Virgo Scorpio Compatibility

Virgo and Scorpio can be very good professional partners and friends. When they join hands for a professional endeavor, both of them find a great opportunity to learn and grow. Virgo is an Earth sign and Scorpio a Water sign, and their elements are quite compatible in astrology.

Ruled by Mars, Scorpio is passionate, energetic and confident by nature. Virgo strongly admires these traits in Scorpio. Virgo also respects Scorpio for their work ethics and code of conduct. Scorpio finds Virgo exceptionally dependable, honest and trustworthy. They like how Virgo takes care of intricate details and strives for perfection.

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Ruled by planet of logical thoughts and persuasive expression Mercury, Virgo has a habit of thinking too much and stressing themselves out. Scorpio can teach Virgo to worry less and concentrate on what really matters. Working with Virgo can make Scorpio a better team player.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

It is all mystical, magic and sparkles when Scorpio and Virgo fall in love with each other. Earthy, sensual Virgo finds comfort, warmth, and matchless love in the arms of passionate, deep and confident Scorpio. Scorpio finds security, care and devotion with a Virgo.

Scorpio is intuitive sign and feels a connection instantaneously, if in case they do. Virgo also realizes the possibility of a strong chemistry, but does not like to rush things like Scorpio. Virgo needs time to enter into a relationship, and by the time Virgo decides they are ready to commit to Scorpio, they have already become heavily dependent emotionally on their Scorpio lover.

Both Virgo and Scorpio look for loving homes and trustworthy companionship for life. Both of them also like discipline, order and security at home. Sexual chemistry between Virgo and Scorpio is wonderful. However, there could be some blocks to the road to success. Scorpio demands an envious love life and passionate romance. Virgo does not believe in living life like a grand romantic tale, and fails to fathom the concept of love as in the eyes of Scorpio. Virgo gets concerned over the obsessive, secretive and mysterious nature of their Scorpio lover.

Scorpio-Virgo love match shows remarkable potential to become a life-long love pairing. Even amid difficult life situations, Virgo and Scorpio would want to stay together and make things work out.