Virgo Virgo Compatibility

Virgo is a down-to-earth, peace loving sign. Virgo likes to discuss and sort out things, and too many arguments and confrontation disappoints them deeply. When two Virgo natives join hands to work together, they know exactly how to deal with challenging things and disagreements without blowing things out of proportion. Their professional life will, thence, be very harmonious and easy in general.

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Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgo natives are good at communication, logical thinking and analysis. Virgo masters the art of perfection. They know that the devil lies in the details. While working, they keep a tab of small details. If their work or business involves technical and analytical work, the two Virgo natives can do a great job. Both the Virgo partners would handle financial responsibilities very well too.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Virgo-Virgo lovers make for a strikingly beautiful pairing in Vedic Astrology. The love relationship between two earthy Virgo natives will likely comprise lots of thoughtful conversations, unpretentious sensuality, security and practicality. Of course, this love match will have its own share of challenges, but all in all, it will have the potential to live up to the standards of a Virgo. And to live up to the standards of the most perfection loving sign in astrology is not an ordinary thing.

At home and, in fact, in life in general, Virgo gives preference to simplicity, comfort and luxury over grandeur and magnificence. The ideal relationship for a Virgo is one that is devoid of flashiness, showiness and flamboyance. Virgo natives also like to maintain strict discipline and order at home. There would be little or no disagreements on how to handle domestic chores and how to raise the kids. Virgo also has a strong sense of respect towards their ancestry and lineage.

In bed, the chemistry between the two Virgo natives will be comforting and pleasurable for both of them. Virgo likes sensuality but with classiness. Too much color, sleaziness and vulgarity turns them off. Both the Virgo partners would shy away from experimenting a lot in the lovemaking department. Inevitably, they will like each other’s sexual natures and preferences.

Dreamy romance and sentimental gestures could be more or less missing, but Virgo-Virgo love match will be the perfect meeting of the minds. And, well, Virgo would not mind that - not at all!