Leo leo Compatibility

When two Leo come together to form a professional bond, there can be lots of excitement and enthusiasm whilst sharing of new ideas and starting up things. They will most likely have many shared professional goals, and so all they would need to do is find a common ground to achieve them.

  Leo natives will think they have quite a lot in commonand, hence, they might an instant pull towards each other. However, the possibility of ego clashes, jealousy and competitiveness brewing between them is even higher. Ruled by the Sun, Leo wants to be the leader in any partnership, whether it is done for business or for pleasure. They want admiration from everyone around. When both of them fight for the leadership position, either one of them would have to make a sacrifice or it can lead to ugly moments.

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Leo natives love to socialize and make new friends. They love to hang out and celebrate small victories in life. If they can keep their competitiveness aside, they can become really good friends.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Leo and Leo make for a highly intense, hot, sensual and even dreadful love match. This is not an ordinary, dull and lifeless paring in the astrology, and there are quite many reasons for that.

Ruled by the energy giving sun, Leo is a strong, forceful fiery sign. Leo likes to enjoy and celebrate everything in their life to the fullest, including love. When two Leo natives fall in love with each other, romantic gestures abound. From candlelight dinners, gifting flowers, pampering their partner to screaming from the rooftops to let the world know – they want to do it all. Leo wants to be in the center of the world. They want everyone to give them their full attention, and they expect this from their partners as well.
Sexual chemistry between two Leo natives will be strikingly beautiful and powerful. Leo man and Leo woman know how to please their partner, so there should be no problem in this area. Leo natives will also have similar views when it comes to marriage and family building. Both of them want a comfortable, luxurious home where they can live life in a grand way.

Besides being head strong and forceful, Leo natives are also known to be arrogant and proud. The only caveat in this partnership would, perhaps, be that there could be a lot of ego battles between two Leo lovers, as none of them wants to be the second best one. When both of them want to take the lead in the relationship, there can inevitably be troubles in the road to paradise. At least one of them would need to adjust to make this partnership long lasting, or else it would not take a lot of time for things to end in a blaze of glory.

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