Scorpio Leo Compatibility

Scorpio and Leo can make for an intense & efficient professional association. Largely, it would not be a simple one. Both Scorpio and Leo are somewhat alluring, yet serious identities, who don't fear challenges at work. Both need some genuine motivation with a specific end goal to work hard. Scorpio and Leo will easily detect these likenesses when they meet and begin cooperating.

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The sky is the limit in this association, from a trade of solid thoughts and perspectives to fights for spotlight and positions of authority. Leo may see Scorpio as dim, reserved, and unsafe, while Scorpio would feel Leo is egotistical and loud. Scorpio and Leo may differ on various aspects, however, somewhere inside, the two will respect each other's thoughts and ways of working.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Scorpio and Leo love match is excessively energizing partnership as per astrological understanding. In spite of the considerable number of difficulties that may come, it mysteriously works really well under most circumstances.

Both Scorpio and Leo have radiant & solid personalities. The Fire component in Leo sign makes them powerful, gutsy, and outlandish people, while the ruling planet Mars makes Scorpio extraordinary, mighty, and even forceful by nature. Fire and Water components don't mix well, and these two darlings may conflict frequently over trivial or genuine reasons.

This duo is likely to witness extreme sides in all aspects. Whenever Scorpio and Leo get into a fight, it will be a passionate & loud bout. Likewise, while making love, they will experience an over the top, exotic encounter.
Both Scorpio and Leo are energetic, caring, and affectionate in a relationship; however, Leo is more expressive and warmer than Scorpio is. Leo would shower their partner with love & expect to be pampered by them beyond their imagination. With Scorpio, they may miss this thing, as Scorpio is good at hiding their sentiments, and their way of loving is mysterious, based on trust & mutual understanding.

Both Scorpio and Leo are largely faithful to each other and can't stand disloyalty at any cost. Nonetheless, extended period of emotional and physical separation between them can lead either of them to search for affection in another person's arms, which could be an end point in the relationship. Leo and Scorpio must guarantee that their physical or emotional oneness remains undisturbed by any means. This is not too hard to achieve if both the partners are sure that they love each other.