Virgo Temperament

Virgo Temperament

Virgo is traditionally known to be delicate and modest, which is quite clearly manifested in their mascot - the maiden. Your manner of speech is all sugar-sweet and simple, however, that does not mean that you are ignorant and can be fooled.

You are sharp as a tack and have a heightened sense of the surroundings. You have the temperament to understand what is going on around you and using your skills of polite interaction and observation, you tend to examine things and people around you to ultimately come out as a problem solver. 

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Your insights are often carefully crafted critiques or practical advice, which is embraced by some while unwelcomed by many. 

Virgo - Distant yet Sociable

You are sociably poised, however come off as distant due to your quiet persona and analytical nature. You are sociable but not an attention seeker, you have the temperament to lead a quiet life, away from the public eye.

You are more of a follower than a leader. You have a constant need for refinement, thus the tendency to correct and critique others as well as yourself, which makes you prone to having many a foe.

You like to have a tightly knit circle of friends and those who understand your temperament value your practical insights.

Virgo - Kind but not Philanthropic

Virgo is a sign of humility and service. You never cease to give someone a leg up when needed but your assistance is not generosity such as of Leo. You have the temperament to offer useful service in everyday ways.

Moreover, you do not mind helping someone behind the scene; you do not seek anything in return, no limelight for what you have done.

As a friend, you are trustworthy and dependable. You are quick off the mark if there is a crisis. Due to your observant and analytical nature, you have a knack for counseling too.

An ordered routine

Virgo prefers a systematic and methodical routine, everything to be in apple-pie order. Structure and organization create a sense of security for you Routine is your best friend, if not a soul mate.

If the environment is composed, you feel focused and at your best. You crave for a peaceful and serene environment, to function best. On the other hand, if there are chaos and disorder, you have the temperament to feel awkward and tensed.  

You have an eye for detail and practical know-how, thus any threat to the order makes you cringe.

Hurdles you face, Virgo

You have a great capacity for analysis and observation, but you sometimes become overly critical. In fact, you can be self-critical at times, thus lack confidence in your actions.

You often end up underestimating your efforts but the reason behind that is not a lack of wisdom or hard work but unrealistic expectations. This makes you subside to excess worry, which further makes it difficult for you to make quick decisions.

Due to your politeness and helping nature, people often try to make a packhorse of you and take your advantage.

Virgo is secretive, social, and systematic, all at the same time.

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