The Virgo Man Personality

If you observe from a distance, Virgo man might appear simple, serious and very down-to-earth. But soon you will realize that he is all of that and so much more.
Virgo man seeks perfection from all areas of life. You can call him an out-and-out perfectionist. He pays a lot of attention to details. He wants to simplify and bring order to everything in his life. He also likes to keep his surroundings overly clean, tidy and arranged.

As a husband, Virgo man is very dutiful and devoted. Family life and fatherhood completes him. He makes a very responsible father. It is his innate desire and necessity to get complete respect from his wife and kids. Even small amounts of criticism from them can infuriate him.

Positive traits of Virgo Man in marriage / Relationship:

If you are looking for a mature relationship with someone who is smart, sincere and sensible, Virgo man is just the right choice. He is boyishly sweet, but not showy, loud and cheerful. He is also dependable, loyal and reliable partner and dutiful towards the family.

Negative traits of Virgo Man in marriage / Relationship:

Virgo man is so fixated over minute details that he misses the bigger picture. He sweats the small stuff and becomes a worrier. He might also project his sharp criticism based on his careful observation on you. His unrealistic, over-hyped perfection standards could also become an area of discord. It might not be comfortable to know small things that don’t look good and don’t work out. Seeking perfection is not bad, but sometimes, you might just need to be not-so-perfect. Then again, dreamy romance will just remain an unfulfilled dream with this guy

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