Virgo Woman Personality

(Moon Sign Based)

A Virgo Moon born woman is a rare mix of intelligence & common sense. She is soft at heart but tough on the outside. Her commitment & loyalty set an example for others to follow. Virgo Moon woman is smart, modest & capable of doing anything she puts her mind to.

Virgo Woman Personality

Virgo Moon falls in three constellations namely- Uttara Phalguni, Hasta and Chitra. Each of them bring a certain set of attributes to them. One of the constellations stands for commitment against all odds and a brilliant quality of convincing, other for being too pure-hearted but showy leading to hurt due to other’s envy, and third being romantic yet sexually explorative.

Of all the Moon women, Virgo Moon is one of the most strikingly beautiful ones. But this beauty might be used differently in different areas of life. A Virgo Moon woman could make a career as a supermodel or an actress, and another could use the same beauty to garner as many lovers as possible to ensure they have a good level of self-confidence which might be dependent on such outward sources, another could be brilliant, thoughtful and attractive but with such conviction powers that she could convince the Gods to protect her loved ones (as per mythology), in practical terms, she could be very good as a business or sales professional and make it big in these fields by using both her beauty and her intelligence.

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Virgo, therefore, is a sign which looks extremely feminine, coy and docile, but at the same time have a surprising twist to their personality which they use for their advantage quite naturally.

Her aura would be such that you’d look at her and tell that this woman is exactly what she shows, and most times, she’s a perfect tall, slender, feminine woman walking like she’s here to make a mark, whether by her brilliance, professionally, or whether to take your heart away.

She is also a woman who treats herself with enough love. She is one of those zodiac signs whose beauty increases with age rather than decreasing. Virgo Moon is symbolized by a young virgin girl who’s beautiful, playful, pure and simplistic. These attributes can be easily seen in Virgo Moon women who resemble these traits and their physical beauty more often than not, doesn’t seem to ‘age’. They are seen to have slim physique even after getting married or having kids- a quality every single woman wants, no matter what they say in public.

Out of all the three constellations, Chitra happens to be the most sexually explorative and tenacious in bed. She loves exploring not the sensual pleasures but specifically, the act of coition, or garnering as many lovers and admirers as possible. While the other two feel cherished by being pure and preserved for one man, Chitra feels confident when she has admirers streaming all over her.

With a keen eye for detail, she will never skip any important information or event. She is an introvert, in general, but if you are part of her close-knit circle you will know that she has a fun-loving, easy-going, insane, and crazy side to her.

Virgo Moon woman is not indifferent but practical and cautious in starting a new relationship. She doesn’t like to be committed to a relationship without assessing the pros and cons of it, and therefore, you need to be highly patient if you are seeking a Virgo Moon woman to be your love or a life partner.

Behavioral Constitution of a Virgo Moon Woman

Methodical, modest, practical, caring, loving, and reliable are some words that describe the Virgo Moon woman. They are charming and perfectionist with a tendency to worry too much about things. They are blessed with an excellent memory and a sharp wit.

They are logical thinkers and will evaluate a situation before taking a final call. They may appear introvert, at first, but once she allows you to get closer, you will discover a completely different fun-loving and happy soul. They are simple and stable beings and like routine things in life.

The three constellations falling under the Virgo zodiac are:

Hasta: Hasta constellation is represented by the ‘hands’. People belonging to this constellation are adept in things done by the hand such as cooking, arts, or any enterprise undertaken by them, including writing. They are people who believe in their own hard work and forge their own success. It is ruled by the Moon.

Uttara Phalguni: represents the two back legs of a cot. They like a life of comfort & luxury. They are generally happy & joyous people. The last phase of Uttara Phalguni falls in the Virgo zodiac.

Chitra: Chitra constellation represents the ‘lone rangers’ of the zodiac. They are unafraid to stand apart from the crowd and make their mark. They do not do the usual. They have power of intuition and creating/beautifying things around them.

Style Sense of a Virgo Moon Woman

A Virgo Moon woman has an amazing sense of style. She has the right understanding of what will suit her and what not and also has an eye for craftsmanship. Her fashion tastes are simple yet elegant and classy. She is naturally beautiful and innocent-looking so going for bold colors or dresses that are too fussy or heavy aren’t her style. Her pick is generally soft tones in flowy outfits which include a lot of lace, tissue work, satin and silks. She will easily flaunt the most feminine dresses even at an age when women tend to get slightly conscious. Off-shoulders, tube-tops, sleeveless or string sleeves are something she carries with ease without looking out of place. Short dresses and flowy knee-length skirts suit her well and something she can show off her tiny, yet shapely angel legs in.

Personal Life Roles

A Virgo Moon woman is completely dedicated to serving her relationships. She is loving, caring, trustworthy, and reliable. Virgo Moon woman will not mind doing the smallest of things to keep her loved ones happy. Her need for perfection, at times, make her appear rude and ungracious. She needs to understand to let go of things and embrace imperfection, as flaws also have an exquisiteness of their own.

As a Daughter

As a daughter, a Virgo Moon born woman oozes charisma and humor. She is loving and caring towards her parents and will not hesitate to show her affection towards them. She has the sensibilities of values and family traditions from a very young age, and she has the logical mind to reality before childhood fantasies.

  • She is an introvert, and you might have a tough time taking her to social gatherings and she may feel uncomfortable.
  • She isn’t rigid but she would take her time to absorb information and analyze it in her way to act accordingly. Therefore, patience is the key to deal with her.

As a Sister

A Virgo Moon sister would always be protective and loving of her siblings. She will put their needs and comfort before her and will not think twice to do whatever it takes to keep them happy and content. Virgo Moon woman might be conservative, at times, but her intentions are pure, and she is only being concerned about your safety.

  • She loves you and cares for you and desires the same in return. She can be a bit too critical at times, but you can take it with a pinch of salt, as her intentions are never to hurt you.
  • She is always at your back, and you can lean on her for emotional support and otherwise.

As a Friend

A Virgo Moon born female friend is one madhouse of energy and fun, but she can also be quite critical of everything you do, or you are. However, you are one lucky person if you have her as a friend in your life, as she makes for one of the most loyal friends of the entire zodiac. You can trust her to always be truthful to you and can bank on her advice to overcome challenging situations.

  • Virgo Moon Woman doesn’t have too many friends, but quantity is never important to her. She is happy with her small circle of friends, and they are hers for life.
  • She quite intellectual and loves to have deep conversations. Having immense analytical skills they are your go-to-person for any solution.

As a Lover

Represented by the symbol of earth, a Virgo Moon woman makes for sensitive, strong, and firm lovers. She craves stability in a relationship and is faithful to her partner. She wants to be loved and desired and might take a long time to accept a love proposal and express her love to you.

  • She is not the one to be seduced by luxuries and expensive gifts, but loyalty, trust, and sensibilities matter to her the most.
  • Irresponsible and impulsive partners will put her off immediately and she will build a strong wall around her to let any of such encroachers in.

Most attracted to: Gemini

As a Wife

A Virgo Moon born woman is a very loyal and loving wife. She is caring and intelligent, industrious and practical, with a great sense of financial management.

Virgo Moon Woman doesn’t have splendid tastes and loves a realistic and simple lifestyle. You will find her house tidy and well-organized. She would often try to restrain expressing her feelings for you but deep inside she will be committed to you.

  • Marriage is a lifetime association for a Virgo Moon woman, and she will do whatever it takes to conserve the sanctity of this relationship.
  • With her overbearing critical nature and highly sarcastic undertone, she might come across as a rigid and indifferent person.

Best compatibility for marriage: Gemini

As a Mother

As a mother a Virgo Moon woman is loving, caring, gentle, giving, and devoted towards her children. She is detail-oriented and will not skip even a minute aspect of her baby’s growth and milestones. She is a multitasker and plans well and thus will balance out pleasure and restrain in her children’s life.

  • She likes well-behaved and punctual children. Cleanliness, hygiene, and mannerisms mean a lot to her.
  • She is highly protective of her children, and they can bank on her emotional support and guidance.

Professional Life Roles

A Virgo Moon born woman has great communication skills with a sharp memory and analytical bent of mind. She is incredibly grounded and ambitious at the same time. Virgo Moon woman likes routine and a monotonous job with minimal changes works fine with her.

She is capable of bringing order to chaos and solution to the most severe problems and is thus approached by colleagues and managers alike for assistance in challenging times. She can make a successful career as a critique, journalist, teacher, and doctor.

As a Student

A Virgo Moon woman is an average student. She’s not the type of sit and bury herself in books. She is okay with agreeable grades and would be the first ones to have crushes or boyfriends in school. Her sexual appetite grows from an early age. She would be eyeing someone in class in the presence of her teachers. She tries to talk herself out of any situation and goes through her school life with this attitude.

In college, she does well in simpler courses and enjoys her life to the fullest. Whether it is her wanting to try for a pageant, or living the ‘college life’ with affairs and as many, she would do it. Naturally, her studies take a backseat. But she will definitely graduate somehow. Unless it is hasta constellation known for her brilliance in convincing even the God of the death, the results apply to the two.

As an Employee

A Virgo Moon woman employee is a versatile worker. She is highly adaptable, intelligent, and reliable. She dislikes an unorganized and chaotic work environment and is repulsive of laziness and half-baked jobs. She will not sit comfortably until she is finished with the task at hand. She is not a faced-paced worker but will stick to her commitments and timelines.

  • She is quality prone and action-oriented and is highly analytical with a sharp wit.
  • You need to treasure her because you seldom get an employee as devoted and as loyal as her. She is not the one to compromise on her pride and self-respect, so you need to trade with a little caution with her.

As a Boss

With a Virgo Moon born female boss, you are sure to be on the forefront as she happily stays in the background to support you with her wit and wisdom. However, it isn’t too easy to work with a Virgo Moon woman boss as she is inclined towards getting the tangible outcomes, done in the right way, delivered at the right time, and in the most economical way.

  • She is gentle, kind-hearted, and appreciated as a boss. They listen to each of your feedback and suggestions and critically analyze them to come up with the most suitable means to work forward.
  • She can be way too critical at times with her eye for detail and it won’t be easy for you to please her easily.

As a Business professional

The calculative approach and independent outlook of Virgo Moon born woman make her a good fit to be an entrepreneur. She is good at forming a hypothesis and methodically work around things.

  • Virgo Moon woman makes for a successful businesswoman with her grit, firmness, rationality, and acumen.
  • Unflustered by emotions, she banks her decision on practicality, logic, and reality. Good with her financial management, she will always invest in safe options after thoroughly analyzing all the pros and cons of the deal.


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