ashlesha-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Purva Ashada’s optimism doesn’t go well with Ashlesha. They can’t seem to understand how Purva Ashada can just change their views or have philosophies without going through pain and angst like Ashlesha did. This can make Ashlesha jealous of them. They can be good friends, but we’re not sure if love needs to harbor any kind of jealousy as such.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 14/36, which is a 42%.

Magha-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Purva Ashada are creative and talented which attracts Magha and sex is fun with them, however Magha soon forgets the reason why they’re with Purva Ashada when they focus too much on their need for sexual fulfilment and Purva Ashada might just be more secure and happier with some space to themselves making them feel rejected.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 18/36, which is a 50%,

Purva Phalguni-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Purva Ashada is more on the spiritual side while Purva Phalguni is more inclined towards the social and materialistic side. They both have different viewpoints and priorities which can create a fallout depending upon how much each is willing to compromise or not.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 18/36, which is a 50%,

Uttara Phalguni-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

When Uttara Phalguni meets Purva Ashada, they are instantly touched. They get attached by their souls and love each other for who they are. Uttara Phalguni and Purva Ashada can fill each-other’s incomplete canvases with colors that bring happiness, joy, security and sensitivity. They love each other, especially Purva Ashada loves Uttara Phalguni in a way they love few people.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 28/36, which is a 74%.

Hasta-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

How can someone love you the way Purva Ashada does? They love Hasta with empathy and kindness and with a patience and scope for creativity required to develop themselves as they want. Hasta fills their relationship with Purva Ashada with the colors they desire, the insecurities they wish to get over, the emotions they want to cry out and erase all sorrows. And Purva Ashada is here for Hasta whole-heartedly. This makes the relationship beautiful and unconditional.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 29/36, which is a 76%.

Chitra-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Another Mars- Venus combination. Purva Ashada are creative and colorful yet completely wrong for Chitra. The only thing that works here is the passion which starts off the relationship and that dies away as neither of you wish to know the other and are just not interested. The breakup happens soon after the sex past dissipates.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 12/36, which is a 36%.

Swati-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Swati is an ocean of creativity and ideas which actually work in the real world. By that we mean, they don’t speak in the air, they will make sure their ideas go exactly as far as they want it to, and they generally don’t put their head into something until they know it will be extremely successful. Purva Ashada is another similar constellation with similar traits. Both of them can bring out the best in each other by not just suggesting, but following through the ideas for a positive growth. This will create strong ties which are also healthy and take the relationship forward seamlessly for the correct reasons. The potential for a very good relationship lies here.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 28/36, which is a 75%.

Vishakha-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Lack of attention and equal partnership will be the reason why this relationship dies out. Vishakha finds Purva Ashada exciting and sensual but in reality it also takes you away from your spiritual quest.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a13/36, which is a 35%.

Anuradha-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Anuradha likes the charm and creativity of Purva Ashada but when it comes to spiritual love and union, they might not be who you think they are. Do not straight-away jump to love, develop a friendship first. They are not committed to you and have no plans on the same.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 12/36, which is a 36%.

Jyeshtha-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Meeting on the crossroads while on different journeys. Purva Ashada is likely to have many things which can distract them while you expect a relationship to be ‘just the two of you’ with ample times of togetherness which might not be possible in this case. You both get attracted on the sensual level, but other things might be of stark difference unless Jyestha learns to not be too possessive.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 15/36, which is a 44%.

Mula-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Purva Ashada and Mula have a lot of things which interest each other such as spirituality, their physical connection and genera perception. What’s best is that Mula and Purva Ashada are aware and have accepted that this will never become anything further into a full-fledged commitment, and the feeling is mutual from both sides. This makes it easy for them to be together with ‘no strings attached’.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 28/36, which is a 75%.

Purva Ashada-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

The compatibility between two Moon signs is always pretty high and they have the same goals, ambitions, ideologies and interests in life. There is a high chance they both bring out the best in each other and things just become good to better once they get together. Two Purva Ashada individuals together means common goals and amazing levels of creativity without having different directions or field of thoughts, this also means they have the same love language, and they understand each other without words. Two Moon signs can always have the potential to get things complicated, But since this is a positive constellation mostly, the chances are slim.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 28/36, which is a 75%.

Uttara Ashada-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

The relationship between a Purva Ashada and Uttara Ashada is one of growth and empowerment along with romance and love. Uttara Ashada helps to take Purva Ashada’s spiritual quest a bit further, and Purva Ashada loves to communicate with who Uttara Ashada really is inside. They encourage them to come out of their shell, and Uttara Ashada surprisingly feels comfortable, at least with Purva Ashada, if not with everyone. The relationship of these both is very profound which is why Purva Ashada is comfortable with Uttara Ashada’s quietness as well, like an unspoken understanding.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 29/36, which is a 77%.

Shravana-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Shravana are your best sexual partner, but what the relationship may lack is- romance. Remember, Shravana wants stability and Purva Ashada wants their company, majorly. Purva Ashada should romance Shraavana endearingly and build the relationship with love and honest affection, not just sex, which can make this a long-term, or so we hope!

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 21/36, which is a 61%.

Dhanishtha-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

The romantic association of a Dhanishta and Purva Ashada is that of Mars-Venus. This type of relationship is characterized by a strong sexual attraction which dies out soon after. The relationship doesn’t have anything as such and sometimes, one may wonder why were you even attracted to such a person especially in times of arguments. Purva Ashada might believe that they liked Dhanishta due to their kind personality but later, only arrogance and rude behavior is seen making them accuse Dhanishta that they attracted them by a pretense.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 9/36, which is a 26%.

Shatabhisha-Purva Ashada

Purva Ashada and Shatabhisha have an easy-going relationship. There is no one trying to control the other. They like each other’s company and unconventional thinking. Shatabhisha likes to keep their space and not let their secrets out and Purva Ashada lets them believe that they don’t understand Shatabhisha as much as they actually do. The relationship flows easily and securely.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 23/36, which is a 64%.

Purva Bhadrapada-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Purva Ashada and Purva Bhadrapada are both on a journey of self-discovery; if they make each other their destination they can keep the relationship alive. Purva Ashada loves Purva Bhadrapada even when they are being selfish. You never have time to pay them your full attention; this keeps them keen and interested.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 24/36, which is a 66%.

Uttara Bhadrapada-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Uttara Bhadrapada is good match for Purva Ashada. They will not only love Purva Ashada and admire them but also guide you when required. Uttara Bhadrapada do not change for Purva Ashada, instead they are a constant in Purva Ashada’s life, a pillar of strength for them. Uttara Bhadrapada loves Purva Ashada more than Purva Asha Loves Uttara Bhadra, but they do not complain.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 21/36, which is a 61%.

Revati-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Revati loves Purva Ashada to the point where Purva Ashada can easily get addicted to them. Revati speaks to both sides of your personality- fun as well as serious. Revati loves to love you, and you love that too. Purva Ashada may stay longer than they generally would, simply because of this. The best part is that Revati doesn’t not try to hold anyone to themselves, which makes Purva Ashada stay by choice. Excellent!

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 31/36, which is a 83%.


Some Interesting Facts About Purva Nakshatra

  Translation   The Invincible one
  Symbol   Elephant tusk, fan, winnowing basket
  Animal Symbol   A male monkey
  Presiding Deity   Apas, the cosmic waters
  Controlling/Ruling Planet   Venus
  Ruling Deity of the Planet   Lakshmi
  The 4 Quarters of Purva AshadaNakshatra  
  1st quarter   Ruled by Sun
  2nd quarter   Ruled by Mercury
  3rd quarter   Ruled by Venus
  4th quarter   Ruled by Mars
  Nature   Manushya (human)
  Mode   Balanced
  Number   20
  Gender   Female
  Dosha   Pitta
  Guna   Rajasic
  Element   Air
  Disposition   Fierce and severe
  Bird   Francolin
  Common Name of the Tree   Netar
  Botanical Name of the Tree   Calamus rotang
  Seed Sounds   Bu, Da, Bha, Dha.


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