Virgo Libra Compatibility


All is quite complicated and chaotic when Virgo and Libra cross paths for work or for pleasure. The fact that things would not be so sorted out could slowly but surely become a point of concern for the simple-minded Virgo, and the disharmonious aspect of this relationship might scare off the soft Libra over the time.

Virgo wants discipline, structure and perfection in whatever they do. Libra is not concerned about these aspects. For Libra, the best work is one that looks beautiful. They are not always concerned about small details. Consequently, Virgo would feel that Libra is lazy, undisciplined and indecisive. Libra accuses Virgo to be staunchly practical and rude.

Libra-Virgo relationship will involve lots of interesting discussions. Ruled by the communication planet Mercury, Virgo is empowered with the gift of the gab. Venus, the ruling planet of Libra, on the other hand, brings attraction and charm to the dialogue of Libra. If Libra and Virgo want to make this relationship work, they should always be ready for honest conversations.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

It is not very easy for deeply romantic, airy Libra to find true love in the arms of staunchly practical, earthy Virgo. Both Virgo and Libra want true love in their life, but the problem is that there is little consensus in this love pairing over the idea of love, romance, relationships and marriage.

The love bug bites Libra very hard, that too very early on in life. Libra tends to be over idealistic, dreamy and even foolish in love. Virgo also longs for ideal, perfect love stories, but is convinced that they exist only in books. Unlike Libra, Virgo is not in a conquest to find true love in life. When Libra and Virgo fall for each other, Libra cares only for sweet romance, cheesiness and affection. Virgo expresses love through care, devotion and service.

Libra is sensitive and gets hurt very quickly. Libra avoids conflicts and confrontation like the plague. There is also a tendency to manipulate words to make things look uncomplicated and peaceful. Virgo counts any distortion of the truth as a clear instance of cheating and breaking the honorable code of the relationship. While Libra feels Virgo is unloving, Virgo feels Libra is not trustworthy enough.

The love nature of Virgo and Libra might be like pole-opposites, but that is not to say that they cannot find any commonality, because they very well can. Both Virgo and Libra love brainy, intelligent talks. Both of them are analytical and reasonable. Virgo admires Libra’s imagination and philosophical thinking. Libra finds Virgo dutiful and dependable. If Virgo looks more deeply and softly, they can find much perfection in Libra. If Libra can stop overthinking their chemistry with Virgo, they can decipher so many reasons why Virgo is that one true love they were searching for all this while.

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