Mrigashira Nakshatra

(Moon Sign Based)

Mrigashira constellation is partly in Taurus and partly in Gemini. It resembles abundance of imagination, creativity and the search for enlightenment and ultimate joy.

Mrigashira Constellation - Personality & Traits


Imagine a beautiful deer wandering in a thick forest while pausing to look deeply into your eyes and jumping out of sight. This is the nature of a Mrigashira. This constellation spans from 23.20 degrees in Taurus up to 6.40 degrees in Gemini. They are the beautiful, golden deer wandering in deep, dark realms while you catch a sight of them.

They will chase or make you chase but ‘chase’ always relates as the trait of a Mrigashira. It will fascinate you, intrigue you but can never be held. It is like a dream which you see only to realize it as a fantasy in your waking reality. This is the essence of Mrigashira. Imagination, fantasy, search for the ethereal and pursuit of ultimate joy. Some have it, some never do.

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Key Mrigashira Traits

Mrigashira traits teach a person to have a dream and chase it. It teaches us to make it a reality by striving for it. But it also teaches us the difference between fantasy and action to make it real. For an underdog, fantasy can be having exceptional education or professional expertise and recognition, or becoming a world-renowned orator someday; reality is actually working for it to make it come true which makes the world know you as the underdog who made it big.

For example, someone who is the ‘usual’ or ‘normal’ becomes a fashion ensemble someday - Prada. Or a slum-dweller who gets a miracle-scholarship at Oxford. Mrigashira is the constellation which inspires you to chase a dream. It could have been the invention of a light bulb, or it could be movable homes built under water-submarines. Mrigashira tests your capability to imagine and make it come true.

To have a prominent Mrigashira in your chart, means to have Mrigashira traits in your everyday life.

  • What’s abnormal, unreachable to the majority, is normal, natural and obvious to a Mrigashira. It gives you the mind to think of the most impossible, most unthought of, and sometimes irrational of things and then makes you want to chase them and make it true, specifically in a world of creativity and intelligence combined.
  • There is a fine line between being an absolute fool and being a creative fool, the latter is the mark of intelligence. Mrigashira walks that line in style. It will be criticized by some, and upheld by some for their work and views.

Salman Rushdie is a shining example. He is not just an author but writes on seemingly controversial topics. His thoughts are controversial and provocative not because he makes it seem so, but because he makes it seem very normal, which disturbs the ‘socially-formed and accepted’ order of things.

He takes a speck of your imagination and brings it to light and speaks about them most clearly and imaginatively possible, which means the Mrigashira part of his personality shines through his works in an impeccably intriguing way opening possibilities in minds of others.

He has his Moon, Sun and Mercury conjunction in Mrigashira, in Gemini -significator of literary excellence, which means his career (Sun), his mind (Moon) and his intelligence (Mercury) are in harmony with each other, along with a Mars in Kendra which shows excellence in work areas, making him a world-renowned author.

  • People born under prominent Mrigashira can come off as ‘unorderly’ to others. For them though, it’s normal because they don’t think ‘outside the box’, they don’t care where the box is.
  • They might surprise and scare their parents as kids because of their thoughts. Their parents would know this kid needs a different type of upbringing as their thoughts differ from other children. They might showcase creative excellence at a very early age, creating different forms of music or art or literary pieces which don’t co-relate with their age.

Career & Profession

  • The learners as the Mrigashira Nakshatra born people are, they would make good artists, singers, writers, authors, poets, philosophy experts, painters, deal with the fields of agriculture, farming, forestry, land development, surveying, etc.
  • They would love the jobs that associate them with a lot of exploration and travelling, and let them do business related to machineries and electronics as well.
  • They would make good sales representatives, astrologers, teachers, administrators, and do well in the advertising, media, fashion, textile, and broadcast industry, apart from doing well with occupations related to pets.

Marriage and Finance

  • Mrigashira are known to have uncommon marriages.
  • They are likely to elope, or not have traditional marriages.
  • They could also have marriage with people from far-away places since Mrigashira resembles going to far-off places to settle.
  • They are devoted but can be critical of their partners.
  • Financially, these are satisfied people, who give good advices financially, if they are into finance advisory services, they are bound to do good.
  • They get financially stable in their 30s.

Important Years for Mrigashira

  • 33 to 55 are the best periods for a Mrigashira financially.
  • Professionally, their best time starts at the age of 32.
  • They are known to have unconventional marriages so the period might range from late 20s and after.


Ruling Planet of Mrigashira (Graha Devta): Mars

The ownership of the Mrigashira constellation, as per Vedic Astrology, is the planet Mars. Mars will give the ability to participate in every work and the energy to do research, is given by Mars. The people of this Nakshatra would be good at debates, and win arguments keeping valid points. Mrigashira has the quality of Venus and Mercury, so the person will be good at arts, music, mathematics, and philosophy. They would love playing with children.

The Energy Source of Mrigashira Nakshatra (Adhi Devta) : Soma

Soma is the known as the Elixir of Immortality. Only the Gods are capable of drinking this Elixir, and the Moon is known as its storehouse. The unique message hidden here that the Mrigashira people have to decode, is to appreciate Soma , the elixir, as a symbol of good thoughts that help us rectify mistakes and purify ourselves. Moon is the significator of the mind, and helps us rejuvenate our minds and know its inner desires. The ability to taken in the elixir was only in the hands of God, and this was so as Demons had negativity in their thoughts. This is exactly what the Mrigashira people do not have; and that is negativity within them. People of this Nakshatra are very capable of understanding others’ feelings, and are good at maintaining a good romantic relationship/s.

Gender for Mrigashira: Neuter

The Gender of any Nakshatra is used in Vedic Astrology for matchmaking, but if we deeply analyze, we will realize that gender signifies our mental inclination towards the materialistic things and how we manipulate challenges for survival. Being of the neuter gender, Mrigashira Nakshatra would be able to balance any kind of trying situation that comes their way.

Ayurveda or Medicinal Traits: Pitta

Dosha represents which type of disease will affect the native. Pitta represents the metabolism in the body. Based on the Mrigashira Nakshatra, Pitta has the characteristic of the transformation of food and water into energy through digestion. Taking cold food which like fruits, yogurt, fresh vegetables, would be good for them.

Natural instinct of Mrigashira

Natural instincts of a constellation tells us about their romantic and sexual disposition as well as intellectual capabilities, which includes their reactions in certain situations which is denoted by their animal or yoni type.

Mrigashira belongs to the serpent yoni. They like to embrace their beloved and engage completely in the act of love-making or romance by trying to surround their partner with their presence. They are also very possessive as the snake doesn’t let go easily. Even if they do, their style of seduction is remembered for long. E.g.: Krishna and the Gopis, to whom he was unforgettable.

Broad Instinct of Mrigashira

In Indian philosophy, there are three Gunas, known as Sattwa, Rajas, and Tamas, which make our lives successful. Mrigashira nakshatra has the Tamasic guna which makes the person short-tempered, having less faith in others, and building within an inferiority complex that might trouble themselves.

Broad Nature of Mrigashira

There are three Gana or basic instinct type that a person belongs to which frame our outlook, reactions and attitude towards life. These are Dev Gana, Manushya Gana and Rakshasa Gana.

Mrigashira belongs to Dev Gana, which is characterized by being diplomatic, socially sophisticated, and tactful. People belonging to Dev Gana are good in dealing with people in a suave manner and can sometimes be shrewd but only to deal with the situation at hand amicably. They are also into educational pursuits and self-development more than others.

Element: Earth

Firm determination is the quality for a person of the Mrigashira Nakshatra. However, if the Moon in the Mrigashira Nakshatra is afflicted by a malefic planet, they would have a stubborn behavior, which would cause relationship problems, financial losses in business, and breakage in their career.

First Letter of The Name For People Born Under Mrigashira Nakshatra: We, Wo, Ka, Ki

“Just like the Ragas in Indian Classical Music, the first letter of the name produces a vibration which is connected with the native.” A rightful name that creates harmony between the human and the Universe, so that the person gets all happiness and success, which is promised in his birth chart, is essential for everyone, as per the Nakshatra he/she is born under.

Mrigashira Constellation Compatibility with Other Constellations

Depending upon characteristics of each constellation (nakshatra), find out the best match for Mrigashira and their compatibility with each constellation.

Mrigashira-Aswini Nakshatras

Mrigashira is everything Ashwini would look for in a partner, yet not everything Ashwini needs. Mrigashira is intelligent and has superb observation skills which gets to the very intention of things, events, people and issues. Mrigashira also understands Ashwini’s needs and desires almost subconsciously and knows how to fulfill them to make Aswini feel loved and wanted. However, Mrigashira is possessive by nature and do not like confused individuals like Aswini who could be ‘all over the place’ and Ashwini happens to be impulsive. Mrigashira may leave Ashwini to make their errors because Ashwini may not take their suggestion. The ‘I told you so’ look on Mrigashira’s face after Ashwini makes a mistake might not go well with them.

Temperamental compatibility (Guna) between you both is 15/36 which is about 32%.

Mrigashira-Bharani Nakshatras

The girl/boy at the pub you locked eyes with and ended up in bed soon after-typical story of a one-night stand and burning passion for a night. That describes how the affair between a Bharani and Mrigashira starts off. There is nothing further to hold them both together. However, once the intoxicating passions dies out, they discover their intellectual, critical side and their thought-process which may keep them hooked.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 15/36, which is 41%.

Mrigashira-Krittika Nakshatras

Krittika and Mrigashira is the kind of high-school/college couple who has a crush on each other but tries to impress the other with their intelligence, mostly vocally. They will sit and have an amusing debate over topics for hours making the audience swooned. But neither will make the first move and annoy their friends regarding this in the process. Waiting does make things sweeter, but sometimes too much waiting isn’t the best relationship idea.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 24/36, which is 66%.

Mrigashira-Rohini Nakshatras

A beautiful and fulfilling relationship awaits when Rohini meets Mrigashira. They can be the best of friends inspiring each other in life and amazing, fulfilling lovers with exciting times together. Their relationship moves forward organically and effortlessly. Any sort of effort required is only to deal with life together with strength and resilience which they provide each other abundantly with trust, love and respect. Mrigashira is dynamic with a good world view but when intimacy is concerned, Rohini takes the lead and Mrigashira whole-heartedly dives in. Awesome!

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 32/36, which is an 88%.

Mrigashira-Mrigashira Nakshatras

Mrigashira and Mrigashira will either love each other like no tomorrow or eat each other’s heads off, there’s no in-between. They’re both so similar that it’s a union of growth, shared accomplishments and lots of awesome sex, being from the same ‘yoni’ or sexual behavior. Satisfaction on all levels is assured. They also mentally stimulate each other, but when it comes to more important things like-what’s for dinner tonight, watch them take an eternity to find a middle ground. This will be an everyday situation in a Mrigashira-Mrigashira household.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 25/36, which is an 69%.

Mrigashira-Ardra Nakshatras

Ardra is the best person to talk about relationships with. They actually love the fact that Mrigashira analyzes relationships accurately beforehand. In romantic partnership, it works well. They are both bright in mind and can contribute to each other’s growth intellectually and match on many levels. It’s a fulfilling relationship no matter from which angle you look at it. This is also the birth stars of Sati & Rudra or Parvati & Shiva.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 30/36, which is an 83%.

Mrigashira-Punarvasu Nakshatras

Mrigashira finds Punarvasu sexy. Punarvasu is wise and like to talk about things they have learn through life from a place of experience which is far and wide. Mrigashira loves this and gets involved. There’s not a single boring moment as they love to debate and discuss on various topics. They are both sensuous and tactile which makes them great on the sexual plane as well. Mrigashira need to be the mentor here for once and teach Punarvasu that love & commitment go together. Punarvasu wouldn’t mind it.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 17/36, which is an 47%.

Mrigashira-Pushya Nakshatras

Pushya brings out the mirror for Mrigashira and they don’t really like it. Pushya will give you the truth without sugarcoating but will try to be assertive yet soft. This may make Mrigashira feel critical of themselves, despite being so intelligent and satisfied within themselves. Why start a turmoil if you can’t handle it, right? Well, it brings growth, but not everyone can take it at all times, and we understand.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 17/36, which is an 47%.

Mrigashira-Ashlesha Nakshatras

Mrigashira is an intellectual who belongs to the serpent yoni, while Ashlesha is the serpent itself. They both present each other a façade of who they are. This might seem exciting but in reality can let them both down to no extend. There is mistrust, insecurity and dishonesty in this relationship.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 15/36, which is an 42%.

Mrigashira-Magha Nakshatras

Magha can be in a relationship while having sex with 5 other people and no one finds out. They think everyone is the same. Mrigashira cannot be in a causal relationship ever. While Magha may agree to be in a relationship commitment, sexual commitment will never be a parameter within the dynamics. What that means is that Magha would like to have sex with any and every one they find attractive or lustful of, without any second thoughts irrespective of being in a relationship. Mrigashira disapproves of it, obviously.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 15/36, which is an 48%.

Mrigashira-Purva Phalguni Nakshatras

People consider Mars & Venus a strong sexual partnership mostly in Vedic Astrology. While Jupiter is considered family life along with love. This connection of Mrigashira and Purva Phalguni is one of Mars and Venus, strong sexual attraction but when family and responsibilities come into the equation, things get difficult. This makes Mrigashira feel dejected.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 18/36, which is an 52%.

Mrigashira-Uttara Phalguni Nakshatras

A suitable relationship for Mrigashira and Uttara Phalguni. Mrigashira likes the sunny warmth of Uttara Phalguni and their sexual strength. Mrigashira will always be interested and comfortable within the relationship dynamics. Mrigashira’s wits keep them interested and Uttara Phalguni stays loyal by choice to Mrigashira, thereby living up to their idea of commitment and love.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 27/36, which is an 75%.

Mrigashira-Hasta Nakshatras

Mrigashira loves the earthiness of Hasta and their sensitivity. Hasta knows when to be sophisticated and social and hides its emotional insecurities well. It is Mrigashira with whom they open up like never before. Mrigashira ‘gets’ them and pampers them enough to let go of insecurities while Hasta loves them silently but with assurance. There is no room for doubts in this relationship, they love each other enough to trust as well.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 31/36, which is an 86%.

Mrigashira-Chitra Nakshatras

Chitra hates criticism and doesn’t believe in constructive criticism at all. The word doesn’t exist for them. Mrigashira can give Chitra doses of it. Mrigashira and Chitra have so much in common yet, Chitra has one huge difference. Mrigashira feels committed to the one they love and attach all their relationship ideals to that one person. They never break the code of loyalty, while Chitra is non-committal. Mrigashira doesn’t understand how people can be in casual relationships or one-night stands or love someone yet be afraid of committing. This relationship becomes full of drama after a point.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 12/36, which is an 33%.

Mrigashira-Swati Nakshatras

Intellect meets directness in a relationship between Mrigashira and Swati. Mrigashira loves the fact that there’s someone who shares the same intellectual level as them and they have someone to talk about things which interest them. Swati will charm Mrigashira to go out with them as well. When it comes to sex, Swati speaks about it from the same place as any other subject, which ideally is a very impressive thing. Swati don’t attach any kind of sleaze or look at sex from a place of shame at all, in fact, it’s so important to not make these discussions a taboo. However, the only thing that doesn’t go well here is Mrigashira’s inability to decide quickly. Mrigashira takes too much time to decide which will make Swati move away.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 26/36, which is an 72%.

Mrigashira-Vishakha Nakshatras

Mrigashira can seem nagging to a Vishakha who believes they’re fine just the way they are. What these both fail to realize is that its not necessary that just because you’re good friends, you can be good lovers as well. The amalgamation of perfect lover cum friendship at the same time is not bestowed upon everyone. Mrigashira’s expectations can change and Vishakha might look at the relationship the same way as they did before. This creates a commotion and what seemed fine can get distorted long run.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 18/36, which is an 50%.

Mrigashira-Anuradha Nakshatras

Anuradha is someone who’s deeply romantic with a completely different idea of love and romance. Mrigashira may get intrigued, we get it. But why do they have to make Anuradha feel uncomfortable about it? Anuradha are private about their romantic life simply because it’s a different idea of romance and doesn’t include the norm. This whole trying to analyze romance instead of ‘feeling’ it that Mrigashira does, will make Anuradha put the shutters of their heart down until they can’t get anywhere with Anuradha.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 16/36, which is an 44%.

Mrigashira-Jyeshtha Nakshatras

Mrigashira is as vocal as it can get and also as argumentative. Jyestha feels threatened by this because why do they need Mrigashira to make sense of their spirituality? Jyestha is quite by nature and tends to feel things on a deeper level rather than arguing about it. Mrigashira just can’t let them be. They may enjoy their word play and complex philosophies, but Mrigashira feels cheated when this ‘vocal’ constellation is outsmarted by the otherwise always quiet Jyestha, creating some disturbance.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 22/36, which is an 61%.

Mrigashira-Mula Nakshatras

Emotionally and intellectually incompatible. Mula won’t talk about Mrigashira’s issues and the more they speak of it, the more disturbance is created. Each has enough disdain for another to never get involved at all.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 14/36, which is an 38%.

Mrigashira-Purva Ashada Nakshatras

Do you realize the baggage that comes from sexual escapades and unhealthy passions? That’s what Purva Ashada and Mrigashira share. They are connected by sex and passion, not thoughts or emotions. This relationship will start with sex and end quickly leaving both aching for ‘happy times’ which apart from the sex, never existed.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 20/36, which is 55%.

Mrigashira-Uttara Ashada Nakshatras

Trust is a beautiful word; can it be built between you both? We hope. Take a closer look at your birth charts. If your horoscopes match, we can say a yes. Else, it’s not an easy relationship as Mrigashira loves to explore sex in a relationship and Uttara Ashada is introverted.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 15/36, which is 45%.

Mrigashira-Shravana Nakshatras

Shravana is sensitive, and they don’t appreciate that Mrigashira overanalyzes them. Mrigashira should explain Shravana that it is innately built in them to analyze things, and they’re not doing it to put Shravana down. It is also because Shravana are sometimes hot and cold, which confuses Mrigashira. Shravana will appreciate Mrigashira for their honesty and will connect more.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 20/36, which is 55%.

Mrigashira-Dhanishtha Nakshatras

Dhanista might not respect Mrigashira’s sensitivity or their need for intellectual ascension. Dhanista doesn’t understand the whole point of running after intellect or wisdom or even getting an education when you can just lavish around if you get the opportunity. This will obviously create disturbance as one loves educating themselves and other doesn’t see a point in that. Doesn’t work.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 15/36, which is an 42%.

Mrigashira-Shatabhisha Nakshatras

Mrigashira will look right through a Shatabhisha and know that they’re not addressing their spiritual or emotional issues. Shatabhisha is neither willing to work on them nor have any intentions of understanding it. This is frustrating not just for Mrigashira but the relationship as well, who considers self-work integral to avoid stagnancy in life. Shatabhisha thinks in a way which frustrates Mrigashira but also, lets Mrigashira understand that there can be a different perspective available.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 22/36, which is an 60%.

Mrigashira-Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatras

Mrigashira is intellectually vocal and Purva Bhadrapada loves PDA (Public display of affection). Privacy isn’t the norm in this relationship but you’re both fine with it. This relationship works.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 25/36, which is an 70%.

Mrigashira-Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatras

Mrigashira is explorative while Uttara Bhadrapada can rather live under a rock, if society permits. It’s not to say that they’re incompatible at all. They’re accommodating, especially Uttara Bhadrapada who’s okay with adventure and fun. Mrigashira needs to learn that from now on plans of fun should be made on two-ticket, not one. They might feel restricted y Uttara Bhadrapada but one cant and should be risky all the time, it’s for their best.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 17/36, which is an 47%.

Mrigashira-Revati Nakshatras

Revati is strong in their ideals and Mrigashira gets heavily attracted to this. Mrigashira is also very opinionated and calls ‘a spade a spade’. Revati hardly will ever be squeamish or offended about this. Revati is comfortable with truths, facts and confrontations, even about themselves. You will instead see them take those ideas, analyze it and work on them to become better. This makes Mrigashira feel respected and heard. They instantly become protective of Revati. The fact also is, that they are different to each other but due to Revati’s acceptance of differences and ability to co-exist or adapt to change, makes this relationship work rather wonderfully.

Total matching points (guna), between you both is a 27/36, which is an 75%.


Some Interesting Facts About Mrigashira Nakshatra

  Translation   "Deer’s Head" or "Benevolent"
  Symbol   Antelope’s head
  Animal Symbol   Female Serpent
  Presiding Deity   Soma, the Moon God
  Controlling/Ruling Planet   Mars
  Ruling Deity of Venus   Muruga
  The 4 Quarters of Bharani Nakshatra  
  1st quarter   Ruled by Sun
  2nd quarter   Ruled by Mercury
  3rd quarter   Ruled by Venus
  4th quarter   Ruled by Mars
  Nature   Devas (God-like)
  Mode   Passive
  Number   5
  Gender   Neutral
  Dosha   Pitta
  Guna   Tamasic
  Element   Earth
  Disposition   Soft, Mild, Tender (Mridu)
  Bird   Hen
  Common Name of the Tree   Khair tree/ Black Cutch tree
  Botanical Name of the Tree   Acacia catechu or Senegalia Catechu
  Seed Sounds   Ve, Vo, Ka, Kee


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