Leo Aquarius Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius are pretty compatible with each other when it comes to a professional or business partnership. Both of them admire and like each other’s working styles and can bring exciting new things to the table while brainstorming.
Ruled by the center of the solar system Sun, Leo is a born leader and knows how to impress everyone around. Leo uses their charisma and magnetic charm to win hearts. Leo is also very organized, imaginative and resourceful. But Leo likes everything fine in life, which could let them blow their finances out of proportions sometimes. Ruled by planet of structured living Saturn, Aquarius is more adept in dealing with financial matters as compared to Leo. However, they might not always like to go for a strong leadership position.

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Leo is creative, but prefers the tried and tested ways of doing things. Aquarius, on the other hand, does not mind experimenting in different areas. If Leo and Aquarius employ their energies in the right way, this partnership can be a good mix of both stability and innovation.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Can cool, lighthearted airy sign Aquarius find love in the arms of a sensitive, warm-hearted fiery sign Leo? Well, pretty much, they can. Leo and Aquarius love partnership is a refined mixture sugar, spice and so many things nice.
When a Leo falls in love, they do so with their whole heart and soul. From showering their loved ones with care and attention to expressing love with dramatic romantic gestures, Leo wants to do it all. Aquarius might not like to make strong promises and declarations of love from rooftops as early as their Leo partners might like to hear, but they have other interesting things to offer. With their Aquarius lover, Leo will have loads of laughter and excitement. Aquarius can fill their Leo partner with lighthearted fun and help them try things they never tried before.
Being an air sign, Aquarius is prone to changing and evolving with time. Their unpredictable nature in matters of the heart might come as a shock to their Leo lover who is fixed and even stubborn in their approach. Aquarius will soon realize that they will have to be more expressive with their Leo partner in order to make them truly happy. Leo, on the other hand, would need to give lots of space to their Aquarius lover time and again. Aquarius-Leo partnership can result into something long standing and beautiful, if both these lovers are ready to make minor adjustments and give this relationship enough time.