Leo Sagittarius Compatibility

Leo has a highly charismatic and impressive demeanor, whereas Sagittarius has a sharp and genius mind. As a team, Fire signs Leo and Sagittarius can induce energy and dynamism to whatever they are working on.
Leo is a born leader and wants to be in control of everything. Sagittarius is flexible and easy by nature, and would have no problems with giving Leo all the power. However, Sagittarius would find it difficult to stick to routines and schedules, as does their Leo partner. Sagittarius also looks for a lot of change, adventure and even travelling opportunities at work, unlike Leo, who values stability and security more than anything else. Hence, Leo can handle the financial responsibilities better than Sagittarius.

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If Leo and Sagittarius delegate and distribute their roles and duties carefully, this work partnership can be very profitable for both of them.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Leo and Sagittarius have many similarities and a few dissimilarities between them. This love partnership shows great potential, as both of them have what the other needs.
Talking about the similarities and what keeps these two lovers hooked on to each other for long, the first thing would be the intensity and zeal of these two lovers for life. Both Leo and Sagittarius are dynamic and energetic Fire signs. None of them cares to think or feel things deeply or gloomily. In fact, they like to enjoy every moment in life to the fullest. For this reason, Leo and Sagittarius would love to spend time together.
Sagittarius natives are easy going, cheerful and flexible by nature, unlike Leo. Sagittarius is quick witted and loves to crack jokes. Leo does not mind entertainment, unless it is done at their expense. Leo natives think very high of them and do not take personal attack easily. On many occasions, Sagittarius might feel that their Leo lover is a bit too much stubborn, sensitive and fixed. Leo, on the other hand, would complain that their Sagittarius partner is not very romantic and affectionate.
Leo knows how to make small things grand and enviable. Sagittarius likes to keep life stress free and does not fret small things. Their ways might be different, but the end goal is the same. This love partnership can work wonderfully if Sagittarius learns to pamper their Leo lover slightly more and Leo keeps a check of their pride and honor.

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