Virgo Finance Horoscope

Virgo symbolizes an ‘innocent, young girl’. However, this ‘girl’ is very smart with money. Virgo isn’t a spendthrift, knows money management and has good mental abilities to earn and keep finances. Virgos are soft-spoken people but have a Mercurial mind to back them in financial matters.

Virgo Finance Horoscope


Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign and is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and analytics. With Virgo prominent in the chart, especially Moon or Sun/Ascendant, one can expect good mental abilities from them. They are practical, far-sighted and make healthy financial choices. They are not immersed in self-glory or extravagance that leads to harming their financial standing. Simply put, They have their intellect in the right place. You will never see a Virgo in debt or with loans standing. These qualities help them handle their money with great caution and needless or unnecessary spending doesn’t make sense to them.

Virgos plan their finances for the entire year or next five years in advance, and spend and save accordingly to their plans. While most people spend like no tomorrow and may drown in loans and depts up to the neck to please others or to show-off, and later repent, Virgos will simply plan each of their major and milestone purchases in advance and practically go about it without aimlessly shooting in the air. They are diligent and strive for perfection in everything they do.

They have a calm and collected demeanor but a highly active mind, which makes them nervous and mentally drained at times. Their constant drive to improve and perfect themselves makes them a bit picky and finicky. However, these traits work in their favor as they are always looking for ways to improve their finances.

Virgo is hardworking, highly practical, and cautious in every sphere of their life and these traits extend to your financial habits as well. They are logical, systematic, and focused on details. They are modest, meticulous, and methodical in your professional life and are very responsible financially. Excellent organizational and planning skills help you plan and save money for the future.

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Virgo: Are You a Spender or Saver?

You are efficient, rational and pragmatic in terms of finances, all of which is a gift of your mercurial nature.

  • Known to be frugal, you make descriptive financial plans and follow them diligently.
  • You’re very much capable of handling other people’s money as well and therefore, can become good financial planners and investment managers.
  • The importance of having an emergency fund is always your top priority and therefore saving money for the rainy days, if ever, comes naturally to you.
  • You generally opt for long-term investments and it suits you very well and makes your finances strong.
  • You always operate on a strict budget and like to keep a tab on your expenditures. All these qualities help you to maintain your financial health as per your plans.

Best Sources For Income

Virgo, you’re honest and frugal about money. Your financial planning is on point, and you probably earn well from your primary income itself.

  • The best approach for you would be to ensure that you keep yourself updated about the market value and income parameters as per your position, professionally.
  • Do not shy away from asking what you deserve at the time of increment and stay focused on building your professional profile across platforms as regularly updating your CV or creating a digital profile which highlights your strengths as well as your professional achievements.
  • Add a personal touch by speaking your mind about your work and experiences with your bosses or mentorship, which can work as brownie points when you want the best raise, company or opportunity in the market.
  • You have a very good knowledge about investments, and you know how to invest in the right places. Make sure you utilize this knowledge and perhaps try investing in crypto-currency as well, since speculations is very much your cup of tea.

Savings, Gains & Income

We don’t need to tell a Virgo how to save, which is why we would suggest something different for you. After you have kept all your savings in place, have a portion for yourself as well. Splurging on yourself, while securing your savings in place, wouldn’t hurt. In fact, its healthy to spend on yourself and to have a certain amount of money set aside for it. It is manageable and you will feel more fulfilled.

Wealth Giving Planets For Virgo

  • Mercury is your Lagna (ascendant) lord and gives you the ability to make money through your skills. Also, being the lord of the tenth house, it can bless you with great wealth through your profession, provided it is well-placed in your birth chart.
  • Moon is the lord of the eleventh of gains, personal assets, and fulfillment of desires and if strong in your birth chart, it gives immense wealth through your profession or vocation.
  • If placed in the eleventh house itself, without any malefic aspects or conjunctions, becomes highly beneficial and potent for wealth accumulation and Virgo's financial strength.
  • Venus is the second and ninth house lord is generally considered to be a favorable planet for Virgo. If strongly placed in the birth chart in Kendra (angles) or Trikona (trine) houses, it shall bless you with a good fortune leading to steady income and comforts.
  • If Venus is placed in the second house of wealth, it shall grant you a good inflow of money and can also help you to benefit from family assets and income.
  • Jupiter is the lord of two beneficial Kendra houses also has the potential to give you gains through your investments. Being the lord of the seventh house, if in good dignity, Jupiter shall give you great wealth through your spouse or partnerships.

Other combinations that could be beneficial for Virgo's financial stability include the conjunction of second and eleventh lords in beneficial houses and the conjunction of ninth and tenth lords in either of those houses. However, there should not be any kind of malefic aspect for the yogas to be fruitful.

Tips For Better Financial Condition

You know how to set yourselves up for a stable and financially secure future. You already do more than enough for your finances. However, you may check on yourself on being extra stingy and ultra-frugal at times which doesn’t allow you to enjoy your money.

  • You do not need to go to the extreme when it comes to saving or adhering to a budget and should splurge on yourself once in a while.
  • You are good with handling money and should try not to be obsessive about saving as that shall not let you enjoy the fruits of your labor, and you might end up being disappointed for missing out on opportunities to enjoy.

What to do to avoid losses?

You are known to be on track regarding your wealth management and like to take calculated risks when it comes to investments. Hence, occasional indulgences should not do any harm.


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