Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility

As professional partners, Scorpio and Aquarius might have lots of disagreements and conflicts. Both of them would need deeper understanding about each other’s personalities to resolve issues and to come to a consensus.

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Despite the obvious differences, this could turn out to be a beneficial partnership. Scorpio is highly intuitive and smart with finances, and can help Aquarius take right financial decisions. Scorpio natives are also good with negotiation skills. Aquarius is a visionary by nature, and can help expand Scorpio’s horizons to greater learning and thinking. In the company of Aquarius, Scorpio could learn to worry less and think practically.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

  Deep, intense Water sign Scorpioand cool-headed, casual Air sign Aquarius could be quite a challenging, yet interesting love pairing in astrology. The natives of these two signs could clash time and again on petty things. This is because they have almost nothing in common. They have different takes on love, relationships, career, and life in general. Even after years of togetherness, the two lovers will show a lack of mutual understanding, empathy and tolerance.

When they first meet, Aquarius gets intrigued by the mysticism and magnetism of Scorpio. However, with time, this would slowly start to fade away. Aquarius does not have the emotional depth, passion and intensity that come so naturally to Scorpio. Scorpio would feel their Aquarius lover is not that involved in the love relationship as they are.

Water and Air aren’t very compatible elements in astrology. There could be a few challenges in the lovemaking department too. Scorpio treats sexual union as supreme and sacred. They get deeply hurt and scornful when they find Aquarius taking things way too lightly.

Aquarius feels threatened by Scorpio’s jealousy, extreme emotions and obsession difficult to fathom. They need lots of distance and space, even in committed relationships. Too much clinginess scares them off. For Scorpio-Aquarius relationship or marriage to work, both the love partners would need to work hard and communicate their needs and desires to each other. If they are able to understand the difference in their love natures, they can make things work.