Purva Phalguni Nakshatra

(Moon Sign Based)

Purva Phalguni is a nakshatra belonging to Leo zodiac sign, ruled by Venus. It signifies the back legs of a bed. Its stands for advancement as well as demolition and destruction, brought upon by lord Shiva upon this constellation.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra

The constellation spans across 3.20 degrees till 26.40 degrees in Leo. People born under Purva Phalguni Nakshatra have a friendly and social nature. They have an amicable and affectionate nature and like being in the company of their friends and loved ones. They are polite, diplomatic and avoid conflict or confrontation.

As per Indian mythology, Daksha, Brahma’s son, had organized a yagna for all the gods and did not invite Shiva, the husband of his youngest daughter, Sati. However, adamant to attend, Sati reaches her father’s assembly and gets belittled and her husband is insulted publicly. This angers her and she commits suicide. Upon which, Virbhadra (Shiva) arrived and cursed Bhaga, Presiding Deity of Purva Phalguni due to which Bhaga becomes blind. This is the reason that people from this nakshatra might face some injury in the eye at some point, spend money blindly and hate any yagna (worship that includes the sacred fire) .

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This constellation spans from 13.20 degrees till 26.40 degrees in the Leo zodiac sign; its deity is Aryaman – the God of contracts and union; its lord is Venus; and it is represented by the symbol, ‘Back legs of a bed.’

Career in 2024

You need to lower your professional ambitions this year. Do not act in haste while trying to launch a new product in the market or while trying to get a new project off the ground or while trying to clinch a new deal; wait for the better time to operate.

From 15th March to 23rd April 2024, you will expand your family business and earn foreign currencies and collaborations. But you need to be cautious about staying away from conspiracies. You may get involved, unknowingly, in illegal activities and documentation, so be alert.

Transition of Mars will activate hidden enemies in your business and professional arena. Do not take any aggressive decision that might land you in a problematic situation.

Relationships in 2024

You will be in your high creative mode, but this energy might make you have high expectation from others, which can create misunderstandings and conflicts.

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The stock market and speculation might not be profitable towards the last quarter of the year.

Health in 2024

During May-September 2024, you will explore wellness programs and may think of joining one. With this, however, do take care of your sleeping pattern and eating habits.

Suggestion to make your 2024 great:

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Key Purva Phalguni Traits

  • Purva Phalguni are not the ones to take any orders from their seniors and might not follow rules such as a regular attendance at work. They generally end up working by themselves or setting up a business.
  • They are party animals and enjoy sex with multiple partners.
  • They might be lazy and expect everything to be given to them on the bed. They love sleeping in the middle of the day, oversleep in the morning, and pretty much anything that can be managed from the bed itself without moving a muscle.
  • Due to their carefree and relaxed attitude, they generally rely on luck.
  • They love luxury and might resort to showing off beyond their actual means.

Marriage and Finance

Purva Phalguni is a constellation which belongs to ‘rat yoni’. People born with this nakshatra look for sexual pleasures more than any other constellation.

  • Sex dominates their relationship. If they are not satisfied with one partner, they generally move to the next partner. In such a scenarios, infidelity can be an issue with those born in this constellation.
  • They are extremely keen about a strong financial standing and try their best to get it.

Career and Profession

  • Venusian nakshatras are mostly about the arts, so dancers, singers, artists, painters are born in this nakshatra.
  • They are good at the profession they undertake and are so committed to it that they wouldn’t leave a single chance to impart their service.

Important Years

  • Purva Phalguni women usually get married in their early twenties, and men in their mid-twenties.
  • Their career shoots up at the age of 25.

Ruling Planet of Purva Phalguni Nakshatra (Graha Devta): Venus

Graha Devta is the one who gives the ability to understand the nature of the planet so that we can work based on that planet in our chart. Based on Vedic Astrology, the Graha Devta or Ruling Planet for the Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is Venus, which blesses people of this Nakshatra with sweet speech, charming personality, prosperity, marital bliss and overall good fortune.

They are highly successful in business and do well in careers related to luxury items, art and decoration, interior designing, event organizing, sketching, hotel management, etc.

Energy Source of Purva Phalguni Nakshatra (Adhi Devta): Bhaga

The Adhi Devta gives mental clarity about the ruling planet and through them, we can come in contact with the divine energy source of the planet. The Adhi Devta of Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is Bhaga, who is one of the Adityas and blesses people of this Nakshatra with luxurious house, vehicles, marital bliss and family inheritance.

Individuals born in this Nakshatra will be very fortunate for themselves and for their family as well. However, any affliction to the Moon in the Purva Phalguni Nakshatra will adversely affect their relationships and business.

Gender: Female

Gender of any Nakshatra is used in Vedic Astrology for matchmaking but if we deeply analyze this, we come to know a rather fascinating fact – the gender signifies our mental inclination towards material things and how we manipulate life’s challenges for our survival.

The gender of Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is female. People of this Nakshatra possess qualities of generosity, affection and compassion.

Ayurvedic or Medicinal Traits: Pitta

Dosha represents which type of disease will affect a person. Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is dominated by Pitta. Pitta’s characteristic is the transformation of food and water into energy through digestion.

People of this constellation can suffer health problems due to anger or aggression; hence, they should try to consume cold food, fruits, yogurt and good amounts of water.

Natural Instinct of Purva Phalguni

The natural instinct or spirit animal of Purva Phalguni is a ‘female rat’. This is typically used to understand the nature, romantic and sexual behavior of a person and a general view of things, which is to say the nature of this nakshatra is that of a rat.

Broad Instinct of Purva Phalguni

There are three Gana or basic instinct type that a person belongs to which frame out outlook, reactions and attitude towards life. These are Dev Gana, Manushya Gana and Rakshasa Gana.

Purva Phalguni belongs to the Manushya Gana. They are neither diplomatic as Dev Gana, nor being perceptive as Rakshasa Gana. They are driven by impulses, are energetic, work-oriented and with normal human biases and tendencies. They take things on face-value.

Broad Nature of Purva Phalguni

In Indian philosophy, there are three Gunas, known as - Sattwa, Rajas, and Tamas. These are known as the three processes that build a successful life. The Guna of Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is Rajas, which gives people of this Nakshatra a fondness for luxury and comforts. They will have a luxurious life and comforts will follow them everywhere.

Element: Water

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is governed by the element water, which signifies that those born in this Nakshatra will have great memory retention ability. Their understanding and grasping power will also be good.

First letter for naming Purva Phalguni Nakshatra born baby: Mo, Ta, Ti, Tu

The first letter of the name also produces a vibration, which is connected with the individual, as per the Vedas (ancient Hindu sacred texts). It is advisable to choose a name with the letter that creates harmony between the person and the Universe, so that the person gets every happiness and success, promised in their birth chart.

Purva Phalguni Constellation Compatibility with Other Constellations

Ashwini-Purva Phalguni: Purva Phalguni is a cheerful, social nakshatra which has a huge appetite for sex and tends to incline towards narcissism. What might seem risky to even an impulsive constellation like Ashwini is a matter of curiosity for Purva Phalguni which they might not be willing to take but still go with the flow against their wish.

The best aspect of this relationship is the sexual compatibility. . Besides, both show enough motivation and similar perceptions to make this relationship work.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 26/36 which is a more than decent 72%.

Bharani-Purva Phalguni: Bharani’s relationship with Purva Phalguni is more on the surface level with mild flirting. But they are too similar to the point of boredom at times; there’s nothing much to explore and hardly any room for growth.

Also, their sexual needs and behaviors are different. Purva Phalguni want too much sex and can be frivolous with sex, while Bharani want sensuous delight.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is a 19/36, which is 52%.

Krittika-Purva Phalguni: A completely opposite nature is to be seen between Krittika and Uttara Phalguni. One is puritanical and the other is socially-explorative. One cannot understand the other’s lifestyle.

This relationship can only function if Purva Phalguni gives up their social life to a considerable extent and Krittika comes out of their shell.

Temperamental match (guna), between them both is 23/36, which is 64%.

Rohini-Purva Phalguni: Purva Phalguni likes to have fun and flirt around which is something that can reel a Rohini in. They are also practical for the over-sensitive Rohini.

Purva Phalguni lacks an understanding of sensuality and deep intimacy but can fake it, nevertheless. Rohini can teach them sensuality, provided they want to learn.

Temperamental match (guna), between them both is a 23/36, which is 63%.

Mrigashirsha-Purva Phalguni: People consider Mars and Venus a strong sexual partnership, mostly in Vedic Astrology. This connection of Mrigashira and Purva Phalguni is one of Mars and Venus, indicates strong sexual attraction but when family and responsibilities come into the equation, things get difficult. This can make Mrigashira feel dejected.

Temperamental match (guna), between them both is 18/36, which is 52%.

Ardra-Purva Phalguni: This is a great relationship full of romance and flirting. There is a huge sexual compatibility, although both have tendencies to be sexually promiscuous; they might be faithful after getting together though.

Temperamental match (guna), between them both is 28/36, which is 75%.

Punarvasu-Purva Phalguni: Punarvasu and Purva Phalguni can be very compatible on other levels of friendship and romance, but their inimical animal symbols can get them to butt heads with each other.

They need to focus more on the emotional and other aspects than sexual.

Temperamental match (guna), between them both is 20/36, which is 62%.

Pushya-Purva Phalguni: The social animal, Purva Phalguni brings Pushya out over to parties and gatherings. But what Pushya sees of Purva Phalguni publicly and what they are really, are too different to digest.

Pushya finds them frivolous and superficial. Pushya, on the other hand are comfortable in their skin and do not pretend. This makes it hard for them both.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 14/36, which is 38%.

Ashlesha-Purva Phalguni: It is not a ‘great person’ who becomes a great lover, but a compatible one. Purva Phalguni doesn’t connect with Ashlesha spiritually or emotionally although they appear social and fun. One can be friends, but the salt and spice that make a relationship work is missing.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 13/36, which is 38%.

Magha-Purva Phalguni: Both Purva Phalguni and Magha belong to the same animal yoni - the rat, making them the best sex partners. Each can provide what the other wants - lots and lots of sex. This is a very good match.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 31/36, which is 82%.

Purva Phalguni-Purva Phalguni: This relationship is quite strong depending upon their similarities in interests and challenges as well. Both have the same ideals of love and union, but can become lazy due to hedonistic pleasures. The challenge between both is that both can be selfish.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 30/36, which is 80%.

Uttara Phalguni-Purva Phalguni: Quite similar being next to each other, Uttara Phalguni and Purva Phalguni can create a good relationship. They can be each other’s partner with a lot of similarities.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 28/36, which is 79%.

Hasta-Purva Phalguni: Hasta and Purva Phalguni are quite similar in the sense that they are both social. Hasta is socially sophisticated, while Purva Phalguni is socially fun.

Hasta can feel willing to commit but the issue here which they realize later is that they often walk on eggshells, not being comfortable due to the criticisms and unacceptance of Purva Phalguni, who do not leave a chance to point out issues in Hasta.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 19/36, which is 55%.

Chitra-Purva Phalguni: With a Mars and Venus relationship, it is important that other factors match as well. Remember that in most relationships, there is a factor of commitment played by Jupiter, the factor of loyalty played by Saturn and the factor of emotion and ethos played by Moon and Venus.

Most ideal relationships have all of these factors in place. Therefore, when this volatile combination of Mars and Venus dies out, which it usually does, in absence of anything substantial enough, both Chitra and Purva Phalguni will not be able to stand one another.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 6/36, which is 19%.

Swati-Purva Phalguni: Swati likes the social and fun life which Purva Phalguni leads and wishes to be a part of it. Both belong to the same mental wavelength thereby finding a common ground.

They enjoy each other’s company and may comfortably lead their lives together. Purva Phalguni should try not to let social life and their outgoing nature become a block in family responsibilities.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 23/36, which is 66%.

Vishakha-Purva Phalguni: Vishakha gets bored by the social interactions and superficiality of Purva Phalguni. Nothing they do seems candid. The one things which attracts them initially is that they’re very sexual, however, Vishakha soon realizes that this does not match their brand of sensuality, and they get intimidated.

Sexual compatibility will be a huge issue where Vishakha wants quality, and Purva Phalguni lives through quantity.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 19/36, which is 54%.

Anuradha-Purva Phalguni: One is a social animal and the other is a committed homebody. Purva Phalguni likes to socialize and have fun in public. Anuradha likes this, but they also need to feel the privacy of relationships - just them and their lover.

Purva Phalguni, on the other hand, cannot stay at home. Anuradha can try to be more outgoing to make this work.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 23/36, which is 66%.

Jyeshtha-Purva Phalguni: Jyestha is a combination of spirituality and sexuality. When Jyestha’s spiritual side calls, Purva Phalguni wouldn’t understand and get clingy, which Jyesth abhors. This can make the relationship difficult.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 22/36, which is 64%.

Mula-Purva Phalguni: Mula and Purva Phalguni need to learn to love each other the way they are without any daunting expectations from the other. Mula needs space to go through life while Purva Phalguni is interested in hedonistic pleasures. They should avoid making this an unequal union by trying to control the other.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 18/36, which is 51%.

Purva Ashada-Purva Phalguni: Purva Ashada uses its Venus-ruled nakshatra significance beyond the boundaries of a relationship to experience everything that Venus offers – creativity, spirituality and exploration, while Purva Phalguni needs sensuality alone. This can create an unequal union.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 17/36, which is 50%.

Uttara Ashada-Purva Phalguni: Purva Phalguni is attracted to the coolness of Uttara Ashada and Uttara Ashada pursues Purva Phalguni extravagantly. Uttara Ashada is not good with intimacy or sexual expression and Purva Phalguni, being an expert at this, can teach them that.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 20/36, which is approximately 60%.

Shravana-Purva Phalguni: Purva Phalguni likes Shravana’s sense of humor, but they can be put off by their high ideals and need for space and intellectual inclination more than most. Unlike Purva Phalguni, Shravana socializes by choice and not obligations which is how this relationship will work.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 17/36, which is 50%.

Dhanishtha-Purva Phalguni: Dhanishtha can be loving and caring to the less fortunate but not to Purva Phalguni. With Dhanishtha, Purva Palguni feels like they’re living next to a volcano and have no idea how and when it will burst, which is the same as walking on eggshells.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 6/36, which is 19%.

Shatabhisha-Purva Phalguni: Shatabhisha might seem like playing with fire for a Purva Phalguni, but in less than enough time, Shatabhisha feels unhappy with them and wants to leave. They always need space for themselves. Shatabhisha, therefore, doesn’t fit well in this match.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 18/36, which is 50%.

Purva Bhadrapada-Purva Phalguni: Purva Phalguni can enjoy being friends with Purva Bhadrapada but not the best lovers. Purva Bhadrapada needs space and does not wish to indulge in the flashy life of Purva Phalguni. Purva Phalguni doesn’t realize why so, but some people are like that, just the way Purva Phalguni is a certain way. They need to accept this fact and adjust accordingly.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 24/36, which is 64%.

Uttara Bhadrapada-Purva Phalguni: Both Uttara Bhadrapada and Purva Phalguni want the same things. But sometimes wanting the same things and having the same views aren’t enough for a good relationship.

This is again a relationship where Purva Phalguni has to walk on eggshells because they cannot be themselves and Uttara Bhadrapada has a certain expectation from their partner. Both need to learn to deal with the differences for this relationship to work.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 19/36, which is 44%.

Revati-Purva Phalguni: The fact that Revati can keep their partners before them is an unknown concept for Purva PHalguni and that surprises them. However, the need for spiritual alignment and solitude can make Revati insecure in this relationship.

Temperamental match (guna) between them both is 25/36, which is 67%.

Details about Purva Phalguni Nakshatra

Symbol: Front legs of a bed, Hammock
Animal Symbol: Female Rat
Controlling/Ruling Planet: Venus
The 4 Quarters of Purva Phalguni Nakshatra:

  • 1st quarter Ruled by Sun
  • 2nd quarter Ruled by Mercury
  • 3rd quarter Ruled by Venus
  • 4th quarter Ruled by Mars

Nature: Manushya (human)
Mode: Balanced
Number: 11
Gender: Female
Dosha: Pitta
Guna: Rajasic
Element: Water
Disposition: Ugra (fierce)
Common Name of the Tree: Palash
Botanical Name of the Tree: Butea Monosperma
Seed Sounds: Mo, Ta, Ti, Tu


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