Virgo Pisces Compatibility

Virgo is resourceful, dependable and industrious by nature. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo has a sharp mind and knows how to make things work. Virgo also likes to delve into smaller details. This makes their work perfect or near flawless. Pisces does not like to work out details and manage high-risk situations, and feels relieved to find their Virgo partner deal with it all effortlessly and efficiently.

Pisces has some charming traits too. Being a Water sign, Pisces is highly creative, dreamy and imaginative by nature. Virgo does not think and see the world around like Pisces and admires their Pisces partner a lot. Virgo will feel that Pisces is a great addition to the team, more so if their work or business is oriented towards art, aesthetics, music, etc.

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Virgo and Pisces can also become very good friends, if other aspects in their natal charts are aligned well. This professional partnership gets a thumbs up from astrology.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

  Virgo is a calm, grounded earth signand Pisces is a sensitive, dreamy water sign, and together they make a rather amazing love match. Virgo-Pisces love match has elements of mysticism, intrigue and curiosity attached with it. Both of these lovers will have more or less a soothing effect on each other and will find comfort in staying close.

Ruled by planet of communication Mercury, Virgo is a rational thinker and talker. Virgo enjoys mind-meddling, interesting conversations. Pisces is ruled by the planet of wisdom and abundance Jupiter, which makes them philosophically charged up. Before any of the rest of it, Virgo and Pisces might very well fall in love with each other’s mind.

This love match will have its share of problems and challenges too. When in distress, Pisces becomes dramatically emotional, tends to sulk and distances themselves from everyone around them. Virgo is also emotional, but not in the way Pisces expects them to be. Virgo prefers to think practically and finds a logical way out of their emotions. They sometimes fail to understand the depth of their Pisces lover.

Sexual chemistry between Pisces and Virgo will be amazing. Earth and Water elements are beautifully compatible with each other, and this will make their union comforting and sensual.