Virgo as a Person

Virgo person is extremely selective in his/ her relationship & is a bit shy, to begin with, & takes some time to open up

The sixth house of the zodiac is Virgo. On the spiritual plane, Virgo as a person tends to be extremely precise and loves to go into minute details, exploring all the hidden facts, and is keen to share his or her wisdom.

Virgo moon sign nature is dual and its Lord is Mercury. The element here is Earth. When we understand the fixed nature of earth, then our thought process is very clear and there is a fixation of purpose.

Virgo is symbolized by ‘The Female’. It represents a complete human form. Virgos should beware of over-indulgence as it can do more damage than any significant gain.

Physical Attributes of a Virgo Moon Sign Native

  • As an overlook, Virgo person looks very sophisticated, physically and in terms of style.
  • You have a fair complexion, shy and languid eyes, straight pointed nose, massive cheekbones, broad face, and a youthful appearance.  
  • You usually have a slender build with slightly higher than average height.

The Behavioral Pattern of a Virgo Native

  • You are analytical and methodological in approach.
  • You set up your own rules and regulations and follow them religiously.
  • You have strong characters and are conservative in your thought process.
  • You follow tasks with practicality and at times can take life too seriously.
  • You have good organization skills. You emphasize a lot on hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Virgo person is over-thinker and this can create stress on your mind.
  • You are quite shy, to begin with, and you take some time to open up.

Profession Best Suited for Virgo Moon Sign Natives

  • Intellectual careers involving mental stability
  • Accountants
  • Math’s trainer
  • Management
  • Charted Accountants
  • Author
  • Astrologer
  • Writer
  • Critic
  • Actors/Actresses
  • Teacher
  • Dentist
  • Scholars
  • Statistician

Professional Skills of Virgo Moon Sign Natives

  • Virgo as a person is very intelligent, analytical, meticulous, quick-witted, and an excellent decision-maker.
  • You are a methodical and prudent personality who loves to work in an organization for a longer period.
  • Virgos are highly innovative and have absolute confidence in their creativity.
  • You tend to be extremely precise and love to go into minute details, exploring all the hidden facts.
  • Virgos are blessed with a flair for expression. You have flawless and charismatic ways of expressing, which keeps the audience spellbound.
  • A true Virgo is keen to share his/her wisdom with others and at the same time, they’re stabilized enough to make the right decisions at the right time.
  • They’ll always be truthful and loyal towards work and organization and this factor makes them stand out of the crowd.

Virgo Love and Marital Relations

Virgo person is extremely selective in his/ her relationship and takes time to get involved. You are shy and introverted from the outside but at the same time are very empathetic. You are a faultfinder and this factor can affect your relationship.

A Virgo man will not go into long relations easily. He will take his own time to open up, but once he expresses feelings to anyone, he’ll be entirely committed to that person.

Once he opens up, he seeks to have physical intimacy and emotional stability to experience the feeling of true love.

A Virgo woman is a firm lover who likes to have a stability factor in her love relationship. She might take a long time to accept a love proposal but once she falls for someone, she’ll be completely devoted towards him/her.

Virgo Family and Friends

People born under the Virgo moon sign are very dedicated to their family and attentive to elderly and sick members of the family.

You understand traditions and the importance of responsibility. You are proud of your upbringing and family cultures and values.

You will bring up your children with a positive attitude and relaxed state of mind.

Virgo person is excellent advisors, always knowing how to solve an issue.

You care for your near and dear, treasuring them for years and nurturing them in every possible way.

An intimate friendship with a Virgo is always earned with good deeds.

Virgo Styling Sense

You have a deep love for classics and you gravitate towards simple and basic designs.

Virgo person dresses up well according to the occasion, but it’s never overdone.