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Virgo Aries Compatibility


Aries and Virgo seem like the opposite ends of a magnet that may never come together. While both signs are hardworking & goal oriented, Aries is hasty and dominating in their working style & Virgo is careful, persistent, & patient. Aries focuses on the bigger picture, leaving behind the tiny details & thus, reaches results faster, whereas a Virgo remains engrossed in the minute features, bringing out the best out of a situation but failing to generalize. Aries wouldn’t bother fussing and clashing over small matters, which makes Virgo look at Aries as ignorant & incautious.

Aries can enthusiastically start new ventures but may lose interest midway if it is taking too long. Virgo, being more patient, focuses on the goal irrespective of how long it may take. None of the two takes criticism lightly. Yet the difference is while Aries can wait for a miracle to happen & change things around them automatically, Virgo follows a practical approach & has no time for fairy tales.

In spite of such vast differences, horoscope compatibility shows a positive chance between the natives of these Aries and Virgo and, in fact, this match is quite common. Aries is usually an honest partner and determined to make things work. Virgo too likes to keep their promises and try their best to bring out the best in a relationship. They admire & adore each other’s personalities. Aries brings energy in this bond, while Virgo brings planning & management of this energy. The complementary energies make sure to utilize every opportunity in this relationship without any compromises.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Aries is a Fire sign with great energy, while Virgo is a grounded Earth sign with stability. Aries is an affectionate romantic in love, & Virgo is practical & calculative. Minor difference of opinions is likely to prevail, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Virgo and Aries relationship has the potential to be successful at many levels. The only adjustments needed would be at their love expressions as well as their sexual technique to achieve undisputed love compatibility. Otherwise, Aries lover may come across as pushy, dominating, and overly emotional and Virgo may seem to be too thoughtful & thus, artificial in matters of heart.

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