Virgo Leo Compatibility


Virgo is an affectionate and calm earthy sign, while Leo is a powerful & active fiery sign. Professionally, the two seemingly opposite signs connect rather easily & readily step into partnerships that are fruitful to both.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is industrious, logical, and intelligent. They work in a planned manner & can efficiently work as leaders as well as behind the scenes. Leo, on the contrary, is ruled by the Sun & has a creative bent of mind accompanied by a charming personality that can impress anyone in a heartbeat. Leo will always want to take charge of everything and never compromise on seeking attention. Virgo appreciates this & allows Leo to lead without any fuss. Leo adores Virgo’s working style and ethics. Thus, the two can work peacefully & bring out some amazing results at work.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Virgo and Leo love match is peculiarly interesting. The two partners see & approach love quite differently. The initial sparks of attraction ignite an interesting & intriguing relationship. With time, however, their different love natures begin to create problems.

Leo loves in a grand and majestic way while Virgo prefers simplicity & a natural approach. For Virgo, Leo lover is a bit too showy and superficial, since Virgo doesn’t understand the fantasy-like emotional and romantic gestures of their Leo lovers. Leo finds Virgo to be disinterested or dull in the relationship due to lack of any spice in their approach.
Though Virgo appreciates a logical & simple way of showing love, they are very dutiful, responsible and family oriented in a relationship. Leo is strong and dependable, but their ego can easily be hurt if they feel unloved by their Virgo partner & their nature then may be entirely different. When in a relation, Virgo brings order & service, while Leo brings passion & excitement. If they are willing to give each other some space & time, this love match can be a true spectacle to watch out for.