Jyeshtha Nakshatra

(Moon Sign Based)

Jyestha constellation belongs to the Scorpio zodiac sign, and it resembles femininity, wisdom, maturity and taking up responsibilities which come by being the ‘eldest’ or superior as it is considered as the ‘eldest one’ amongst all constellations.

Jyeshtha Constellation - Personality & Traits


Amongst the 27 nakshatras in Vedic Astrology the one that takes up the ‘maximum space’ in terms of size and structure is the Jyestha nakshatra, which completely belongs to the zodiac sign of Scorpio. It spans across 16.40 – 30 degrees in Scorpio. As the name denotes, Jyestha means the eldest one or the most brilliant one. This brilliance is also denoted by its luminosity in the sky, and in the middle of it lies the bright red star, signifying the heart of the scorpion, also known as Antares.

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2024 Horoscope for JYESHTHA NAKSHATRA

Career in 2024

Professional life will be progressive and successful, as indicated by 2024 horoscope. This will give you expected growth, success and increment. Things will be challenging in the third quarter of the year when Mars-Rahu and Mercury-Saturn energies will clash, causing disagreements with seniors and opposition for your opinion and suggestions.

Things will be challenging if you get stuck with emotional decisions – hence, better to proceed with a practical and wise approach. Also, around October-December, you may feel you are stuck in a stagnant situation in your carer or at work.

Relationships in 2024

You will have the support of your life partner, which will help you to take the necessary actions to draw expected success, professionally and personally.
There will be stability and happiness in your relationships in 2024. You will also find many positive changes and locality in your relationship from your spouse/partner’s end.

If you express your feelings for someone by extending a proposal in the first quarter of 2024, there will be a positive response from the person, under the influence of Jupiter.

The last quarter of 2024 will demand some patience and emotional strength to overcome the challenges that retrograde Mars and Jupiter can throw at your relationships.

Finance in 2024

Overall, this year, financially things will go easy. You will be able to execute your financial plan. Things can be challenging around the mid of 2024 due to retrograde Mercury and eclipse, which can cause sudden loss and unplanned expenses.

Investments in gold and the share market, with a calculated approach, will give expected return, as indicated by Jupiter and Saturn transits. There will be new sources of income from virtual platforms, under the influence of Rahu.

Health in 2024

Do pay attention to your health this year, generally. Keep track of your food habits and patterns because this is going to impact your health. Plus, muscle ache and fatigue due to workload can trouble you in March, April, October, and December.

Suggestion to make your 2024 great:

Be prudent financially around the mid of 2024 and pay attention to your health and relationships in the last quarter of the year.


Key Jyeshtha Traits

You might think the answer lies in the way they look or behave, but that’s not exactly the case.

  • The only way to find if someone could be a Jyestha Moon is that these are more often than not the eldest amongst all siblings. A Jyeshtha is never a middle born, or the youngest in the family.
  • Things that are marked by the Moon are- your maternal relationships, your compatibility is calculated majorly from your Moon with other Moons, and things which also mark important events like-being born as the eldest. Not every eldest born is a Jyestha, but majorly all Jyesthas are the eldest. That is the difference.
  • Jyesthas are people who may be gifted writers or dancers, however, in such a case, while they present their skills publicly in front of an audience, their private life is generally away from all noise, and they like to be secluded and not a part of the crowd where people see these qualities.
  • Jyesthas might suffer from a ‘superiority complex’ and wonder why everyone doesn’t have the same level of logic and common sense as they do, and make it very known. While there might be some truth to it, being facepalm in front of people when they do things which are below or lowly, will only aggravate the situation for them. They know this, and they still don’t keep their thoughts to themselves.

Career & Professional Affinity

  • Jyestha are known for their leadership skills and thereby take up roles which come with considerable responsibilities. They do well in their careers right from the beginning and aspire to achieve heights in their chosen field, with time. They make good Managers, and Entrepreneurs.
  • They are committed and focused. Jyestha stands for brilliance and analytical excellence. Their reasoning and debating skills are strong and conducting meetings and conferences with their colleagues is something which does not bring any sense of shyness within them as many others who could be knowledgeable but are conscious when it comes to explaining things on a center stage. This is a quality which Jyestha possesses, and others can learn from.
  • They strive to be the best or irreplaceable in any organization they work at, and generally when they leave, it takes some time to fill up that space which they made a room for.
  • They are artistic and passionate as well, which means they follow their heart when it comes to career and will whole-heartedly give themselves to it and thrive in that field long-term.
  • Jyesthas also get into the field of social entrepreneurship often working at established NGOs or establish NGOs of their own and build an entire ecosystem over how it should work.
  • Scorpios do well as detectives as their intuition is on-point and they are interested in mystery and unfolding the things that are hidden or being hid.
  • Modeling as a career also works, due to their confidence in public to present themselves well as well as their physical features which they know how to make stand out when they enter a room and make their presence felt.

Family & Finance

  • They are deeply feminine; therefore, they make naturally good parents and partners. The basic feminine traits for partnerships and parenting being- understanding, nurturing, loving, kindness, and along with the depth they possess, a very obvious maturity, more than their peers. Jyestha is a constellation which by nature, shoulders responsibilities of their family. They are the eldest, therefore, all the rules apply to them until they become parents and make the rules instead. The same rules don’t apply to their younger siblings.
  • A lot is expected out of them, and they are ‘supposed’ to follow through, which sometimes might get frustrating.
  • Moon in Jyestha shares a very interesting relationship with her mother who teaches her a lot about her own ideas of what it should or should not be like.
  • Finance for Jyesthas is never an issue as they generally start earning early on and like to be independent. They have a high taste and like to live a comfortable life and work for it.
  • Finance gets better from the age of 28.

Important Years for Jyeshtha

  • The formative years of Jyestha from their early childhood to their mid-twenties is where they are full of energy and intelligence to learn and grasp concepts easily and they hone major skills apart from academics. This constellation tries to be disruptive in any institute or environment they are in and learn and hone as many skills as they possibly can. It comes to Jyestha by the nature of their curious mind and questioning everything and having discussions with everyone.
  • 27-28 are the years when Jyestha begins the phase of stability in their personal and professional life and focus on keeping what they have learnt and using it to their best advantage. They most likely meet their soulmate at this age or marry their high-school sweetheart at this age. Their career which took steep rises until now starts getting gradual momentum instead of impulsive highs and lows and continues to grow from this point on.
  • 40 is the age post which stability becomes a part of their life in all areas. Their own family, an established career finds the much-awaited assurance of being a long-term fruits of labor beginning at40. What they make can be retained and prospered from this point on with lesser hassles.

The Ruling Planet of Jyeshtha Nakshatra (Graha Devta): Mercury

The Graha Devta or Ruling Planet for the Jyeshtha Nakshatra is Mercury, which imparts the people of this nakshatra wisdom, cleverness, wit and the ability to think logically and analytically. They are highly perceptive and intuitive and can do well as astrologers, occultists, tarot card readers and psychics. Mercury also gives creativity and good business skills to these natives.

The Energy Source of Jyeshtha Nakshatra (Adhi Devta): Indra

Indra was the King of Gods and a great warrior, as per Vedic mythology. However, due to his foolishness and uncontrolled desires, he always used to fall into trouble and lose his Kingdom. People born in Jyeshtha Nakshatra are able to attain power and authority at their workplace with their hard work and determination. However, if they are not able to keep their temper, ego and desires in check, they might have to face a lot troubles in life. The negative effects would be more pronounced in case, Moon in Jyeshtha Nakshatra is further afflicted by malefics.

Gender for Jyeshtha: Female

Gender of any Nakshatra is used in Vedic Astrology for matchmaking but if we deeply analyze this, we come to know a rather fascinating fact that the gender signifies our mental inclination towards material things and how we manipulate life’s challenges for our survival. The gender of Jyeshtha Nakshatra is Female, and the people born in this Nakshatra are empathic, intuitive, caring and generous. They are emotionally sensitive people and can go to any length to help and support the weak and vulnerable.

Your Natural Instincts

Jyeshtha belongs to the deer yoni. This yoni is characterized by coyness, shy and timid behavior. However, it is a yoni which is known for its sexual fidelity and responsiveness. After the mare (horse) yoni, deer is the most sought-after yoni. People belonging to this yoni are self-dependent, truthful, openly show affection and are full of love.

Ayurveda or Medicinal Traits of Jyestha: Vata

Dosha represents which type of disease will affect the native. Jyeshtha Nakshatra people are dominated by Vata. Vata is related to air, which gives diseases related to breathing, heart-related issues, muscle pain, stomach pain, etc.

Broad Instincts of Jyestha

In Indian philosophy, there are three Gunas, known as - Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. These are known as the three processes that build a successful life. The guna of Jyeshtha Nakshatra is Sattva, which makes the people of this charitable, kind and philanthropic. They are very affectionate and loyal in relationships.

Broad Nature of Jyestha

There are three Gana or basic instinct type that a person belongs to which frame out outlook, reactions and attitude towards life. These are Dev Gana, Manushya Gana and Rakshasa Gana.

Jyestha belongs to the Rakshasa Gana. Rakshasa gana constitute of people with a heightened sense of intuition, they pick up on energies very quickly and understand if there is any negativity present around them. They are generally soft-spoken, unlike the name of the gana, but they raise their voice whenever required. They are not as diplomatic as Dev Gana, instead they are more straightforward.

Jyestha Element: Air

Jyeshtha Nakshatra is governed by the Air element, which gives the people of this Nakshatra flexibility and the ability to multitask to achieve their goals. They are highly intellectual and curious and possess a great amount of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to accomplishing their goals.

First letter for naming Jyeshtha Nakshatra born baby - No, Ya, Yi, Yu

The first letter of the name also produces a vibration, which is connected with the individual, as per the Vedas. It is advisable to choose a name with the letter that creates harmony between the human and the Universe, so that the person gets every happiness and success, promised in his birth chart.

Jyestha Constellation Compatibility with Other Constellations

Depending upon characteristics of each constellation (nakshatra), find out the best match for Jyeshtha and their compatibility with each constellation.


Aswini-Jyestha Nakshatras

Jyesthas are spiritually inclined and Mercurial by nature, which doesn’t go very well with Ashvini‘s ruling planet. They are emotionally complex and detailed which Ashvini is straightforward. Jyestha might not be as affected by Ashvini’s existence in the relationship making it clear that they possibly aren’t the one for you. However, for some reason, Ashvini is unable to let go. Jyestha respects and requires boundaries while Ashwini can cross it every time, Jyestha are also possessive which can create a fallout.

Temperamental match (guna) between you both is 15/36 which is 41%.

Bharani-Jyestha Nakshatras

Jyestha’s are actually more sensual than Baharani and this trait they can use to their advantage. What attracts and connects you at first is the same thing which can hurt you as well. They can play with you due to their on & off attitude.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 19/36, which is 49%.

Krittika-Jyestha Nakshatras

Krittika and Jyeshtha are natural partners of the constellation realm. Jyestha is the best match for Krittika. Jyestha is more experienced but lives with optimism and hope. This makes Krittika come out of their shell and look at the brighter side. Jyestha inspires you and brings fun into your life. They can make you laugh. You are happy to fulfil their demands and they do the same. Krittika is the calm to a Jyestha’s storms- a balm to their restless spirit. Jyestha feels secure and loved in a relationship with Krittika. Love, happiness and security is what binds you both together.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 31/36, which is 86%.

Rohini-Jyestha Nakshatras

Rohini is head-over-heels for Jyestha and will follow them to the ends of the Earth if the opportunity arises. Jyestha also loves and pampers Rohini a lot, to the point of spoiling them. Jyestha may let Rohini be self-indulgent, and also thinks Rohini looks good while doing whatever makes them happy. Jyestha can more than fulfil Rohini’s desires for luxury and both have an emotionally and physically fulfilling relationship. Jyestha is Spiritually complex which Rohini might not understand, but allows them space to explore their spirituality because they trust Jyestha more than anyone else.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 34/36, which is 94%.

Mrigashirsha-Jyestha Nakshatras

Mrigashira is as vocal as it can get and also as argumentative. Jyestha feels threatened by this because why do they need Mrigashira to make sense of their spirituality? Jyestha is quite by nature and tends to feel things on a deeper level rather than arguing about it. Mrigashira just can’t let them be. They may enjoy their word play and complex philosophies, but they feel cheated when this ‘vocal’ constellation is outsmarted by the otherwise always quiet Jyestha, creating some disturbance.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 22/36, which is an 61%.

Ardra-Jyestha Nakshatras

Ardra and Jyestha can react against each other due to their emotional wavelengths being different. They have different viewpoints and Jyestha often thinks on the brighter side of life while Ardra thinks of ‘what works’. Often what works for an Ardra, doesn’t work for a Jyestha who isn’t willing to compromise on their views. In a love or romantic relationship, this is self-destructive.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 3/36, which is an 8%.

Punarvasu-Jyestha Nakshatras

Punarvasu are direct and Jyestha deals with complexity of emotions. This makes them emotionally different and keeping in mind that relationships, especially romantic relationships are emotional in nature, nothing holds them together in the long run. Control is natural to take place where neither wants to be dominated making it chaotic.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 10/36, which is a 27%.

Pushya-Jyestha Nakshatras

Pushya sees spirituality in ascetism alone. Jyestha thinks spirituality is a matter of the soul and the ‘spirit’ of who you are, which can be nourished through experience. What others may call as ‘fun’ can be a way of seeking truth and knowledge for Jyestha which might as well contribute to their idea of spirituality to a huge extent. They can make a Pushya feel free, more alive and not be guilty about ‘living a little’. Life through the lens of Jyestha is intense yet wholesome, and Pushya gets a slice of it when they decide to open up and trust Jyestha.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 12/36, which is a 58%.

Ashlesha-Jyestha Nakshatras

The good news for Ashlesha is that unlike others, Jyestha doesn’t see things in ‘black or white’ but rather with a lot of greys. Ashlesha looks at Jyestha as an ideal of how they would wish to evolve and loves them as a part of themselves. Jyestha knows where Ashlesha is coming from and also knows that given that choice, they wouldn’t choose the path that Ashlesha chose, which is why Ashlesha finds them fascinating. Ashlesha looks up to a Jyestha. Both are also Mercurial.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 26/36, which is a 72%.

Magha-Jyestha Nakshatras

Jyestha reserves the rights of whether to be with you or discard you. Jyestha is everything a Magha wants in a partner, but not vice-versa. Jyestha knows how to get a Magha back to the ground in a logical way. On the other hand, Jyestha is fine with or without Magha because there’s not much they can offer, instead it’s the other way round.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 24/36, which is a 68%.

Purva Phalguni-Jyestha Nakshatras

Being a Scorpio, there’s hardly anything further sexually than the Jyestha constellation. For a sign as sexual as Purva Phalguni, however, Jyestha is a combination of spirituality and sexuality. When Jyestha’s spiritual side calls, Purva Phalguni wouldn’t understand and get clingy which Jyesth abhors. This makes the relationship worse than ever imagined.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 22/36, which is a 64%.

Uttara Phalguni-Jyestha Nakshatras

Jyestha is not one to mess with in a word play. They are Mercurial and they will baffle Uttara Phalguni every time. In your straightforwardness, you may think you’re smart, but they will cut Uttara Phalguni out the instant you try to play them. And in case Jyestha doesn’t, they will show you what ‘messing’ looks like each time you try to ‘mess’ with them emotionally.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 17/36, which is a 47%.

Hasta-Jyestha Nakshatras

Jyestha might have a problem which we can call the ‘superiority complex’. They do not understand why people cannot be comfortable being who they are. With Hasta, Jyestha thinks that they use their insecurity as a way of manipulation, which they possibly might, and Jyestha sees through it. They may care for Hasta and encourage them to be themselves but will not stand by them if they keep repeating the same patterns of self-sabotaging.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 16/36, which is a 45%.

Chitra-Jyestha Nakshatras

Heard of the couples who initially hate each-other, and can’t see eye to eye, only to fall as madly in love one day making everyone around them face-palm? Yeah. That would be Jyestha and Chitra. Chitra is sexually explorative, and Jyestha thinks they’re a little kid who’s curious only to go nowhere with their sexual escapades. This irritates Chitra. This has a reason. Chitra on careful speculation, finds in Jyestha what it has been looking in its lovers all along. There is passion, love and fun in this relationship once they both allow it, but in general, whatever Chitra does, Jyestha disapproves because they’ve already been there, done that.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 22/36, which is a 62%.

Swati-Jyestha Nakshatras

A complicated relationship with dominance and ‘who’s better’ element brewing. Swati tries to play games with Jyestha, which might appear silly to them. Both however, get in a bad series of ‘who’s who’ and end up lashing out at one another for rubbing each-other the wrong way.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 13/36, which is a 41%.

Vishakha-Jyestha Nakshatras

This is a relationship where interests match, sensuality is delightful, and trust is at par. Vishakha and Jyestha both love discussing a lot of philosophy, spirituality, the ways of the world & their own place in it and sensual knowledge and its relation to various subjects. They see and discover things together which makes this relationship awesome. Jyestha teaches Vishakha to let go of the stiffness of conservatism and think beyond what is prescribed by society.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 25/36, which is a 72%.

Anuradha-Jyestha Nakshatras

Anuradha is a constellation which loves Jyesthas selflessly. Spiritually, they understand each-other and help each other ascend. They create a partnership powerful enough to withstand time and its nuances almost naturally. Anuradha is supportive of Jyestha in every realm, and both are complex people emotionally which intertwines together not messily, but seamlessly. Jyestha flourishes under their love and support. They also belong to the same yoni-deer.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 30/36, which is a 84%.

Jyeshtha-Jyestha Nakshatras

Jyestha and Jyestha understand each other’s emotional and spiritual complexes. But they are not the best relationship together. They know how to hurt each other as well, and this combination makes a Nadi dosh if it boy and girl fall under the same Moon sign.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 28/36, which is a 77%.

Mula-Jyestha Nakshatras

Sexually, the dog and the deer don’t go well together. Deer is timid, teasing, hard to catch. Dog is aggressive and wants to dominate while in sex expecting other one to be submissive and in fact sometimes, degraded sex as well can be a taste. Jyestha isn’t going to give in to that unless they feel comfortable, which they won’t. Jyestha’s need for sensuality feels rejected in the aggressiveness of Mula in the bed. Distasteful relationship.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 13/36, which is a 38%.

Purva Ashada-Jyestha Nakshatras

Meeting on the crossroads while on different journeys. Purva Ashada is likely to have many things which can distract them while you expect a relationship to be ‘just the two of you’ with ample times of togetherness which might not be possible in this case. You both get attracted on the sensual level, but other things might be of stark difference unless Jyestha learns to not be too possessive.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 15/36, which is a 44%.

Uttara Ashada-Jyestha Nakshatras

With Uttara Ashada, Jyestha needs to deal with caution. Its easy to fall for Uttara Ashada when you match well on the spiritual and emotional level, which is the biggest reason why a Jyestha falls for anyone to begin with. But Uttara Ashada are sensually diffident and Jyestha loves sensuality. Jyestha needs to teach Uttara Ashada the many ways to experience the same. Try to not be ‘too experimental’ with them.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 18/36, which is a 50%.

Shravana-Jyestha Nakshatras

While everyone is discussing the small local events in their state, Jyestha is more bothered about how the universe works, how cosmos behaves, philosophies, human psychology and so on, seeming to be away from the ‘apparently’ messed up crowd. Are they sure there’s no one else doing the same thing? Shravana could possibly be another one sitting and stargazing into the depths of the sky. They will be instantly attracted, and get deep into subjects. However, one thing that differentiates them both is their approach. Jyestha will get into a subject to understand, while Shravana will get into the same subjects to ‘feel’ them and the impacts those topics have had across timespans. Jyestha instead starts intellectualizing concepts while Shravana just accepts them thinking that Jyestha, on intellectualizing these things and not ‘feeling’ them, misses the point.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 21/36, which is a 55%.

Dhanishtha- Jyestha Nakshatras

Sexually, a bad match since one is a deer and the other is a lion. But on other planes, this relationship works well. They like each other’s qualities and can teach each other a thing or two about emotions. There is also a respect for the spiritual journey which each is taking on.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 23/36, which is a 62%.

Shatabhisha-Jyestha Nakshatras

A relationship between a Shatabhisha and Jyestha can work well if they’re both evolved enough to give each other some space. Shatabhisha is emotionally complex, and they choose to not look at those complexities and hide it under a rug. Jyestha understands this immediately and wants them to work on it which Shatabhisha can find an uncomfortable feat. This relationship will only work if you keep emotions out of it.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 16/36, which is a 47%.

Purva Bhadrapada-Jyestha Nakshatras

Jyestha shows Purva Bhadra pada a whole new world of sensuality which is there to explore through physical body, spiritual self and through words. These words will seem nothing when Jyestha changes their focus from being passionate to busy onto other things. Purva Bhadrapada also gives in easily to Jyestha which they find disdainful. Jyestha may choose to leave which might hurt Purva Bhadrapada but Jyestha themselves pay a price spiritually.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 8/36, which is a 24%.

Uttara Bhadrapada-Jyestha Nakshatras

Jyestha is destined to feel emotional depths and therefore, enough angst. Not many can relate to it, but Uttara Bhadrapada does. The one thing Jyestha hates the most is mercy. They feel best as themselves going through whatever they do. Uttara Bhadrapada knows this and lets them unravel their journey, which Jyestha respects. Uttara Bhadrapada isn’t sensual, per se, which may be an issue for Jyestha, but Uttar Bhadrapada love Jyestha for who they are and that matters.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 20/36, which is a 55%.

Revati-Jyestha Nakshatras

Revati spends their life wondering what love is and comes to the conclusion that Love’s ultimate purpose is to liberate and not withhold freedom. It is a beautiful concept and perhaps Jyestha agrees with it. However, Jyestha is a sensual constellation which wishes to love Revati and maybe it does, while Revati wishes that Jyestha would contribute to really understanding love as it is without adding sex, sensuality or physical attraction into the equation. What seems heavenly at the start can have conceptual differences later.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 20/36, which is a 55%.


Some Interesting Facts About Jyeshtha Nakshatra

  Translation   Eldest
  Symbol   Circular amulet, Umbrella or Earring
  Animal Symbol   Male deer or hare
  Presiding Deity   Indra (the chief of Gods)
  Controlling/Ruling Planet   Mercury
  Ruling Deity of the Planet   Vishnu
  The 4 Quarters of Jyeshtha Nakshatra  
  1st quarter   Ruled by Jupiter
  2nd quarter   Ruled by Saturn
  3rd quarter   Ruled by Saturn
  4th quarter   Ruled by Jupiter
  Nature   Rakshasa (demon)
  Mode   Active
  Number   18
  Gender   Female
  Dosha   Vata
  Guna   Satwik
  Element   Air
  Disposition   Sharp and dreadful
  Bird   Brahmani Duck
  Common Name of the Tree   Shimalo
  Botanical Name of the Tree   Bombax malbaricum
  Seed Sounds   No, Ya, Yi, Yu


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