Leo Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio and Leo could be a powerful professional partnership. In many cases, it would not be an easy one. Both Scorpio and Leo are rather charismatic, strong-minded and intense personalities, who do not fear challenges at work. Both of them need some real inspiration in order to give their best. Scorpio and Leo will sense these similarities when they meet and start working together.

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Anything is possible in this partnership, from an exchange of strong ideas and views to constant battles for limelight and leadership roles. Leo might perceive Scorpio as dark, secretive and dangerous, while Scorpio would feel Leo is arrogant and vain. Scorpio and Leo might disagree on quite a lot of things, but, deep inside, both of them will admire each other’s ideas and thought process.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Leo and Scorpio love match is an odd yet overly exciting love match in classical astrology, and despite all the challenges that may come, it magically works pretty well in a majority of the cases.
Both Scorpio and Leo have dynamic personalities and bear a strong individuality. The Fire element in Leo sign makes them strong, courageous and powerful individuals, whereas the ruling planet Mars makes Scorpio intense, forceful and even aggressive by nature. Fire and Water elements do not blend seemingly well, however, and these two lovers might clash time and again for petty and for real reasons.
Things will mostly go in extreme in this love pairing. When Scorpio and Leo fight, they will do so intensely and unapologetically, and things will turn almost towards the breaking point. Similarly, when they make love, it will be highly intense, hot and sensual.
Both Scorpio and Leo are passionate, loving and caring in a relationship, but Leo is more expressive and affectionate than Scorpio. Leo likes to pamper their partners and want to get pampered in return. With Scorpio, they might miss this thing, as Scorpio usually tends to hide their feelings of love and despair, and expects their partner to understand and fathom unsaid things.
Both Scorpio and Leo are extremely loyal partners and cannot stand infidelity at any cost. However, too much emotional and physical distance between them can lead either or both of them to look for love in someone else’s arms, which could be an end point in the relationship. Leo and Scorpio must ensure that no fight, however stormy and ugly, comes in between their physical and emotional oneness. If they truly love each other, this would not be that difficult.