Virgo-Aquarius Compatibility

In a majority of cases, the partnership between Virgo and Aquarius is a happy and profitable partnership. Both Virgo and Aquarius are great thinkers and like a practical and logical approach to dealing with work matters.

When it comes to finances, both Virgo and Aquarius are reasonably disciplined and careful. Both of them like to experiment and bring newness to work policies, and find this sort of likeminded behavior very appealing.

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This partnership may also give both Virgo and Aquarius to learn a lot and work on their not-so-strong points. For instance, Virgo is not as bold and confident as Aquarius, but would happily learn these things from their Aquarius partner. Virgo also stresses things a lot. In the company of Aquarius, Virgo can take time to smell the roses and enjoy life a bit more. On the other hand, Aquarius admires the determination, inner strength and resourcefulness of Virgo. From their Virgo partner, Aquarius can also learn to pay attention to small details.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Cool-headed, airy Aquarius and rationalistic, earthy Virgo can find more than just love and romance in each other’s arms. The Virgo-Aquarius love match might not be a classical, ideal pairing, but it can be successful for many interesting reasons.

Virgo is a dutiful, devoted family person by nature. Virgo likes to maintain order and discipline at home. Aquarius might seem ultra modern, easy going and carefree in other areas of life, but not when they deal with committed relationships and marriage. Aquarius and Virgo also have quite the same approach to romance and love making, and, hence, there are little chances of complications and disagreements in these areas.

Talking about the challenging aspects, Aquarius, being an Air sign, craves for constant change. Virgo would need time to adjust to their unpredictable nature. On the other hand, Virgo overthinks a lot and is a worrier by nature, and this often bothers their Aquarius lover, who likes to keep things simple and uncomplicated.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo impresses their Aquarius lover with their gift of gab and careful thinking. Aquarius is never short of unique and original ideas, which intrigues their Virgo partner a lot. Both of them like intelligent and brainy talks, and, hence, they would love to spend hours in each other’s company.