Leo Virgo Compatibility

Leo is a strong, active fiery sign and Virgo is a tender and calm earthy sign. As it may seem, the natives of these two signs have quite little in common with each other, but in a striking way, they tend to find a compromise and common ground whilst working together as a professional or business team.
Ruled by Mercury, Virgo natives are known to be hard working, logical and smart. Because of their organizational and management skills, they can prove to be good leaders, but do not mind working behind the scenes as well. Ruled by the Sun, Leo natives, on the other hand, have a highly creative bent of mind along with a charming personality that can impress anyone in a heartbeat. Besides this, Leo likes to take charge of everything and lead the team. This could be a problem for someone else, but not for Virgo. Virgo appreciates this. Leo also admires Virgo’s sense of working style and ethics. Virgo and Leo can work harmoniously for many years and can benefit from this partnership.

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Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Leo and Virgo love match is rather odd and interesting. This is because the way these two signs perceive the whole idea of love is altogether quite different. At first, when these two natives fall in love with each other, they find things quite interesting and intriguing. Later on, however, a few problems may crop up due to their different love natures.
Leo likes to love in a grand and majestic way. They do not like to keep things simple and natural like Virgo. Virgo might feel that their Leo lover is a bit too showy and superficial for them. Virgo fails to understand and appreciate the cheesy sentimental and romantic gestures of their Leo lovers. Leo perceives Virgo as either disinterested or dull in the relationship.
Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which makes them impressively analytical and communicative by nature. They tend to logically dissect everything in life, including love and relationships. For this reason, they might not be able to satisfy their Leo lover’s demand for grand romantic gestures. However, they are very dutiful, responsible and family oriented in a partnership. Leo is strong and dependable, but might not always have the qualities their Virgo lover possesses. They are exciting and full of life. In the partnership, Virgo tends to be the one that gives their service and Leo brings in the intensity and excitement.

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